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Yamaha MusicCast now with Amazon Music HD

Yamaha MusicCast is one of the most flexible streaming platforms on the market and is continuously being improved and expanded. With the latest update, various detail improvements are now available, but above all support for Amazon Music HD.

The Japanese consumer electronics company Yamaha Corporation must clearly be named as one of the pioneers in the field of multi-room audio streaming systems. Early, very early in fact, the company presented Yamaha MusicCast, although it must be clearly said that at that time – it was in 2003 – the market was not really ready for it, so the project was initially put on hold again. It was not until the “second” attempt in 2015 that Yamaha MusicCast really became widely accepted and developed into a true success story for the Japanese.

A very important factor for this success was certainly that Yamaha Corporation consistently relied on Yamaha MusicCast, and thus did not create a separate product line, but rather cleverly implemented this technology into the entire product range.

Quite quickly, customers were offered a wide range of solutions, from wireless speakers to all-in-one systems, soundbars, compact hi-fi systems, streaming clients for expanding existing systems, and AV receivers – everything that was somehow “networkable” was equipped with Yamaha MusicCast. The spectrum even extends to record players and pianos…

Another essential point is, of course, that Yamaha MusicCast has been continuously expanded and improved over the past years, so now another update of the streaming platform is available.

The latest update for Yamaha MusicCast provides some detail improvements, of course one or two bug fixes, but also support for Amazon Music HD. This means that solutions that have been on the market since 2018 and are equipped with Yamaha MusicCast should now be able to access the Amazon Music HD service and play music in “CD quality” or even hi-res audio.

Also significant is that the update already anticipates an adjustment to a coming change in the TIDAL login procedure, another of the countless services that Yamaha MusicCast directly supports.

As a further innovation, the company states that a factory reset now actually deletes all data from the devices, including favourite Internet radio stations and login information from TIDAL and Deezer. This is relevant if one wants to resell products.

The update with regard to the new support of Amazon Music HD is, as described, not available for all products with Yamaha MusicCast. However, with support for almost all products back to 2018, a really large number of systems are covered. Yamaha Music Europe GmbH provides a detailed list of the available functions on a special website.

Getting to the point

Once again, Yamaha Music Europe GmbH is offering an update for the Yamaha MusicCast streaming platform, with the focus here being on support for Amazon Music HD. This gives almost all devices that have been on the market since 2018 access to another streaming service.

Manufacturer:Yamaha Music Europe GmbH
Distribution:Yamaha Music Europe GmbH
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