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Shure AONIC FREE – True Wireless In-ear with smart technology

As a new addition to the Shure AOINIC Series, Shure Incorporated now presents the Shure AONIC FREE, a true wireless in-ear headphone solution that is described as ideal for the mobile lifestyle.

Shure AONIC FREE, the new True Wireless in-ear headphones from Shure Incorporated are the first to offer unsurpassed studio-quality sound completely wirelessly, according to the manufacturer’s promise.

They are aimed at musicians, audiophiles, technology fans, commuters and music lovers with particularly high demands, as the company itself describes on the occasion of the presentation of the latest model of the Shure AONIC Series.

Shure AONIC FREE – The new addition to the Shure AONIC Series

In principle, it is of utmost importance for any in-ear headphone to be as slim and compact as possible. Shure Incorporated wants to ensure this with the new addition to the Shure AONIC Series, even if it does without cables altogether and therefore has to accommodate the entire electronics including batteries in the ear tips.

Smart technologies and settings for a personalised music experience

There are a number of features with which the new Shure AONIC FREE is designed to attract the attention of music lovers with high quality expectations.

Sound Isolation Technology

For example, the manufacturer cites a special Sound Isolation Technology that is supposed to block out ambient noise such as street noise, the babble of voices in public transport or in the office environment, but also the roar of aeroplanes when travelling.

However, it should be noted that the Shure AONIC FREE do not have active noise cancellation, but rather the developers rely on what they consider to be the unique combination of foam fittings and an ergonomically angled design of the Shure AONIC FREE. The manufacturer is convinced that this will achieve an attenuation of ambient noise of up to 37 dB.

Since these are solutions that have DSP-based signal processing, an ambient mode can be activated at the touch of a button, which blends in the outside world again so that one is not completely shielded and can follow announcements, for example.

Foto © Yamaha Music Europe GmbH | Yamaha VC series

Perfect wearing comfort

The manufacturer also promises great things when it comes to wearing comfort, because the new Shure AONIC FREE are supposed to be oriented towards professional solutions for stage use. They are designed to fit snugly and comfortably for hours of use.

When making phone calls, the integrated microphones are supposed to ensure crystal-clear conversations, using so-called Beamforming Digital Sound Processing based on a DSP, which only picks up the human voice, and Autogain Control, which reduces the volume of the music during a call. Thanks to the noise cancellation technology, wind noise is blocked and the voice is easier to hear.

Foto © Yamaha Music Europe GmbH | Yamaha VC series

Bluetooth 5.0 with SBC, AAC and aptX

The new Shure AONIC FREE uses Bluetooth 5.0 for signal transmission, supporting the SBC, AAC and aptX codecs. The performance quality thus corresponds approximately to “CD quality”.

Volume, music playback and calls can be controlled at the touch of a button on the left or right earpiece. In the accompanying ShurePlus PLAY app, available for Apple iOS and Google Android, users can customise the ambient mode level, button functions and the sound and voice prompts for important notifications. There is also a full-fledged music player with equaliser functions for standard and high-resolution music files, the manufacturer says.

Developed with Jacob Collier

In developing the Shure AONIC FREE, Shure Incorporated partnered with British musician and Grammy Award winner and Jacob Collier, who has relied on Shure for many years during his live performances and studio productions, according to the manufacturer.

“I grew up listening to music, so for me it’s like magic. I am fascinated by the inspiration that the world offers. With Shure AONIC FREE earphones, I can carry the same legendary sound I rely on when making music in my pocket. Honestly, the AONIC FREE are the perfect option for anyone who wants to experience studio-quality audio anywhere.”

Jacob Collier

Up to 21 hours

The new Shure AONIC FREE is designed to provide seven hours of continuous music enjoyment, after which an included carrying case acts as a power bank or charging station to provide a total battery life of up to 21 hours.

A quick charge function means that just 15 minutes of charging is enough for an hour of music enjoyment.

The new Shure AONIC FREE is said to be available immediately, with a choice of grey or red. The recommended retail price is stated by the manufacturer at € 199.

Getting to the point

With the new Shure AONIC FREE, Shure Incorporated skilfully plays with the professional image from music production that the company has enjoyed for years. It is precisely this connection to the pro audio sector that is the focus of the new True Wireless In-ear headphones, in order to emphasise their high wearing comfort, but above all their sound qualities.

Price€ 199,-
ManufacturerShure Incorporated
DistributionShure Distribution GmbH
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