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Yamaha TW-E3C True Wireless Earbuds - Impressive technology in a small format

Innovative technologies and powerful sound and also an excellent wearing comfort, this is to distinguish the new Yamaha TW-E3C True Wireless Earbuds, which Yamaha Music Europe GmbH now presents as the latest generation of Earbuds in the field of personal audio devices.

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  • Yamaha Music Europe GmbH speaks of impressive technology in miniature format in connection with new Yamaha TW-E3C True Wireless Earbuds.

With the new Yamaha TW-E3C True Wireless Earbuds, the third generation of so-called earbuds is now available, which, according to Yamaha Music Europe GmbH, enjoy the highest popularity, whereby this is not least due to the fact that the group offers this model series at particularly attractive prices. Of course, this also applies to the new Yamaha TW-E3C True Wireless Earbuds, although the manufacturer also states that despite the attractive price, these are solutions that feature innovative technology and powerful sound, so users do not have to make any compromises.

This also applies to comfort, as once again the new Yamaha TW-E3C True Wireless Earbuds are also said to be well equipped for comfortable everyday use.

Yamaha Listening Care – balanced sound at all volumes

A very special concern of the developers of Yamaha Corporation, the parent company of Yamaha Music Europe GmbH, is to incorporate all the wealth of experience gained as one of the leading companies in the field of pro audio directly into the development of consumer electronics.

In the area of personal audio devices, for example, this includes designing headphones in such a way that they can be used for many hours without any problems – this is referred to as Yamaha Listening Care Technology.

Yamaha Listening Care is supposed to guarantee a balanced sound at any volume, and the new Yamaha TW-E3C True Wireless Earbuds are based on a dynamic driver with a diameter of 6 mm.

Another important aspect here is the design of the housing, which offers a comparatively large volume, but also optimally fitting silicone attachments, which on the one hand guarantee optimal wearing comfort, but also an optimal seal of the ear canal and thus also a good shielding against ambient noise. Four pieces are included in the scope of delivery.

The linchpin of Yamaha Listening Care is, of course, DSP-based signal processing, and the developers can draw on a wealth of experience with sound design and earlier audio products. For example, Yamaha Listening Care is based on Yamaha Parametric room Acoustic Optimizer Technology, or YPAO for short, which was developed by Yamaha Corporation and is used in the home cinema sector, specifically YPAO Volume.

By using Yamaha Listening Care on the new Yamaha TW-E3C True Wireless Earbuds to achieve full, rich sound even at low volumes, the developers are able to preserve the user’s hearing, even during more intensive use.

An Ambient Aware Mode is said to help users better perceive their surroundings if desired, a feature adopted from the higher-priced Yamaha TW-E5B True Wireless Earbuds and Yamaha TW-E7B True Wireless Earbuds.

Best quality for phone calls

Good speech intelligibility during phone calls, video calls and virtual meetings has become increasingly important for users of headphones over the past few years, Yamaha Music Europe GmbH rightly states.

The Yamaha TW-E3C True Wireless Earbuds are equipped for this with microphones based on Qualcomm cVc Technology (Clear Voice Capture), which simultaneously suppresses ambient noise and echoes, and thus ensures optimal voice quality.

Of course, the Yamaha TW-E3C True Wireless Earbuds can also be used in conjunction with voice control, be it Apple Siri or Google Assistant.

Signal transmission via Bluetooth 5.2 with aptX Adaptive

For signal transmission to the source device, the new Yamaha TW-E3C True Wireless Earbuds are already equipped with Blueetooth 5.2 from the expert Qualcomm Inc. and can also rely on aptX and aptX Adaptive in addition to SBC and AAC.

The headphones can be connected to two source devices at the same time via Bluetooth Multi-Point Connect, such as a notebook and a smartphone, and a so-called Gaming Mode is supposed to provide an operating mode with particularly low latency.

Individual customization via app

Of course, the Yamaha TW-E3C True Wireless Earbuds are supported by a suitable app, namely the Yamaha Headphone Control app for Apple iOS and Google Android. It offers a 5-band equalizer, various presets for different music genres, and settings for Ambient Aware and Listening Care. Any firmware updates are also made via the app.

The simple control is supposed to be done directly via touch surfaces on the Earbuds, that should also be mentioned.

The new Yamaha TW-E3C True Wireless Earbuds have batteries that should allow a playing time of up to nine hours, 15 more hours should be achieved via the charging case, as the manufacturer states on record. Charging is of course done via USB-C.

Prices and availability

The new Yamaha TW-E3C True Wireless Earbuds are said to be available immediately from retailers in black, gray, blue, green, beige and red. The suggested retail price is listed at € 99,-.

Getting to the point

It is already the third generation of so-called Earbuds, which is now heralded with the new Yamaha TW-E3C True Wireless Earbuds at Yamaha Music Europe GmbH. These new earbuds are to distinguish themselves first and foremost by the fact that they come at an attractive price with features that provide for fine sound, high wearing comfort, ease of use and flexible handling, and not least a long battery life.

Price€ 99,-
ManufacturerYamaha Corporation
DistributionYamaha Music Europe GmbH
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