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New firmware for the hi-fidelity portable Nubert nuGo! ONE

Nubert electronic GmbH has eliminated a few small bugs and implemented new functions with the latest firmware for the portable Bluetooth speaker Nubert nuGo! ONE.

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  • A new firmware is now available for the Nubert nuGo! ONE, which fixes a few bugs but also brings new functions.

For the first time, Nubert electronic GmbH presented the new Nubert nuGo! One, a portable Bluetooth speaker, and entered a very competitive market. However, equipped with many an exciting feature not found in other solutions, as well as a very appealing sound, the Nubert nuGo! ONE was able to hold its own. Even in the detailed test of the Nubert nuGo! ONE by, it was able to impress with a final score of 8 out of 10 points and an “excellent” rating.

Now a new firmware is available for the Nubert nuGo! ONE, which, according to the manufacturer, should eliminate one or two bugs, but also offers some new features for users.

Mistakes happen…

Nubert electronic GmbH admits that despite the greatest care and efforts in quality assurance, mistakes inevitably happen in the development of new products, but it depends on how they are dealt with.

During the development of the Nubert nuGo! ONE, despite intensive testing, a few bugs crept in, which were brought to the company’s attention by attentive customers via Nubert’s own nuForum.

These bugs have now been eliminated with the latest firmware for the hi-fidelity portable Bluetooth speaker, as the Nubert nuGo! ONE itself, but that’s not all.

Making good things a little better…

True to the motto “Making good things a little better…”, Nubert did not miss the opportunity to lend a hand here as well and, with the help of the new firmware, add one or two new features to the Nubert nuGo! ONE with the help of the new firmware.

With the current version of the firmware V.2.33, the radio function in particular has been improved, and additional functions such as bass and treble adjustment, as well as an adjustable alarm volume and a sleep timer have been implemented in the Nubert nuGO! ONE.

Prices and availability

Of course, the new firmware is available to all users free of charge, directly on the website of Nubert electronic GmbH. The firmware is updated via PC, whereby a PC with Microsoft Windows as operating system is required. Detailed instructions are enclosed with the file and, if necessary, the manufacturer’s support team will be happy to help.

Getting to the point

Yes, even compact solutions in the personal audio segment need an update from time to time, and Nubert electronic GmbH is now using a firmware update for the hi-fidelity portable Nubert nuGo! ONE is now being used to implement a few more customer wishes, making the good just that little bit better.

Price€ 285,-
ManufacturerNubert electronic GmbH
DistributionNubert electronic GmbH
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