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KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphone with Smart Active Noise Cancellation

Once again, KEF is collaborating with Ross Lovegrove on the latest over-ear headphones from the British specialist, the KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphone. These headphones are said to offer not only fine sound and Smart Active Noise Cancellation, but also a particularly outstanding design.

The KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphone is the latest headphone model from the English loudspeaker specialist KEF. The company from Maidstone has already been very successful in the field of personal audio devices for years, and the new KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphone should be able to build on this success with a series of remarkable features. KEF also has a long tradition of working with designer Ross Lovegrove, who is responsible for the elegant appearance of the new KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphone. Lovegrove is a long-standing cooperation partner and has been instrumental in the design language of many of KEF’s current products.

KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphone – The latest addition to the KEF Ross Lovegrove Collection

Perhaps the most distinctive product that designer Ross Lovegrove has created for KEF is the KEF MUON, KEF’s powerful and truly imposing reference loudspeaker system. Ross Lovegrove also designed the KEF Muo Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker and the KEF Mu3 Noise Cancelling True Wireless Earphones.

All of the products that Ross Lovegrove has designed with KEF’s engineers are characterised by fluid, sculptural forms, and these are of course also found in the new KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphones. The declared aim was to design an over-ear headphone that appears slim first and foremost, but is also characterised by a refined, elegant design.

Elegant, lightweight and comfortable to wear

The new KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphone is said to feature a lightweight, graceful-looking aluminium construction as the connection between the ear cups and the headband, as well as a headband that is also very lightweight yet extremely sturdy. Like the ear cups, the headband is ergonomically designed for maximum wearing comfort. This is also due to the fact that the cushioning of the ear cups is based on a breathable cover and memory foam. This is intended to provide an optimal acoustic seal with minimal pressure on the ears.

For transport, the KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphones can of course be folded compactly and stored in a bag included in the scope of delivery.

Designed to reproduce every detail

The new KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphone uses 40 mm full-range drivers, which the manufacturer claims were specially developed and elaborately tuned for this new headphone model. Once again, the declared aim was to reproduce every detail of the music and to do so as faithfully as possible.

Smart Active Noise Cancellation Technology

The new KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphones also feature Smart Active Noise Cancellation, an active noise cancellation system that blocks out ambient noise. Of course, this is primarily intended to ensure undisturbed music enjoyment, but it also serves well when the KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphone is used as a hands-free device, for example for telephone calls or video calls.

The manufacturer claims that the sophisticated Smart Active Noise Cancellation Technology of the new KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphone uses several filters to detect ambient noise and then relies on a special algorithm to specifically suppress individual frequencies.

For phone calls and video calls, the microphones themselves ensure the best voice quality, as they are so-called cVc microphones (Clear Voice Capture), which isolate the user’s voice and minimise all other noise. Crystal-clear conversations are thus guaranteed regardless of the environment.

Bluetooth 5.1 with aptX HD for 24 bit and 48 kHz

The signal transmission relies on a Bluetooth module from Qualcomm, which complies with Bluetooth 5.1 and also offers the aptX HD codec for signal transmission with up to 24 bits and 48 kHz. Of course, this assumes that the source device also has the corresponding capabilities.

In any case, KEF promises the new KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphone will always provide a stable, latency-free connection.

As an alternative, a cable is also available in the scope of delivery that uses a 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack.

  • Foto © KEF | KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphone
  • Foto © KEF | KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphone
  • Foto © KEF | KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphone
  • Foto © KEF | KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphone
  • Foto © KEF | KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphone
  • Foto © KEF | KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphone
  • Foto © KEF | KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphone
  • Foto © KEF | KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphone

Intuitive touch operation

From KEF’s point of view, the new KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphone is particularly comfortable and even intuitive to use. To achieve this, the company relies on touch operation via a capacitive sensor field on the outside of the right ear cup with simple swiping and tapping.

“When you wear a particular headphone, it’s an extension of you. And what’s the best interface? Your finger. It’s like dragging your hand over your ears, it gives a gestural elegance.”

Ross Lovegrove
KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphone 29KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphone 30
Foto © KEF | KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphone

Up to 40 hours of playtime

What is particularly remarkable is that the new KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphone is said to have a playing time of up to 40 hours. What’s more, a quick charge function means that just 15 minutes on the mains is enough to enjoy music again for up to eight hours.

Prices and availability

The new KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphone is available in two versions, silver grey and anthracite grey. It will be available in stores from November 2022, at a recommended retail price of € 399,-.

Getting to the point

With the new KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphone, KEF is not only expanding the KEF Ross Lovegrove Edition, but also its range of headphones, namely an over-ear headphone that is said to be distinguished by its outstanding sound quality and Smart Noise Cancellation, as well as its high wearing comfort and simple control, and of course once again an extremely elegant design conceived especially by Ross Lovegrove.

Price€ 399,-
DistributionGP Acoustics GmbH
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