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System Audio delivers update for System Audio Silverback Speaker Series

It is an essential update that is now available for the System Audio Silverback Speakers Series solutions and the System Audio Stereo Hub. It is now possible to operate no less than eight pairs of wireless speakers on a System Audio Stereo Hub.

System Audio A/S has always been involved with loudspeaker systems that can be easily integrated into any living space. The systems from Denmark are therefore slim and graceful, but still leave nothing to be desired when it comes to a convincing performance. So it is only natural that System Audio A/S relied on solutions at an early stage that also apply to the hi-fi chain upstream of the speakers, in order to achieve the most seamless integration possible in the living room. The Danes are absolutely consistent in their approach and banish conventional hi-fi components almost entirely, relying instead on specially equipped active speaker systems.

For some time now, System Audio A/S has been able to present the so-called System Audio Silverback Speaker Series, which are essentially active speaker systems. However, System Audio A/S goes one step further and implements everything needed to control the speakers “wirelessly”, using an interesting industry standard, WiSA.

WiSA technology is the first and so far the only wireless technology that is completely designed for the optimal transmission of audio, System Audio A/S describes the advantages of this standard, which, by the way, is also used by other leading consumer electronics companies such as Bang & Olufsen, Primare AB, Klipsch and LG.

WiSA technology can transmit audio signals “wirelessly” and completely losslessly at up to 24 bits and 96 kHz, not only in stereo, but even in multichannel and thus for both stereo and surround.

At System Audio A/S, not only the System Audio Silverback Series speakers form the basis for the strategy around wireless speakers at a high level, but also the so-called System Audio Stereo Hub, which forms the central interface for connecting further components and for convenient control. It has an analogue input in the form of a pair of RCA jacks, another analogue input in the form of a 3.5 mm stereo mini jack, three optical S/PDIF interfaces, a coaxial S/PDIF interface, an HDMI interface, a USB port for direct connection to a PC or Mac, and another USB port for connecting appropriate storage media. This means that everything from record players to TVs and streaming solutions can be connected, although integration into the network is also planned, and Google Chromecast is supported, as are Apple AirPlay and Spotify Connect. Smartphones and tablets can also be used directly as sources via Bluetooth. Everything is controlled via a wireless remote control and, if desired, also via the Google Home App for Apple iOS and Google Android.

The company now offers a very significant update for this system Audio Stereo Hub. From now on, it will be possible to operate up to eight pairs of wireless speakers on a single hub. This “little box” alone is thus able to handle an extremely complex installation throughout the entire house.

According to System Audio S/A, the overview of the hub and the speakers connected via it has also been improved with the help of the Google Home App.

The update is, of course, free of charge and, according to the manufacturer, should be installed automatically if the System Audio Stereo Hub is located in the network.

  • System Audio Stereo Hub 01
  • System Audio Stereo Hub 02
  • System Audio Stereo Hub 03

Getting to the point

System Audio A/S now offers a very significant update for the System Audio Stereo Hub. From now on it will be possible to operate up to eight pairs of System Audio Silverback Series Active Wireless Speakers on a single hub. This “small box” alone is thus capable of handling an extremely complex installation throughout the home, whether in a private environment or in commercial installations.

Manufacturer:System Audio A/S
Distribution:Libra Audio Stahl/Ross GbR
Price:free firmware update
System Audio Stereo Hub plus Remote € 699,-
System Audio Stereo Hub plus Remote im Verbund mit Speaker € 399,-
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