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Luxman L-595A Special Edition – Class A Integrated Amplifier in Limited Quantity

Only 600 of this Class A stereo integrated amplifier will be available worldwide, as the new Luxman L-595A Special Edition is a limited edition model that celebrates Luxman’s 95th anniversary.

Luxman L-595A Special Edition, this is a reminiscence of the legendary Luxman L570, says the Japanese company Luxman Corporation about the new stereo integrated amplifier, which represents something quite extraordinary.

The new Luxman L-595A Special Edition is not a stereo integrated amplifier in Class A, which is not really that special at Luxman, but rather a solution that is being presented on the occasion of the company’s 95th birthday and that is being produced exclusively in strictly limited numbers.

Luxman L-595A Special Edition – No more than 600 pieces

If you are enthusiastic about this stereo integrated amplifier, you have to get hold of it quickly, because, according to the Japanese specialist, there will be no more than 600 units of this solution. In fact, there will be no more than 600 units worldwide, and only 300 units outside Japan. For this reason alone, the Luxman L-595A Special Edition is truly a Class A integrated amplifier in a class of its own.

95 years of high-end innovation by Luxman Corporation

The Luxman company has had quite an eventful history. One constant, however, is that for decades the company has seen itself as a proven hi-fi specialist and is even considered one of the most renowned Japanese high-end hi-fi specialists. Considering that there are many traditional, established brands in Japan, this is quite a remarkable achievement.

Luxman was founded in 1925 as a subsidiary of the Konsuido company in the Japanese metropolis of Osaka. In those early years, the focus was, of course, on the radio, with the first model being presented in 1928.

In 1931, the first MM cartridge was presented, which was the first model of its kind in the world. Especially in the 1950s and 1960s the attention was focused on amplifiers based on tube technology and the remarkable sound fidelity of Luxman’s solutions was always praised. The company’s countless milestones include the Luxman M6000 Power Amplifier, presented in 1975, with an output of an impressive two times 300 watts; the world’s first DC amplifier, presented in 1977 as part of the Luxman Laboratory Series; and systems such as the Luxman PD300 record player from 1980, with its innovative vacuum record suction.

The year 1989 also saw a special Luxman product, the Luxman L570, which, as described, served as the basis for the now presented Luxman L-595A Special Edition.

A reminiscence of the Luxman L570

Luxman states that the new Luxman L-595A Special Edition is not only similar in appearance to the Luxman L570 from 1989, but also the basic concept of the Class A construction with the finest components and a generously designed power supply as a basis is to be understood as a homage to the legendary model. However, of course, the Luxman L-595A Special Edition features the latest technologies, thus representing the combination of history and modernity.

Luxman L-595A Special Edition in Class A

A very important feature of the new Luxman L-595A Special Edition is that it is a stereo integrated amplifier in Class A. The manufacturer promises a particularly outstanding sound. The manufacturer promises a particularly outstanding sound, which, thanks to a sophisticated circuit concept, fully exploits all the advantages that this concept can offer.

First and foremost, this is a distortion-free, lively and musical sound, whereby a comparison is made with amplifiers based on tube technology.

An oversized power supply is supposed to ensure that the new Luxman L-595A Special Edition can provide sufficient power, specifically two times 60 watts to speaker systems with an impedance of 4 ohms.

In combination with loudspeaker systems with high efficiency, this is easily enough to supply even medium-sized and even larger rooms with fine sound.

Luxman LECU 1000 volume control for highest precision

Another very important feature of the new Luxman L-595A Special Edition is its special volume control. This is a solution that was first used in the high-end Luxman C-70f preamplifier presented in 2003, the so-called LECU 1000 volume control.

The manufacturer states that with conventional volume potentiometers, inaccuracies always occur due to the principle, which ultimately have a negative influence on the sound quality. Therefore, a great deal of effort was put into designing this central component to the level of a reference amplifier.

The volume potentiometer merely regulates a control voltage that is evaluated by a microcomputer. Via relays, this controls an analogue circuit board with no less than 88 resistor networks for the individual volume levels. The specially designed 3D circuit board layout allows the Luxman Electric Controlled Ultimate Attenuator (LECUA) to be directly connected to the amplifier circuitry, further minimising conduction losses. The innovative LECUA 1000 circuit, which also controls the balance of the Luxman L-595A Special Edition, does not affect the sound in any way, even at low volume levels, and also ensures the best possible channel balance. This guarantees listening pleasure on an audiophile level, regardless of the listening level.

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Stylish design with a retro touch

The design of the Luxman L-595A Special Edition’s front panel, with its elegant square buttons and knurled knobs, was taken directly from its famous predecessor, the L-570, with the volume pot featuring an elegantly illuminated value ring.

The brushed aluminium front panel, together with the polished lid familiar from the reference power amplifier Luxman M-900u, exudes timeless elegance.

Phono preamplifier for MM and MC cartridges

Two of the six high-level inputs are balanced and the high-quality phono preamplifier is compatible with both MM and MC cartridge systems. A separate, switchable loop-in path between the preamplifier and the power amplifier as well as two pairs of loudspeaker connections complete the extensive range of connections.

All RCA terminals are made of a special alloy that combines the conductivity of copper with the wear resistance of brass. An audiophile tone control with bass and treble as well as a loudness circuit allow the sound to be adjusted to personal preferences in no time at all, and a subsonic filter eliminates low-frequency artefacts that can occur with vinyl playback. Purist music lovers can easily bypass all filter functions at the touch of a button.

The new Luxman L-595A Special Edition should be available in specialist shops from July 2021, although you won’t come across it too often in the end, after all it is a limited edition. As described, only 300 of the total 600 will be available for the international market.

The recommended retail price is given by the distributor IAD GmbH at € 12,595.

Getting to the point

Considering that there will only be 600 Luxman L-595A Special Editions in total, and that only 300 are intended for the international market, and that half of this new stereo integrated amplifier in Class A will not even leave Japan, this is indeed a very exquisite solution. A solution that is supposed to represent 95 years of high-end innovation of the traditional Japanese company Luxman.

Manufacturer:Luxman Corporation
Distribution Austria:ue-consult Dienstleitungen und Handelsvertretung UE
Distribution Germany:IAD GmbH
Price:€ 12.595,-
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