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Yamaha cooperates with Grover - consumer electronics easy to rent

Grover Deutschland GmbH has set itself the goal of offering people innovative new ways to access outstanding tech products. It is easy to rent consumer electronics products here, including solutions from Yamaha Music Europe GmbH.

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  • Yamaha Music Europe GmbH is now taking a completely new approach through a cooperation with Grover Deutschland GmbH.

Yamaha Music Europe GmbH has announced a cooperation with Grover Deutschland GmbH, which will enable the company to explore exciting new ways of attracting potential customers to its products. This is because, and this is quite unusual in the field of consumer electronics, the company is relying on the possibility of simply renting products. This is precisely the business model of the new partner Grover Deutschland GmbH.

Grover Deutschland GmbH sees itself as the market leader in rental commerce for consumer electronics, which now also offers solutions from Yamaha Music Europe GmbH.

Simply rent products

Grover Deutschland GmbH provides a rental platform where interested parties can find a wide variety of solutions from the field of consumer electronics, as described, now also from Yamaha Music Europe GmbH.

The aim is to make it particularly easy for interested parties to find the product they are interested in and then to be able to rent it.

The interesting thing is that Groover Deutschland GmbH sees its offer as part of the circular economy, i.e. products are not necessarily new here, but are actually sometimes used when they are rented.

Products as part of the circular economy

According to the company, tech products are recycled again and again for as long as possible, rented out and thus used by several people. This contributes significantly to extending the lifespan of the devices and thus to saving resources, and ultimately to preventing electronic waste.

The product rental model is therefore an excellent option for sustainably oriented customers. After all, AV products are only in the household as long as they are needed and actively used. Returning the products after the flexible rental period is completely uncomplicated thanks to free shipping. There are no compromises compared to a new purchase.

Grover’s Tipptopp-Tech promise ensures quality

Grover’s “Tipptopp-Tech” promise: All products are new or as good as new, technically inspected and repair costs for possible damage are covered by Grover Care at 90% or 50% for drones.

Renting technology is a flexible and contemporary way to equip your home in a modern way. According to a joint study by Grover and YouGov, the number of unused technology in German households is considerable, with 34 percent of respondents stating that they do not use three to five devices. For 11 percent, it was even six to eight devices. The household budget is quickly burdened by acquisition and, if necessary, consumption costs.

Therefore, for Yamaha Music Europe GmbH, the cooperation is the consistent expansion of the company’s philosophy, which focuses on sustainability and durable products.

“With Grover, we offer a completely new access to the Yamaha product world. Through this exciting cooperation, end customers can simply rent Yamaha products and thus flexibly adapt our AV innovations to their living situation.”

Mathias Krause, Manager Sales Germany AV Division of Yamaha Music Europe GmbH

Not just consumer electronics

The partnership between Yamaha Music Europe GmbH and Groover Deutschland GmbH does not end with solutions in the hi-fi and home cinema sector, the two cooperation partners announced in a joint press release.

A wide variety of musical instruments from digital pianos to drums are also available for rent online – or essential extras such as guitar amplifiers and DJ equipment. Yamaha Music Europe GmbH thus also brings the very broadly positioned musical instrument sector into play.

“Thanks to the direct cooperation with Yamaha, our customers have access to soundbars and musical instruments, among other things. As a saxophone player, that makes me particularly happy. Because I know from my own experience how much fun it is to try out and learn instruments. Renting soundbars and instruments like electric pianos, electric drums and electric guitars is just as easy at Grover as renting smartphones, headphones and tablets. Yamaha monitor speakers are particularly in demand at the moment – so nothing stands in the way of extensive music enjoyment.”

Berit Inga Stranz, Associate VP Strategic Partnerships at Grover Deutschland GmbH

Prices and availability

The offer from Yamaha Music Europe GmbH on the Grover Deutschland GmbH rental platform is to be successively expanded, the two companies have now announced. The rental is charged monthly, whereby the price is quite moderate, but varies depending on the product. To give an example, for the Yamaha SR-B20A soundbar, the provider charges € 8,90 per month.

Getting to the point

It is indeed a very exciting approach that Yamaha Music Europe GmbH is now pursuing through the newly concluded partnership with Grover Deutschland GmbH. Here, consumer electronics products are not bought, but actually rented on their own, whereby this can be for the long term, or just for a short period of time. It should also be emphasised that the new partnership between Yamaha Music Europe GmbH and Grover Deutschland GmbH also includes the Japanese company’s wide range of musical instruments and music production systems.

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