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Sony WH-CH720N and Sony WH-CH520 - Two new wireless headphones

Sony Corporation has announced two new headphones to expand its product portfolio: the Sony WH-CH720N over-ear headphones and the Sony WH-CH520 on-ear model.

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  • One pair of over-ear headphones, one pair of on-ear headphones - that's how the two models Sony WH-CH720N and Sony WH-CH520 from the Sony Corporation present themselves.

Sony WH-CH720N and Sony WH-CH520 are two new headphones announced by Sony Corporation. The Sony WH-CH720B is an over-ear headphone and the Sony WH-CH520 is an on-ear headphone, which will expand the product range of the Japanese consumer electronics company in the area of personal audio devices.

Both models use Bluetooth for signal transmission, of course, and are wireless headphones. The Sony WH-CH720N model has integrated active noise cancellation, and the Sony WH-CH520 are said to have a particularly long battery life.

Sony WH-CH720N and Sony WH-CH520 – On-ear or Over-ear Headphones

With the two new headphone models, the manufacturer addresses two different target groups, because they not only differ in that one is designed as over-ear headphones, the second as on-ear headphones, the Sony WH-CH720N model has active noise cancellation, which the Sony WH-CH520 model does not.

Sony WH-CH720N with integrated active noise cancellation

The Sony WH-CH720N uses a Sony V1 processor, which Sony Corporation already used in the Sony WH-1000XM5, to create a particularly accurate active noise cancellation system.

The manufacturer speaks of an unclouded listening pleasure, which is achieved by the said Sony V1 processor and its high performance and thus fast processing, but also the so-called dual noise sensor technology, with which the manufacturer describes the two microphones per ear cup.

With the help of the Sony Headphones Connect app, a so-called Ambient Aware Mode is also available, which allows the user to regulate the intensity with which external noise is suppressed in 20 levels and thus optimally adapt it to their own needs in different situations.

Sony Digital Sound Enhancement Engine

Both models are equipped with Sony’s DSEE, which is supposed to guarantee crystal-clear, detailed sound at all times, compensating for any losses in compressed content, especially in the high frequencies.

The Sony WH-CH720N also uses the Sony V1 processor to deliver a reproduction free of any distortion, with the sound image optimised for a particularly natural performance, according to the manufacturer.

With the help of the Sony Headphone Connect app mentioned above, the Sony WH-CH720N and Sony WH-CH520 can be adjusted to your own preferences using an equaliser.

Ideally equipped for voice calls

The manufacturer promises particularly good voice quality with both models, so that the two headphones can be optimally used as hands-free devices in private and professional environments.

While Sony Corporation refers only to high-quality microphones in the Sony WH-CH520, the Sony WH-CH720N use so-called beamforming microphones with precise voice pick-up technology to achieve particularly clear voice reproduction in a wide range of environments and to reduce wind noise, for example.

Both the Sony WH-CH720N and Sony WH-CH520 headphones support multipoint Bluetooth connectivity, simple button operation and voice control. The headphones can also be easily paired with other devices via Swift Pair and Fast Pair.

Comfortable even when worn for long periods

The Sony WH-CH720N are ergonomically shaped and therefore always sit comfortably even when worn for long periods. Weighing only 192 grams, these are the lightest overhead wireless noise-cancelling headphones from the manufacturer. The materials used – imitation leather and urethane – contribute to the outstanding comfort, as does the optimal structure and size of the ear pads. And the battery is also made for long operation – with noise reduction activated, it lasts up to 35 hours.

The Sony WH-CH520 model is also designed for everyday use. With a battery life of up to 50 hours, music fans can enjoy their favourite songs for days without having to think about recharging. What’s more, with their adjustable padded headband, soft ear cushions and lightweight design, these on-ear headphones ensure a snug fit and comfort at all times, even during extended listening.

Prices and availability

The Sony WH-CH720N will be available from March 2023, according to the manufacturer, in black, blue and white finishes. The recommended retail price is listed at € 149,-. The Sony WH-CH520 will also be available from March 2023 for only € 69,-, whereby you can choose between black, blue and white as well as beige.

It should be mentioned that both the Sony WH-CH720N and Sony WH-CH520 models use plastic-free packaging in line with Sony Corporation’s Road to Zero environmental plan. In addition, recycled plastics are used for the headphones.

Getting to the point

With the two new models, the Sony WH-CH720N and Sony WH-CH520, music lovers can choose between over-ear headphones and on-ear headphones. The Sony WH-CH720N over-ear model features integrated active noise cancellation, while the Sony WH-CH520 on-ear model boasts a particularly long battery life. Accordingly, Sony Corporation addresses a rather young target group with the Sony WH-CH-520, while the Sony WH-CH720N is more likely to be aimed at business users.

PriceSony WH-CH720N € 149,-
Sony WH-CH520 € 69,-
ManufacturerSony Corporation
DistributionSony Corporation
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