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BluOS 3.8 – Further improvements for Multiroom Audio Streaming System

Once again BluOS offers a new firmware version for all streaming solutions based on the BluOS platform as well as new versions of the controllers for Apple iOS, Google Android, Amazon FireOS, Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X. Version 3.8 of BluOS is now available.

The Canadian company BluOS is known as the software forge of Lenbrook Intermational, which is solely responsible for the development of the BluOS streaming platform of the same name, originally founded at NAD Electronics International, then as Bluesound International, and now outsourced as BluOS. This enables Lenbrook International to not only support its own sister companies within Lenbrook International as technology partners, but also other partners such as Dail Speaker A/S, Monitor Audio Ltd. and Roksan Audio Ltd.

Since the beginning, BluOS has been developed further with a lot of dedication and new functions have been added, so now another update is available, namely BluOS 3.8. In fact, it is already BluOS 3.8.3, which is now available as a final version, namely as a firmware update for BluOS Ready Devices and BluOS Tested Devices, as well as in the form of the controllers offered for this platform for Apple iOS, Google Android and Amazon FireOS for mobile devices, and Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X for desktop systems.

The new version BluOS 3.8.3 of course contains a number of detail improvements and some bug fixes, but it must be considered as much more than a normal service release. With BluOS 3.8.3 there are a few new features which might be of great interest.

For example, the Bluesound POWERNODE 2i can now be assigned to Bluesound Home Theater Groups and can therefore play back surround sound, namely Dolby Digital Surround, as well as the Bluesound PULSE SOUNDBAR 2i. So the Bluesound POWERNODE 2i with HDMI interface can be connected to the TV set like the Bluesound PULSE SOUNDBAR 2i to play back the front channels. For surround sound, you have to use about two Bluesound PULSE FLEX, or a second Bluesound POWERNODE, regardless of which generation, which in turn operates a pair of speakers for surround sound. BluOS even has its own installation wizard for the simple configuration of such surround solutions.

A second important innovation concerns MQA. Of course, BluOS can now play back MQA encoded content, but now MQA CDs can also be ripped using the Bluesound VAULT or Bluesound VAULT 2i and the NAD Masters M50.2 BluOS Enabled Player. By the way, the NAD Masters M50.2 can also play MQA encoded CDs directly and show the higher quality by decoding them directly.

All those who have equipped their NAD Masters M12 or NAD Masters M32 with a new NAD MDC BluOS 2i Card can now enjoy the support of Apple AirPlay 2. Users of a NAD Masters M10 will notice a new layout of the Front Panel Display. The BluOS controller for Apple iOS now supports multitasking and the learning functions for IR commands on appropriately equipped devices have also been extended.

There are also new features in the Custom Installation area, such as the ability to deactivate individual zones on a NAD CI 580 or Bluesound Professional B400S. In addition, Custom Channels and Qsic provide the option of implementing new music streaming services for projects in the commercial, catering or hotel sectors.

Getting to the point

With BluOS 3.8, the Bluesound POWERNODE 2i becomes part of the Bluesound Home Theater Groups, just like the Bluesound PULSE SOUNDBAR 2i, so that in combination with Bluesound FLEX or another Bluesound POWERNODE Surround, MQA CDs can be ripped and partly played directly, If the NAD MDC BluOS 2i Card becomes Apple AirPlay 2 capable, the NAD Masters M10 will be further optimized and new custom installation options such as enhanced IR learning functions and custom channel setup will be available.

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