TIDAL Artist Home - More control for artists over their presence

TIDAL wants to offer artists the possibility to design their presence on TIDAL themselves in the best possible way, says TIDAL about the new TIDAL Artist Home. All the information that users see about an artist on the TIDAL platform can thus be designed by the artist himself.

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  • The new TIDAL Artist Home is intended to be the interface for artists to create their own presence on TIDAL.

TIDAL Artist Home, this new option is designed to give artists everything they need to control their own presence on TIDAL’s platform. TIDAL Artist Home is described by TIDAL as a new hub for TIDAL products that will make it easier for artists to focus solely on their music, yet still be in control of how they present themselves to the outside world for their fans.

Artists can manage their public profile on TIDAL themselves via TIDAL Artist Home, in the simplest way possible, as the provider points out.

Direct control over content

TIDAL Artist Home gives artists themselves direct control over what content fans see on their TIDAL profile. It offers all the tools needed to present important content in the best possible way, up to and including new releases and corresponding campaigns.

First and foremost, links to accounts on social media platforms are also available here, in order to be able to bind listeners to artists in the long term.

The possibility of requesting updates for albums, EPs and singles directly from TIDAL Content Operations via the platform completes the basic idea of TIDAL Artist Home, according to the provider.

Also open to team members

As artists grow, they can also share access to their TIDAL Artist Home account with their team to help them with their work. Whether managers, labels, band members or publicists, an artist can assign different roles and access rights to team members, giving them full or limited access to their own profile.

“We are building a new platform to economically support emerging artists and performers around the world. TIDAL Artist Home is the prelude to a new platform through which artists and their teams will once again have more time, energy and capacity to focus on art and make a sustainable living from it. This is the basis for a future where streaming will be just one of the many ways we support music creators in the future.”

Agustina Sacerdote, Global Head of Product at TIDAL

Getting to the point

It’s probably a smart move by TIDAL to involve artists directly when it comes to expanding its own offering, around album and artist information. Who else but the artists themselves could do this best and has the greatest interest in ensuring that detailed, up-to-date and correct information is available?

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