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KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphones Review

Ross Lovegrove is responsible for the special elegance, while the specialists at KEF in Maidstone, with their decades of expertise, are responsible for the outstanding sound. All in all, they have developed an excellent pair of headphones with the KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphones, as this detailed test proves.

Story Highlights
  • The KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphones should prove to be a solution with a noble design, high wearing comfort, but above all fine sound.

With the KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphones, the English company KEF is obviously continuing a good tradition: in the field of headphones, they rely on an outstanding, exclusive design and promise to combine this with the finest sound. Once again, KEF delivers a solution that is in the best sense of the word in the lifestyle category, and thus seems well equipped to prove itself in the broad and highly competitive headphone market. The fact that KEF’s developers chose a somewhat different concept for the KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphones than other manufacturers could also contribute to this.

What this is all about and how the KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphones actually perform in practice is what we want to find out with a detailed test.

KEF has been in the headphone business for years

The English company KEF was one of the first loudspeaker specialists to recognise the potential of the headphone segment, and with a lot of commitment tried to get in on the action and secure at least a small share of the cake.

In retrospect, it can be said that KEF really got it right from the start, because they clearly recognised that headphones are increasingly perceived as lifestyle products, as solutions with which buyers really want to express their style, and not just listen to music anywhere and anytime in the best possible way.

From a manufacturer’s point of view, this means that you either have to constantly adapt your solutions to fashion trends, or you dare to develop your own style. KEF clearly opted for the second option and took a risk, but in the end was able to assert itself on the market with great success.

Design plays an immensely important role

Clearly, design plays an immensely important role when it comes to headphones, as it is an essential element in creating a certain image, a certain style that perfectly matches the ideas and demands of the intended target group.

KEF made a remarkable decision a year ago to collaborate with industrial designer Ross Lovegrove, who has gone on to shape many aspects of the company’s product range, including its latest model, the KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphones.

KEF thus succeeded in creating an independent design line that has long been characteristic of the company itself.

Outstanding industrial design by Ross Lovegrove

All of the products that Ross Lovegrove designed together with KEF’s designers are characterised by flowing, sculptural forms, and it is these forms that are naturally found in the new KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphones. The declared aim was to design an over-ear headphone that appears slim first and foremost, but is also characterised by a refined, elegant design.

By the way, the KEF Mu7 is offered in two design versions, the user can choose between Silver Grey and Charcoal Grey. These two colours alone make it clear that KEF’s Mu7 is aimed at a target group that prefers discreet elegance to flashy flashiness.

Comfortable and safe to wear

The KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphones feature a lightweight, graceful design. The ear cups are made of plastic, while the joints connecting the headphones to the headband and the headband itself are made of aluminium, guaranteeing a very slim and lightweight construction with maximum stability.

Of course, all elements of the headphones are designed according to ergonomic principles to ensure maximum wearing comfort. This is also helped by the fact that the padding of the ear cups uses a breathable cover and memory foam. This is intended to achieve an optimal acoustic seal with minimal pressure on the ears. The top of the headband is also very softly padded, a fact that should not go unnoticed.

Indeed, the KEF Mu7 conveys an extremely valuable feel on first contact and also strengthens the confidence that you will enjoy this solution for a long time, as everything leaves a very robust impression.

And fortunately, the headphones fit immediately when you put them on. You don’t have to do a lot of moving around or adjusting, but you immediately have the feeling that you’ve found the perfect fit. Nothing pinches, and the headphones still have a firm, secure hold. And although the weight of 309 g is stated in the data sheet, it was extremely comfortable to wear the KEF Mu7 for many hours.

Specially developed driver

The KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphones use 40 mm full-range drivers, which the manufacturer claims were specially developed and elaborately tuned for this new headphone model. Once again, the declared aim was to reproduce every detail of the music and to do so as faithfully as possible.

Smart Active Noise Cancellation Technology

The new KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphones also feature Smart Active Noise Cancellation, an active noise cancellation system that blocks out ambient noise. Of course, this is primarily intended for undisturbed music enjoyment, but it also serves well when using the KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphones as a hands-free device, for example for telephone calls or video calls.

The manufacturer claims that the sophisticated Smart Active Noise Cancellation Technology of the new KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphones uses several filters to detect ambient noise and then relies on a special algorithm to specifically suppress individual frequencies.

Optimal voice quality for phone calls

For telephone calls and video calls, the microphones themselves ensure the best voice quality, because they are so-called cVc microphones (Clear Voice Capture), which isolate the user’s voice and minimise all other noise. Crystal-clear conversations are thus guaranteed, regardless of the environment.

Bluetooth with aptX HD or cable for hi-res audio

Of course, Bluetooth is used for signal transmission, namely a Bluetooth module from Qualcomm that complies with Bluetooth 5.1 and, among other things, also offers the codec aptX HD for signal transmission with up to 24 bits and 48 kHz. Of course, this requires that the source device also has the corresponding capabilities. Alternatively, the lossy codecs SBC and AAC are also available.

In any case, KEF promises that the new KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphones will always provide a stable, latency-free connection, which we can clearly confirm based on our extensive testing.

It should also be mentioned that the KEF Mu7 also offers the option of a wired signal connection as an alternative to Bluetooth, which is of interest to many users. This allows you to enjoy the full potential of the driver used here, which is capable of much more, especially when a DAP, i.e. a digital audio player, and content in hi-res audio are available. A suitable cable is included in the scope of delivery, which uses a 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack.

Intuitive control

The developers have paid special attention to a particularly simple – one could even say intuitive – operation. This is done directly on the headphones, via the right ear cup.

Here you will find all the buttons, the standby button, a Bluetooth button and a button for activating the active noise cancellation, all of which are located on the underside of the ear cup, as are all the connections. The outside is designed as a capacitive sensor field, so that playback can be controlled, the volume controlled and, for example, calls accepted and commands given via voice control by tapping and swiping.

Of course, it takes a little time to get to grips with all the possibilities, but within a very short time you will have all the functions of the KEF Mu7 under control.

Once again no app

It is particularly astonishing that KEF has once again decided not to use an app with the KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphones. The company already made this decision with the KEF Mu3 Noise Cancelling True Wireless Headphones and is now maintaining this strategy with the KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphones.

This is exciting because many users consider an app to be mandatory, and indeed many headphone models offer a variety of possibilities with the help of corresponding apps, especially with regard to personalisation.

KEF, however, as already mentioned, has opted for a simple, intuitive operating concept, everything is to be controlled directly via the headphones themselves. A strategy that clearly has its supporters, as the dozens and dozens of apps are a nuisance for many consumers anyway.

Very long battery life and practical quick-charge function

The KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphones offer a long battery life, that can be clearly stated. After all, it lasts up to 40 hours away from the socket without any problems, including activated active noise suppression and signal transmission via Bluetooth. In the test, we were able to enjoy music with the headphones for an entire week without recharging, and that’s exactly how it should be.

By the way, should you find yourself with an empty battery when you want to use the KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphones, just 15 minutes is enough to charge them for up to eight hours, thanks to the quick-charge function.

From the practice

First of all, we would like to emphasise a point that we have already praised, namely the really very high wearing comfort that the KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphones offer. Even after hours of use, we didn’t find the headphones annoying, which has been the case with many other models.

We have already described the design as extremely successful, but we would like to emphasise this again here. It’s clear that KEF’s Mu7 Wireless Headphones are aimed at a target group that prefers elegance and wants a stylish daily companion.

However, we do have one criticism regarding the design, namely the fact that the ear cups can be rotated, but the headphones as a whole cannot really be folded. Accordingly, the transport case included in the scope of delivery is comparatively large. It still fits easily into any pocket, but it could clearly be a touch more compact.

The KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphones score a big plus point for their sound, which is extremely well-balanced and rich in detail, but, compared to many others in this class, a little restrained. However, this is an immense advantage, because it ensures relaxed music listening even over many hours, the ear is not unduly stressed. For pumping bass lines, you should probably look elsewhere; with the KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphones, music should rather be presented in an unadulterated and precise way, and it is precisely this promise of the English specialist that the headphones can keep with flying colours.

To guarantee music enjoyment at all times and in all places, the active noise cancellation does a very good job, and we would also like to mention that we were impressed by the voice quality that can be achieved with the KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphones.

Prices and availability

The KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphones are available in two versions, silver grey and anthracite grey. You can find these headphones in specialist shops at a recommended retail price of € 399,-.

Getting to the point

With the KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphones, KEF once again proves that it knows how to transfer its own sound signature to the field of personal audio devices and that it can fully implement the philosophy that it has lived by for years. Outstanding sound quality is combined with unique design, impeccable workmanship, high wearing comfort and, last but not least, intuitive operation. As a result, the KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphones receive a clear recommendation from the editorial team: they are at the top of their class.

Price€ 399,-
DistributionGP Acoustics GmbH
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HiFiBLOG Award Outstanding

With the KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphones, the English loudspeaker specialist KEF offers an over-ear headphone that not only features an outstanding design by Ross Lovegrove and impresses with impeccable workmanship, a high level of wearing comfort and ease of use, but above all has KEF’s typical sound signature and can thus boast outstandingly detailed, natural performance.


  • first class design
  • impeccable workmanship
  • very high wearing comfort
  • intuitive operation
  • excellent, balanced sound
  • Accurate active noise cancellation
  • cable for hi-res audio at DAP
  • long battery life
  • fast charging function


  • unfortunately does not fold very compactly

Test Environment

  • Apple iPhone 12
  • FiiO M11 Smart Lossless Playback Portable Music Playern



Ross Lovegrove's design, KEF's outstanding sound, plus impeccable workmanship, maximum wearing comfort and intuitive operation, all clearly speak for the KEF Mu7 Wireless Headphones.

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