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A few centimetres make a big difference, AudioQuest is convinced, especially when it comes to unwanted interference in cables caused by the ground on which they normally lie. The new AudioQuest Fog Lifters are designed to remedy this and allow a more open sound image.

Cable Lifts, this is a category in the product range of many accessory suppliers who are dealing with a problem that, according to these manufacturers, is all too often not noticed, namely RF interference in cables through the floor on which they are lying. The intention behind these cable lifts is to reduce the contact area between cable and floor or, in the best case, to prevent contact completely. Like a miniature high-voltage power line, the cables are thus routed along their entire length.

Solutions of this kind are available in a wide variety of designs, some of which feature extremely complex construction measures and are made of special materials. It is therefore obvious that this sometimes leads to very ambitious prices.

The US-American company AudioQuest is now also addressing this issue and presents the new AudioQuest Fog Lifters. AudioQuest is not talking about cable lifts, but rather about cable-ups, whose task is also to reduce RF noise in cables and thus make the sound image more open.

The new AudioQuest Fog Lifters would thus clearly be in keeping with the company’s four decades long tradition of achieving improvements in the audio sector by reducing “damage”, whether it be by preserving the original information as best as possible or by not adding any misinformation.

According to AudioQuest, “damage” to cables also occurs when they come into contact with the floor, as mentioned in the introduction, regardless of whether the floor has carpet, wood, tiles or stone. High frequency interference always surrounds us, according to AudioQuest, and this is also transmitted from the floor to cables when they come too close to each other. A few centimetres of distance would be enough to counteract this effect, and this is exactly what the new AudioQuest Fog Lifters are designed to do. In contrast to other solutions of this kind, the use of tripods with very low mass is deliberate, because a high mass would in turn make the tripods themselves sources of RF interference.

The AudioQuest Fog Lifters are indeed extremely light, almost filigree and are made of plastic. The cable itself rests on a nylon thread stretched between the U-shaped upper part of the AudioQuest Fog Lifters.

One thing that stands out is the significantly lower price of the new AudioQuest Fog Lifters compared to many, many other such solutions. The company is calling for a mere € 149 for this solution, which already includes a set of eight pieces, so that the speaker cables – at normal length – can be laid around a hi-fi system in a raised position and thus decoupled from the floor. They measure no more than 14 cm in width and 14 cm in depth, and are 15 cm high.

The new AudioQuest Fog Lifters are now available in specialist shops.

Getting to the point

The new AudioQuest Fog Lifters would clearly be in the company’s four-decade tradition of achieving improvements in audio by reducing “damage”, whether it be by preserving the original information as best as possible or by not adding misinformation. The new AudioQuest Fog Lifters are designed to eliminate RF noise caused by the contact of cables with the floor. This would allow a much more open sound image to be achieved. Well, at least the price here is designed in a way that corresponding experiments are not associated with too high investments…

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Price:€ 149,-
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