Audirvana Studio 1.11.0 – Performance Optimisation

The software company Audirvana SAS has now made available the latest update of its Audirvana Studio solution, which optimises performance. Audirvana Studio is now available as Audirvana Studio 1.11.0.

Audirvana Studio 1.11.0 is the latest version of the media management and hi-res audio player software from the French software company Audirvana SAS. This new update primarily delivers performance optimisations in a wide range of areas. In addition, there are some new functions and detail improvements.

In contrast to the updates of the last few weeks, this time the software company has fortunately provided many more reasons to install the latest version.

Audirvana Studio 1.11.0 Optimisation of the User Interface

First and foremost, Audirvana SAS has significantly optimised the performance of the user interface. This should ensure smooth navigation even with very large media libraries. The developers say that even libraries with more than 400,000 tracks can now be browsed smoothly at any time.

Further detail improvements to the user interface

Further detailed improvements that are available with the new Audirvana Studio 1.11.0 also concern the user interface. For example, the display options have been refined so that the user can configure the software more flexibly than before to obtain the desired information at a glance. Any display problems that occurred individually should now be a thing of the past.

The way of browsing through the media library has also been optimised, the playlists have been made even more flexible and it is now possible to navigate through different views using swipe gestures. The search function has also been optimised and expanded in detail once again.

Problems with Qobuz integration solved

Apparently, there were various problems when implementing the Qobuz service in Audirvana Studio. These problems have now all been solved, as the software company states in the release notes of the new version Audirvana Studio 1.11.0.

There are also numerous other details that the developers have addressed with Audirvana Studio 1.11.0, a detailed list of which can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

One problem remains…

One annoying point, however, should be solved as soon as possible, just as a hint from personal experience, and that is the control of a valid licence. We are not aware of other solutions that ask for registration data as often as Audirvana Studio does. It feels like you have to re-enter your email address and password every third time you start the software, which is – if you’ll pardon the expression – simply annoying.

Prices and availability

Audirvana Studio is available for both Apple macOS and Microsoft Windows. For existing customers, the update is free of charge; after all, the French software company relies on a subscription that is paid either annually or monthly, but always for one year. With monthly payment, € 6.98 per month is due, with annual payment € 69,98.

The associated app, the Audirvana Remote Mobile App 3.2.1, is available for Apple macOS and Google Android.

Getting to the point

With Audirvana Studio 1.11.0, the French software company Audirvana SAS delivers another update for its media management and hi-res audio player software for Apple macOS and Microsoft Windows. While the last updates alone caused a rapid change in the version number, but the actual innovations or bug fixes were limited in each case, it is now a thoroughly impressive list of problem solutions and detailed improvements that Audirvana SAS has made with Audirvana Studio 1.11.0.

PriceSubscription with monthly payment € 6,98 per month
Subscription with annual payment € 69,98
ManufacturerAudirvana SAS
DistributionAudirvana SAS
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