TIDAL HiFi and TIDAL HiFi Plus – New subscription packages for lossless HiFi sound

TIDAL is restructuring its subscriptions for lossless HiFi sound as part of an initiative for fair, sustainable music streaming. From now on, TIDAL HiFi Plus will be available in addition to TIDAL HiFi.

TIDAL HiFi and TIDAL HiFI Plus are the new subscriptions that the online music streaming service TIDAL recommends to all those music lovers who want nothing less than the best quality and thus lossless HiFi sound.

TIDAL sees itself as the provider in the highly competitive streaming market that offers the best combination of appealing sound, a large selection of music and particularly user-friendly handling via a wide range of devices.

Now, another factor in favour of TIDAL’s offer is to be added, according to the provider, namely an initiative for sustainable music streaming with fair payment for artists.

New subscription packages under the sign of new remuneration for artists

TIDAL’s new subscription packages should be seen in the context of a simultaneous strategic announcement by TIDAL. The company announced that TIDAL wanted to focus on a fair streaming offer for music lovers, artists and rights users.

The new products now announced by TIDAL thus include individual HiFi subscriptions and direct payments to artists – a novelty in the streaming world, as the company explicitly emphasises.

TIDAL HiFi and TIDAL HiFi Plus

New subscription packages are now available on TIDAL, namely TIDAL HiFi and TIDAL HiFi Plus. According to the provider, both offers are available in all 61 international TIDAL markets. Subscribers worldwide will have access to a music catalogue of over 80 million songs, videos and expertly curated playlists.

Each of the two options offered has its own advantages, TIDAL points out.

TIDAL HiFi for € 9.99 a month

With TIDAL HiFi, a subscription with uninterrupted access to lossless HiFi sound quality and thus at least CD quality is available. With TIDAL HiFi, subscribers have access to offline functions, to TIDAL Connect and “My Activities”, which offers daily customised listening experiences.

TIDAL HiFi Plus for €19.99 a month

With TIDAL HiFi Plus, everything is available that the TIDAL HiFi subscription just discussed offers. In addition, there are music offers tailored to the listener and – this brings us to a very important point – direct payments to the artists.

According to TIDAL, up to ten percent of the subscription price will go to the artists that the user personally listens to the most. Fan-based royalties will also be available here from 2022; the artists streamed by the respective user will be paid on the basis of their individual streaming habits.

Users will be able to track how their favourite artists are actually benefiting from their listening habits, and they will also be able to share this with others.

HiFi-Plus also offers early access to exclusive offers and features, as well as continued access to a variety of immersive surround sound recordings in Dolby Atmos Music and Sony 360 Reality Audio formats, as well as content encoded in MQA, or Master Quality Authenticated.


Oh yes, of course there is also the TIDAL Free offer, the streaming provider’s option for users to test TIDAL for free. According to TIDAL, they have access to the entire music catalogue and curated playlists. However, this playback is not completely “smooth”, even if TIDAL praises that one only has to put up with limited interruptions. So this is really not more than a test access, that must be clearly stated.

Getting to the point

The restructuring of the subscriptions for HiFi Sound at TIDAL, the two offers TIDAL HiFi as well as TIDAL HiFi Plus, is to be seen first and foremost in connection with the restructuring of the remuneration of musicians now initiated by TIDAL. The innovations highly praised by TIDAL, such as direct artist remuneration and fan-based royalties, refer to subscribers who opt for the TIDAL HiFi Plus offer.

PriceTIDAL HiFi € 9.99 per month
TIDAL HiFi Plus € 19.99 per month
ManufacturerSquare Inc.
More about this manufacturer at HIFI BLOG

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