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Astell & Kern AK Zero 2 Advanced Quad-brid IEM

Based on the experience gained in the development of the Astell & Kern AK Zero 1 as well as the most advanced technologies, the new Astell & Kern AK Zero 2 Advanced Quad-brid IEM has been designed, which Astell & Kern now presents as an outstanding in-ear headphone.

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  • It is one of the most advanced in-ear headphones now presented with the Astell & Kern AK Zero 2 Advanced Quad-brid IEM, according to Astell & Kern.

The new Astell & Kern AK Zero 2 is a professional IEM, i.e. an in-ear monitor system, which is based on advanced technologies and which draws on the experience of the developers in the realisation of the Astell & Kern AK Zero 1. This is how the specialist for personal audio devices Astell & Kern describes the latest solution in the field of headphones, which is also referred to as the Astell & Kern AK Zero 2 Advanced Quad-brid IEM.

As with the Astell & Kern AK Zero 1, the new Astell & Kern AK Zero 2 should offer nothing less than absolutely precise reproduction over a wide frequency range. This is primarily aimed at audiophile hi-fi enthusiasts who do not want to do without such an outstanding performance even when they are on the move.

Astell & Kern AK Zero 2 with four different drivers – Advanced Quad-brid Design

Probably the most outstanding feature of the new Astell & Kern AK Zero 2 is that it uses four drivers, four different ones at that, so that the individual advantages of these variants guarantee a particularly appealing result. The manufacturer calls this an Advanced Quad-brid Design.

First, a 10 mm dynamic driver with piezoelectric transducer is used, followed by a special micro rectangular planar dynamic driver and two dual custom BA drivers.

The dynamic driver with a diameter of 10 mm is supposed to deliver a particularly deep, clearly accentuated bass, whereby an additional piezoelectric transducer is used, which in turn is used as a so-called super tweeter. A driver combination is thus responsible for both the lowest and the highest frequency spectrum.

The Micro Rectangular Planar Dynamic Driver is also used for the upper frequency spectrum and is supposed to guarantee a particularly clear, detailed performance.

The Dual Custom Balanced Armature Driver is responsible for the mid-frequency range, whereby the manufacturer has one of them work across the entire frequency range and the second one especially for mid-low, as Astell & Kern describe it themselves. This is supposed to guarantee a particularly transparent performance, especially with voices.

It should be mentioned that each driver is housed in a separate chamber of the inner cabinet, which is manufactured by means of 3D printing technology, so that they can always exploit their full potential. The outer chassis of the Astell & Kern AK Zero 2 is made of aluminium and manufactured by CNC. It is designed to guarantee maximum stability for reproduction free of sound-damaging vibrations and resonances.

Sophisticated crossover

It is obvious that such a complex set-up with a wide variety of drivers requires corresponding attention to the crossover for optimal control. Astell & Kern calls this an ultra-refined cross-over network. This should create a perfect balance between the drivers with their different sound characteristics and thus guarantee a harmonious performance.

HiFi Grade Pure Silver-Coated OFC Cable with MMCX Connector

A silver-coated OFC cable is supposed to ensure the best signal transmission, as Astell & Kern points out, using a four-strand construction. The cable uses so-called MMCX connectors, so that the cable can be easily removed and replaced if necessary. And since two cables are included in the scope of delivery, you are well equipped for both 3.5 mm jack and 4.4 mm Pentaconn.

Five pairs of silicone ear tips and one pair of memory foam ear tips are also included, as well as a transport case.

Prices and availability

The new Astell & Kern AK Zero 2 Advanced Quad-brid IEM should be available in specialist shops soon. If you are interested in these headphones, you should be prepared to invest a little more. After all, Astell & Kern is asking US$ 1.100,- for these in-ear headphones.

Getting to the point

Astell & Kern does not refer to their latest in-ear headphones as “simple” in-ear headphones, but rather as a professional in-ear monitor system, in order to emphasise the high standards they want to fulfil with this new solution. The new Astell & Kern AK Zero 2 Advanced Quad-brid IEM is aimed at audiophile hi-fi enthusiasts who want nothing less than the best, even when they are on the move.

PriceUS$ 1.100,-
Distribution AustriaAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution GmbH
Distribution SwitzerlandPortacomp AG
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