Apple Music Classical launches end of March 2023 - Especially for classical music lovers

The new Apple Music Classical is a part of Apple Music, but one that will be expanded as a separate category and also accessible via its own app, the Apple Music Classical app. Apple Corporation wants to offer a wide range of high-quality content tailored to classical music lovers.

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  • Apple Corporation now wants to appeal to classical music lovers with Apple Music Classical, which will be available from the end of March 2023.

With the new Apple Music Classical, Apple Corporation wants to put an end once and for all to the tedious handling of classical music in the environment of streaming music offerings. According to the California-based company, this new section of Apple Music is aimed specifically at classical music lovers who place the highest value on quality, whether in terms of sound quality or the preparation of relevant information, according to which recordings can be categorised using a wide range of criteria.

Apple Music Classical – The world’s largest catalogue of classical music

Apple Corporation has set itself ambitious goals. This begins, for example, with the company’s promise to offer nothing less than the world’s largest catalogue of classical music with Apple Music Classical.

At the start, more than five million music titles will be waiting for classical music lovers, with content in particularly high quality up to 24 bit and 192 kHz and thus hi-res audio. Immersive 3D surround sound is also to be offered on a broad front, as the company promises, although no exact details are given about how the ratio between recordings in “CD quality” and hi-res audio as well as recordings in immersive 3D surround sound actually presents itself with Apple Music Classical.

Apple Corporation also says that Apple Music Classical will offer an experience tailored to the classical music listener, with the ability to search by composer, work, artist or even catalogue number, and find specific recordings instantly thanks to complete and accurate metadata. There will also be hundreds of curated playlists, thousands of exclusive albums, composer biographies, detailed guides to many key works, intuitive browsing features and more, according to the vendor.

Apple is working with some of the world’s leading classical musicians and classical music institutions for Apple Music Classical to bring new, unique and exclusive content and recordings to Apple Music Classical listeners at launch and beyond.

The fact is, Apple Music Classical will be a part of Apple Music, so like Apple Corporation’s music streaming offering as a whole, it can be used on a wide range of systems, with streaming to consumer electronics systems easily supported via Apple AirPlay or Apple AirPlay 2.

Part of Apple Music

As just mentioned, Apple Music Classical is part of Apple Music, so it does not require any additional registration or incur any additional costs. All it takes to use Apple Music Classical is a subscription to Apple Music, which is offered as a single subscription or as a family subscription.

Prices and availability

There are no extra costs, but you have to budget at least € 10,99 per month for Apple Music. Apple Music Classical will be available from 28 March 2023, when the corresponding app for Apple iOS will also be available. The corresponding app for Google Android will follow a little later, but Apple Corporation has not yet announced exactly when.

Getting to the point

It could actually be a niche that no one has actually served so far, but now Apple Corporation is setting its sights on the target group of enthusiastic classical music lovers. So far, this clientele has rightly complained that classical music plays a rather subordinate role in conventional streaming services, that it is immensely cumbersome to search for and manage music according to various criteria that are relevant to classical music, such as composer, solo performer, orchestra and conductor. Apple Music Classical is now supposed to offer all this as part of Apple Music.

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