Dali Speaker A/S acquires a stake in Hudevad Furniture

Danish loudspeaker specialist Dali Speaker A/S has announced that it has acquired a stake in Hudevad Furniture, the company that has been a major supplier to Dali Speaker A/S in the past.

Dali Speaker A/S buys into Hudevad Furniture

Dali Speaker A/S, based in Nørager south of Aalborg, is privately owned and has been a leading manufacturer of hi-fi speakers for music and film lovers since 1983, selling its products in more than 70 countries.

Hudevad Furniture, based in Årslev on Funen, has been a supplier of veneer mouldings and furniture components to the wood and furniture industry and a manufacturer of finished chairs since 1967.

Intensification of production in Denmark

Dali Speaker A/S sees the possibility of closer cooperation with Hudevad Furniture as an important part of a strategy to intensify production in Denmark, which at the same time requires greater participation in the entire production value chain.

“We have long worked to complement our own competencies with relevant Danish suppliers with particularly high furniture expertise, and when we entered into a cooperation with Hudevad Furniture, a unique opportunity arose to include Formschluss, which is the core expertise behind the cabinets for the most exclusive speakers.”

Lars Worre, CEO of Dali Speaker A/S

Hudevad Furniture is already run by the second generation of the Jørgensen family, who have guided the company’s fortunes since its inception and who continue to own the majority of the company’s shares, the two Danish companies said in the related release.

“In recent years we have seen an increasing interest in Danish production, and the current situation on the world market has reinforced this. With Dali Speaker A/S as a partner, we are ready for this development, where all current and future customers will have a strengthened partner in Hudevad Furniture.”

Kaare Thode Jørgensen, CEO of Hudevad Furniture

Getting to the point

It is a very interesting step that Dali Speaker A/S is now taking by acquiring a stake in the Danish company Hudevad Furniture. The same company that has been a major supplier for the Danish loudspeaker specialist. This raises the cooperation between the two companies to a new level and pushes local value creation.

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