Audio Physic Codex und Audio Physic Midx mit PowerTrain-Technologie

For the first time, the Audio Physic Codex and Audio Physic Midex loudspeaker systems are presented in a new generation with what Audio Physic GmbH considers to be revolutionary PowerTrain technology.

The reference models Audio Physic Codex and Audio Physic Midex from Audio Physic GmbH are to advance into new sound dimensions, the German loudspeaker specialist announced on the occasion of the presentation of the new generations of these solutions.

This is to be achieved first and foremost by a technology that the company describes as revolutionary and which is now being used for the first time in the two loudspeaker systems in the form of newly developed drivers, namely the so-called PowerTrain technology.

Audio Physic Codex and Audio Physic Midex – The new generation

The Audio Physic Midex is a three-way floorstanding speaker system, while the Audio Physic Codex is a four-way floorstanding speaker system. In both cases, it is fair to say that they are extremely elegant solutions that appear very slim despite their performance data.

The Audio Physic Codex, for example, measures 119.5 cm in height, has a width of 20.2 cm and a depth of 37 cm. The Audio Physic Midex, with a height of 110 cm, a width of 20.2 cm and a depth of 33.5 cm, is even more compact.

The weight of the Audio Physic Midex (35 kg) and the Audio Physic Codex (44 kg) makes it clear just how solid the construction of these two elegant solutions really is.

One of the reasons for this is once again the so-called multi-sandwich enclosure, a rather complex construction that does everything in its power to create the best possible conditions for the best possible results.

In the tried and tested manner, the cabinet of both loudspeaker systems, which is slightly tilted backwards for optimal radiation, rests on very delicate-looking but nevertheless optimally stable aluminium feet.

PowerTrain Technology

As already mentioned, the so-called PowerTrain Technology is the focus of the new generation of Audio Physic Codex and Audio Physic Midex loudspeaker systems.

The focus is on a new Mittenton driver, the HHCM SL, which works without a centring spider and is used in conjunction with a new crossover specially tuned to it. This specially designed driver is said to excel in transferring kinetic energy in a particularly efficient manner. This results in an extremely wide dynamic range without compression, maximum precision and speed of imaging, and extremely low distortion and resonance.

Audio Physic Codex

The Audio Physic Codex uses the HHCM SL midrange driver, an HHCT III tweeter and a 170 mm aluminium cone bass-midrange driver plus a 250 mm paper cone woofer. With an impedance of 4 ohms and an efficiency of 89 dB, this speaker system is suitable for amplifiers with a power output of between 40 and 250 watts and can reproduce a frequency range between 28 kHz and 40 kHz.

Audio Physic Midex

The Audio Physic Midex as a two-way system uses the new HHCM SL Mittenton driver in combination with an HHCT III tweeter and two 170 mm aluminium cone woofers, as the data sheet reveals.

This loudspeaker system also has an impedance of 4 ohms and a sensitivity of 89 dB, but is designed for amplifiers with a power of between 30 and 180 watts and can reproduce a frequency range between 30 and 40 kHz.

Upgrade kit for previous models

For the first time, the sound specialist from Brilon offers an upgrade kit for the previous models, which customers can request from their dealer. According to the manufacturer, the price for this upgrade is € 2,890 per pair.

A move that fits perfectly with the company’s philosophy, Audio Physic GmbH said.

“For our customers, buying our sound transducers is an investment in quality. Therefore, it was a matter of course for us to develop an upgrade kit, if technically possible, that allows our customers to participate in innovations without having to replace the complete loudspeaker. In this way, we are also breaking new ground in terms of sustainability.”

Manfred Diestertich, Chief Developer Audio Physic GmbH

Finally, it should of course be mentioned that the new loudspeaker systems will be offered in the manufacturer’s proven manner in different design variants, including particularly noble high-gloss glass versions.

The recommended retail price for the new Audio Physic Midex starts at € 11,490, while the Audio Physic Codex starts at € 13,990.

Getting to the point

Audio Physic GmbH now presents the latest generation of the Audio Physic Codex and Audio Physic Midex floorstanding speaker systems. In this new generation, too, these two systems present themselves as extremely graceful, yet enormously powerful solutions. For the first time, these models are now also equipped with the PowerTrain technology, which, according to the manufacturer, is revolutionary and already features the Audio Physic Cardeas. Especially exciting: an upgrade kit is available for previous models, so that users of this model generation can also enjoy the benefits of PowerTrain technology.

PriceAudio Physic Midex from € 11.490,-
Audio Physic Codex from € 13,990
Upgrade Kit € 2.890,-
ManufacturerAudio Physic GmbH
DistributionAudio Physic GmbH
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