Qobuz DUO – Two separate accounts in one subscription

With Qobuz DUO, the streaming and download provider Qobuz introduces a new subscription. This is intended to offer customers access to two separate accounts and will complement the individual and family subscriptions with immediate effect.

Qobuz DUO is the name of the latest subscription model from the streaming and download provider Qobuz, which it sees as a particularly attractive extension to its existing individual and family subscriptions.

Users are offered access to two separate accounts with one subscription, so that two people can create separate playlists and receive individually adapted recommendations.

Qobuz DUO – Two accounts, one subscription

An essential aspect of all streaming platforms is that users receive recommendations based on their personal music tastes. In this way, new music titles can be discovered or playlists can be easily created based on the user’s own preferences.

This is precisely the great advantage of the new Qobuz DUO offer, because two people receive these benefits at the attractive price of a subscription, according to Qobuz’s promise.

In concrete terms, this means that Qobuz DUO is available from €17.50 per month and is thus significantly cheaper than two individual subscriptions. The only prerequisite is that the two people live at the same address, says Qobuz.

This new offer comes in addition to the Qobuz SOLO and Qobuz FAMILY packages already on offer, with Qobuz STUDIO available as unlimited streaming and Qobuz SUBLIME available as streaming and single download.

“We are delighted to introduce Qobuz DUO. This offer has been eagerly awaited by our customers, audiophiles and music lovers who want to share their passion for music with a family member. Now they can enjoy a unique, high-quality music experience as a couple, at an affordable price.”

Georges Fornay, Deputy CEO of Qobuz

He added that Qobuz DUO also means that in this case both users have access to a catalogue of over 70 million tracks, all at the same time. According to Qobuz, the audio data is available in the best quality, at least in lossless CD quality, and in some cases even in hi-res audio in a wide range of resolutions. Subscribers also benefit from a wealth of editorial content with more than 500,000 album chronicles, interviews, videos and biographies. They can also create collaborative playlists and play their music anytime without interruption on all types of audio systems.

Prices and availability

As already mentioned, Qobuz DUO starts at a price of € 17.50 per month, although this only applies if you take out the subscription for a year and pay for it in advance. This means that the total cost is actually € 210. If you decide to pay monthly without a commitment, Qobuz DUO already costs € 19.99 per month.

Qobuz also offers Qobuz SUBLIME DUO, i.e. the combination of streaming plus discounted downloads, whereby only an annual subscription is offered, which costs a total of € 299.98 per year, i.e. € 24.99 per month.

Getting to the point

Qobuz is now offering an attractive new subscription model with Qobuz DUO. Two users ultimately have full individual access to the Qobuz streaming offer, so that any recommendations are actually adapted individually. The bottom line is that the price is cheaper than the family package, which is still offered, and of course also more attractive in terms of price than two separate subscriptions.

PriceQobuz DUO (12 months, one-off payment) € 17,50 per month (€ 210,- p.a.)
Qobuz DUO (monthly cancellable) € 19,99 per month
Qobuz SUBLIME DUO (12 months, one-off payment) € 24,99 per month (€ 299,98 p.a.)
ManufacturerXandrie SA
DistributionXandrie SA
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