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All those in search of truly outstanding recordings will probably find what they are looking for at the Norwegian label 2L. The company now presents all its recordings in various forms in the new 2L Music Store.

There is hardly a label that sets such high standards for its recordings as the Norwegian label 2L The Nordic Sound. It was founded by Morten Lindberg, a man who is known for being satisfied with nothing less than absolute perfection.

Morten Lindberg has found a niche for his label 2L that he has always served, namely the genre of classical music in exciting new interpretations as well as a clear focus on modern Scandinavian classical music.

Extraordinary recording locations, outstanding recording setups

For this, they sometimes choose very unusual recording locations, such as churches, which offer excellent acoustics due to their special construction in Scandinavia.

It is also crucial that 2L, under the direction of Morten Lindberg, uses very unusual setups for the recording, which are decisive for the uniqueness of the recordings. Not only is surround usually used for the recording, but the musicians are often arranged in a completely new way, so that the listener does not have the feeling that the performers are sitting in front of him, but that he is directly involved in the action.

Maximum quality

The recordings are made with the highest possible quality. Morten Lindberg uses the most modern recording technology available.

To ensure that music lovers actually benefit from this, the recordings are also offered in the best possible form, both in physical form on sound carriers and as downloads.

Thus, 2L offers music in stereo as well as surround and here in Dolby Atmos or Auro-3D as a download as well as Pure Audio Blu-ray and Hybrid SACD; for selected recordings, one can also opt for vinyl.

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36 Grammy nominations

Of course, all this also attracts attention in the industry; Morten Lindberg is almost a permanent guest at the industry’s most prestigious award ceremonies. The Norwegian label 2L, for example, has received no less than 36 Grammy nominations since 2006, 28 of them in the categories Best Engineered Album, Best Surround Sound Album and Producer of the Year. The album “LUX” with Nidarosdomens Jentekor, Trygve Seim and TrondheimSolistene won the award for Best Immersive Audio Album at the 62nd Grammy Awards in 2020.

New 2L Music Store for download and physical media

All 2L recordings are now available in the completely redesigned 2L Music Store. The special feature here is that you will find a detailed description of each album, including exciting background information about the recording, and even a large number of photos of the recording sessions.

If you decide to download, you not only get the audio data in various formats, but also the cover artwork and a PDF of the booklet, so that you essentially have everything you would have with a physical data carrier.

2L states that they ship worldwide, using the DHL Express service. For orders over € 100, shipping is free of charge.

Getting to the point

When it comes to truly outstanding recordings that undoubtedly represent the optimum in recording quality, the Norwegian label 2L, headed by Morten Lindberg, has always been the place to go. The Norwegians now offer an expanded online store, the 2L Music Store, where all the label’s recordings can be found in various forms, from download to physical media such as Pure Audio Blu-ray, Hybrid SACD and even vinyl.

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