Nubert nuLine 244 Review – Slim, graceful line and audiophile virtues

Often it is not so easy to integrate a fine floorstanding speaker system as harmoniously as possible into the living environment. The German company met this challenge with the Nubert nuLine products, such as the Nubert nuLine 244 floorstanding loudspeaker system.

For many years, some manufacturers in the consumer electronics sector have been making their own efforts to “talk consumers out of loudspeaker systems”. One remembers speakers in miniature format from many actually renowned manufacturers, which “disappear” if possible, are hardly or at best not to be seen at all, so they should not be perceived as a disturbing factor in the living ambience. Admittedly, these concepts originate from a time when conventional speaker systems were often really no decoration, much rather clumsy boxes, so that the alternatives in miniature format were readily accepted by numerous consumers.

The only problem was that they could not be a real alternative to traditional loudspeaker systems, because they could not produce really fine sound. Full, detailed sound requires a certain volume in the cabinet of the solutions, and full-range drivers with a minimum diameter are in no way suitable for adequately reproducing a really wide frequency band and achieving a correspondingly convincing dynamic response.

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Fortunately, the market has continued to evolve and many companies have made a great effort to revive the importance of high quality loudspeaker systems for consumers. Today, the customer is offered a wide range of the most varied solutions that can conjure up fine sound in the living room, but at the same time blend in very harmoniously with the living ambience. In addition, and this is another important aspect, they are offered at quite attractive, sometimes very attractive prices.

The German company Nubert electronic GmbH can also offer a wide range of solutions for the best possible integration of fine speakers into the living room, especially the Nubert nuLine series.

Nubert nuLine Series – Broadest positioning…

The Nubert nuLine series is described by the Swabian specialists as a product range that offers audiophile sound culture at an excellent level. They present solutions that offer natural and authentic sound characteristics, and which, that is just as important, come up with a timelessly elegant, yes, deliberately simple, very slim design. In other words, precisely those prerequisites that guarantee the simplest possible integration into any living environment.

An outstanding feature of the Nubert nuLine series is that it is really very, very broad. No other family from Nubert electronic GmbH offers such a wide range of models, whereby they have been designed in such a way that stereo solutions in the most diverse sizes as well as home cinema and thus multi-channel configurations can be realized. The spectrum thus ranges from very compact shelf speaker systems to floorstanding speakers, even offers various center speakers and wall speakers, and so-called Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers and of course subwoofers are also available.

For our test this time, we had a solution from the Nubert nuLine series available, which is figuratively in the midfield. It is the Nubert nuLine 244 and thus the smallest of the stand speaker systems available here.

Graziles, almost dainty floorstanding loudspeaker system

At first glance, the Nubert nuLine 244 may appear to be a really special feature, but although it is a floor-standing speaker system, its appearance is extremely discreet. The manufacturer is quite right to call it a delicate solution, as it measures no more than 87.3 cm in height. The width and depth are also kept remarkably small, exactly like a width of only 15 cm and a depth of 27 cm. The floor space is of course a little larger, here you have to calculate at least 21.5 cm in width and 28.5 cm in depth, plus of course a little play to give the speaker the appropriate “leeway”, but more about that later.

The Nubert nuLine 244 thus fulfils the basic requirement of many consumers, it can be integrated into any living space without any problems. The exciting thing from our modest assessment is that consumers often resort to a so-called shelf speaker system, especially when space is at a premium. No question, Nubert electronic GmbH also offers various options within the Nubert nuLine series alone. Such a bookshelf speaker system is – nomen est omen – often placed on a piece of furniture, but far too often under, well, unfavorable conditions. It is therefore important to provide an optimal foundation, i.e. the best possible decoupling, so that the entire furniture does not resonate and distort the sound. Ultimately, a bookshelf speaker system should ideally be placed on a suitable stand, and then it will take up the same amount of space in the room as a floorstanding speaker system. Our test candidate would be a good choice in this respect…

Three design variants – white, black and walnut…

For the entire Nubert nuLine series, the developers opted for downright simple forms, and the speakers, including the Nubert nuLine 244, are presented in a straightforward and slim design, giving them a timeless elegance, regardless of whether you choose the white or black multi-layer lacquer finish or the option with real wood veneer walnut, which is also offered.

Despite the compact dimensions, the developers have opted for an extremely solid case. MDF is used in some cases at 19 mm, in others even at 38 mm, and of course the loudspeaker system has precisely calculated internal stiffening and damping elements that help to further increase the stability of the cabinet. Natural resonances are thus eliminated just as effectively as vibrations.

The Nubert nuLine 244 loudspeaker system sits enthroned on sturdy cross-beam feet made of solid metal, which provide a secure footing without spoiling the slim, light-looking appearance. These can of course be used to compensate for any levelling problems.

Two and a half way bass reflex system

The Nubert nuLine 244 is designed as a so-called two and a half way bass reflex system. This means that a tweeter is combined with three bass / midrange drivers.

The tweeter has been specially developed for the Nubert nuLine series, which is the Nubert nuOva tweeter with a diameter of 26 mm and silk fabric dome. Here the developers focused on special sound conduction and an acoustically optimised sound front, which ultimately resulted in an asymmetrical arrangement. The difference in distance between the tweeter and the cabinet edges used here is intended to reduce edge dispersion in the axial direction and thus guarantee particular clarity in the high-frequency range. This also makes it clear that when positioning the Nubert nuLine 244, one has to make sure that there is a left and a right speaker system. The tweeter also has a specially damped rear volume chamber.

The low-mid drivers have also been specially developed for the Nubert nuLine series. As already mentioned, three drivers are used here, each with a diameter of 12 cm and a polypropylene diaphragm. Although the top driver, like the other two, is basically designed as a bass driver, it also handles the midrange. All three drivers are so-called longstroke woofers which, according to the manufacturer, can have a maximum excursion of no less than 20 mm. A powerful, effectively working drive unit with double magnet contributes to this. Nubert electronic GmbH emphasizes the overall very large cone area that a pair of Nubert nuLine 244 has due to the six drivers. This guarantees a powerful reproduction not only in the mid-range but even in the bass range, whereby the vertical arrangement of the drivers is intended to reduce room resonances between floor and ceiling.

Of course, great attention was also paid to the crossover, as it is a decisive factor in achieving an optimum result. Thus, one relies solely on high-quality components, such as long-term stable film capacitors. It is interesting to note that a very low crossover frequency of 2 kHz was chosen, this should guarantee the most even radiation pattern possible. Apart from the fact that the crossover network controls the “division of labour” between the drivers and allows for a final finishing touch via a sophisticated compensation circuit, the Nubert nuLine 244 also has a safety function via a protective circuit. In case of imminent thermal overload, the current from the amplifier is immediately cut off to protect the crossover itself as well as the chassis. When normal operating conditions are restored, this protective circuit automatically resets to normal operation.

Individual tuning possible…

With the Nubert nuLine 244, Nubert electronic GmbH once again intends to change the sound character, at least in nuances. The connection panel features two switches, one of which allows three modifications in the high frequency range, namely “soft”, “neutral” or “brilliant”. The second switch is responsible for the bass range and allows a slight or even moderate cut in the low frequency range if the speaker is placed very close to the wall. Depending on the nature of the living room, but also for your own taste, the sound characteristics can thus be easily adjusted.

By the way, the connection terminal of the Nubert nuLine 244 is equipped for bi-wiring or bi-amping, so that four gold-plated screw terminals are available.

Hard facts

Designed as a two and a half way bass reflex system the Nubert nuLine 244 covers a frequency range between 39 Hz and 23 kHz. Considering that this is a very delicate, very slim loudspeaker system, these are quite remarkable key data. On the other hand the efficiency is comparatively low, only 83.5 dB. The manufacturer specifies the impedance as 4 Ohm, the nominal load as 160 Watt.

The dimensions are 87.3 x 21.5 x 28.5 cm, including feet and speaker grill, which is anchored in holes in the front and is of course included in the scope of delivery. The white version also has a white speaker grill, the other two are black. Despite its compact dimensions the Nubert nuLine 244 still weighs 15 kg.

From the practice

First of all, it should be pointed out once again how slim and graceful this speaker system actually is. The Nubert nuLine 244 requires only a minimum of floor space for itself, and you only have to give it a little “leeway” all around. It is often said that a bass reflex system should be placed at a sufficient distance from the wall, and this is also true for the Nubert nuLine 244, but only a few centimetres are sufficient, if it is to be ten or 20 cm, since the appropriate adjustments can be made using the buttons on the connection panel. Also, there does not have to be too much space left and right of the speaker, so that the Nubert nuLine 244 can easily be placed in many a gap in the setup.

This is also helped by the fact that the speakers have a very good, even dispersion into the room, so that a comparatively wide sweet spot can be achieved very easily. Wherever you sit on the couch, for example, the sound fits.

The fact that not only the bass reproduction can be fine-tuned, but also the treble range can be adjusted in three steps is clearly a novelty in this class. Flexibility is a top priority here, especially when it comes to positioning the speakers, but also when it comes to adapting them to the individual conditions in the listening room.

If Nubert electronic GmbH, as mentioned in the introduction, refers to the Nuber nuLine series as a loudspeaker line with audiophile virtues, then the Nubert nuLine 244 is the best proof.

At first, one is actually speechless when the first bars sound about the Nubert nuLine 244, because it is remarkable that such a tiny floorstanding loudspeaker system can make such an impressive impression.

So it delivers – and this is really astonishing – not only a solid, but actually powerful and at the same time astonishingly precise reproduction in the bass range. Of course, this depends first and foremost on the appropriate electronics, no question about that, but with the right playing partner – in our case the Nubert nuConnect ampX – it delivers powerful and dynamic, rousing sound. Vocals are also presented in a credible, natural way and with all nuances, to which the finely reproduced high frequency range contributes a good deal, especially with female voices. It is not surprising that instruments can also unfold their full splendour, which is especially noticeable in smaller instrumentations. When it comes to the reproduction of the often quoted sound stage, it must be noted that it is built up broadly in front of the listener and is presented in a credible way.

Of course, all this applies within the scope of what this speaker system is designed for. The Nubert nuLine 244 feels comfortable in a typical living room with a surface area of about 15 m2. Here it can really play big, and much bigger than its actual dimensions would suggest.

In principle, with such compact systems it is said that an additional subwoofer does no harm, and in fact this is also the case with the Nubert nuLine 244 when the room is a bit larger. In smaller rooms, on the other hand, one might even suspect a subwoofer due to the concise bass performance, even if there is none in play.

Getting to the point

The Nubert nuLine 224 is an extremely slim, and therefore very easy and ultimately harmonious, stand speaker system that can be integrated into any living space, and which offers a remarkable performance, especially in view of its very, very compact dimensions. A solid, clean bass, natural mid-range and finely presented trebles are as much a feature of their performance as is their wide dispersion into the room. The only thing that is needed is a high-quality electronic system that can be added to this attractively priced speaker, so that it performs at its best. Without compromises, no, you have to make a clear recommendation here. Top of the class in the upper entry level segment!

HiFiBLOG Award Excellent

At first glance, the Nubert nuLine 244 may appear to be a really special feature, but it is a stand-alone loudspeaker system that appears extremely discreet. The manufacturer quite rightly speaks of this as an almost dainty solution. The Nubert nuLine 244 thus fulfils the basic requirement of many consumers, it can be integrated into any living space without any problems. Nevertheless, one is at first really speechless when the first bars sound over the Nubert nuLine 244, because it is remarkable that such a tiny floorstanding loudspeaker system can set itself so impressively in scene.

Manufacturer:Nubert electronic GmbH
Distribution:Nubert electronic GmbH
Price:€ 625,- per piece
The Good– Extremely compact
– timelessly elegant design
– high-grade finishing
– amazingly sovereign in the bass range
– silky clear highs
– natural center tone
– individually adaptable to the room
– very flexible in installation
The Bad– Unfortunately no magnets for the speaker grill
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