Audirvana Studio 1.3 is available

It’s coming thick and fast! After Audirvana just introduced Audirvana Studio, a series of updates have already followed. Audirvana Studio 1.3 is now available and once again brings various bug fixes.

Audirvana Studio from the French software company Audirvana has been available for less than a month and the developers are already delivering one update after another. Currently, Audirvana Studio 1.3 is already available.

Audirvana Plus was previously known as a pure software player that distinguished itself through its audiophile virtues. With Audirvana Studio, the solution finally transformed into an extremely flexible media management solution, a development that could already be observed for quite some time.

Nevertheless, Audirvana Studio was a big step forward, and it goes without saying that one or the other problem can occur, but in the end it is not a real drama when a software company reacts as quickly as the French do.

Audirvana Studio 1.3 with some detail improvements

As with the updates to Audirvana Studio 1.1 and Audirvana Studio 1.2, which were released in the last few days, the latest Audirvana Studio 1.3 is a service update.

The manufacturer lists the following innovations for Audirvana Studio 1.3.

  • Fix SysOptimizer install
  • Show all HRA streaming curated playlists
  • Improve reliability playing to multichannel DACs
  • Fix iTunes synched album tracks listing
  • Other reliability fixes

Getting to the point

Once again, the rapid availability of Audirvana Studio 1.3 shortly after the launch of Audirvana Studio proves that the French programming team behind Audirvana Studio excels in impeccable support. In a very short time, various problems that inevitably crept in due to the immense gain in functionality as well as an optimised user interface when switching from Audirvana 3.5 to Audirvana Studio are fixed.

Price:€ 6.98 per month
€ 69.98 per year
for existing customers € 49.98 in the first year
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