Velodyne Deep Blue DB-8 – The most compact in the family

First it was the flagship, the Velodyne Deep Blue DB-15, which was the first subwoofer of the new Velodyne Deep Blue Series to hit the market. It was followed by the Velodyne Deep Blue DB-10 and Velodyne Deep Blue DB-12, and now the family is complete with the smallest model, the Velodyne Deep Blue DB-8.

With the Velodyne Deep Blue Series, Velodyne Acoustics Inc. stepped up at the beginning of the year to offer solutions that excel the classic virtues of the subwoofer specialist in particularly compact systems at attractive prices. This claim can be manifested first and foremost in the new Velodyne Deep Blue DB-8, as it is the “smallest” in this product line.

The Velodyne Deep Blue DB-8 is available now and follows its big siblings Velodyne Deep Blue DB-10 and Velodyne Deep Blue DB-12 as well as the chosen flagship of the product series, the Velodyne Deep Blue DB-15.

Velodyne Deep Blue DB-8 – Compact and powerful sound

With the Velodyne Deep Blue DB-8 subwoofer, Velodyne Acoustics Inc., as with the entire Velodyne Deep Blue Series product range, has opted for a closed design. In the most compact, living room-friendly version, the 8-inch driver ensures an acoustically impressive performance that only a specialist in bass reproduction can achieve, as the manufacturer promises.

Powerful low frequency, sophisticated design

The new Velodyne Deep Blue DB-8 integrates itself inconspicuously into any living situation, but its low-frequency reproduction really comes into its own. This is how Velodyne Acoustics Inc. sums up the essential features of the subwoofer.

With the subwoofers of the Velodyne Deep Blue Series in a hi-fi environment or a home cinema setup, thrilling action movies, bass-rich pop music and powerful effects should be guaranteed.

The Velodyne Deep Blue Series was developed from scratch for this purpose. Drivers, amplifier electronics, cabinet and all other components are precisely matched to each other and ensure impressive performance with minimal space requirements. An essential element for this is, of course, a chassis that is capable of achieving even a large excursion with maximum precision. The front-firing 8-inch driver therefore features an intricately designed quad voice coil and dual magnet, which together provide an impressive low-frequency foundation with maximum control.

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Compact cabinet, full control

The Velodyne Deep Blue DB-8’s cabinet, which is generously dimensioned in terms of wall thickness and made of MDF, has been elaborately braced inside to counteract resonance. This way, the cabinets of the entire Velodyne Deep Blue Series do not step into the acoustic foreground and leave the low frequency stage to the drivers, as the manufacturer himself puts it.

Appropriately tuned electronics are no less important for a subwoofer. The amplifier unit therefore provides a powerful 300 watts of continuous power and 800 watts of impulse power, and is thus ideally prepared for fast-changing beats and effect-laden blockbusters.

For connection, there are RCA input sockets for the left and right channels as well as a separate subwoofer input with loop-through option. Crossover frequency, phase and volume are continuously adjustable for adaptation to the existing system.

Available now

The Velodyne Deep Blue DB-8 is available immediately from specialist dealers. The recommended retail price is € 790,-.

Getting to the point

Velodyne Acoustic Inc. presents the Velodyne Deep Blue DB-8, the most compact model of the Velodyne Deep Blue Series. As with the other closed subwoofers of the series, a four-layer voice coil as well as a double ferrite magnet ensure the most distortion-free low-frequency reproduction possible, even with large diaphragm strokes. In addition, a solid MDF cabinet and high-quality electronics with 300 watts continuous and 800 watts impulse power are responsible for impressive precision from the lowest frequency basement.

Manufacturer:Velodyne Acoustics Inc.
Distribution Austria:R.M.S. State of the Art Audiovisual Products
Distribution Germany:Audio Reference GmbH
Price:Velodyne Deep Blue DB-8 € 790,-
Velodyne Deep Blue DB-10 € 990,-
Velodyne Deep Blue DB-12 € 1.190,-
Velodyne Deep Blue DB-15 € 1.490,-
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