Triangle Borea Series in a new Light Oak finish

The French loudspeaker manufacturer Triangle Electroacoustique has big plans for the Triangle Borea Series. With this product line, loudspeaker systems should be available that honor the term high-fidelity. Now the model series is being offered in a new finish, namely Light Oak.

It is almost exactly one year ago that the renowned French loudspeaker manufacturer Triangle Electroacoustique presented the Triangle Borea Series. The special feature of this product line was to be the availability of loudspeaker systems that would do full justice to the term “high-fidelity” and thus deliver an extremely attractive performance, but – and this is the really decisive factor – at very attractive prices.

The outstanding feature of the Triangle Borea Series is that it is a product line with “sharply calculated” prices, so that the widest possible customer base can be reached. It is not for nothing that the company advertises with “High-fidelity for all”, making it clear that the company is also committed to inspiring new customers for hi-fi. It is clear that quality and design also play an important role in this, so that the company promises not to have made any compromises in development despite attractive price points. This is made possible by the use of technologies adopted from other series, most notably the Triangle Esprit EZ Series.

The Triangle Borea Series is also very broad in scope, covering a wide range of requirements. The series consists of a total of six models. Thus, the Triangle Borea Series includes three floorstanding speaker systems, two bookshelf speaker systems and a matching centre speaker. The Triangle Borea Series is therefore equally suitable for stereo in a wide range of gradations as well as for home cinema with multi-channel configurations. Specifically, the Triangle Borea BR02 and Triangle Borea BR03 solutions provide two bookshelf speakers, each in the form of two-way bass reflex systems. The smallest floor-standing speaker system is the Triangle Borea BR07 as a 2.5-way bass reflex system, followed by the Triangle Borea BR08, which is a three-way bass reflex system. The top model is the Triangle Borea BR09, which is also designed as a three-way bass reflex system. In addition, as already mentioned, there is a centre speaker, namely the Triangle Borea BRC1, which is designed as a two-way bass reflex system.

All models are equipped with a 25 mm EFS dome tweeter, EFS being the abbreviation for Efficient Flow System. These are silk dome tweeters driven by particularly powerful neodymium magnets. A phase plug is used to ensure particularly even radiation into the room. The mid-range drivers are based on a so-called Diaphragm IS, made of 100 percent natural cellulose, whereas the bass drivers are made of fibreglass to achieve particularly powerful and accurate results.

The cabinets feature a so-called DVAS system, Triangle Electroacoustique refers to this as a Driver Vibration Absorption System. This means that the cabinets of all Triangle Borea Series loudspeaker systems have elaborate internal bracing, using MDF and EVA foam. This is intended to prevent vibrations and resonances that could damage the sound.

The developers also paid special attention to optimum decoupling, not only for the floorstanding speaker systems but also for the bookshelf speaker systems of the new Triangle Borea Series.

So far, the Triangle Borea Series models have been available in three versions. The customer could therefore choose between matt black, matt white and a walnut finish. Now a further design variant is being added, which the manufacturer itself describes as Light Oak.

As with the previously available design variant in walnut, the developers play with attractive contrasts. The walnut-veneered models are only fitted in the sides of the cabinet, while the baffle and base of the floorstanding speaker systems are black.

The new version in light oak does the same, but combines the light oak veneer with a very elegant white tone, the manufacturer himself speaks of cream or beige. This gives the loudspeaker system an extremely noble touch, one can certainly speak of typical French esprit. A very special accent is of course set by the drivers, some of which are completely black, others with a white cone combined with black beading and a black cone. The loudspeaker grill, which is of course included in the delivery, is held in position by magnets and should only be used if it is absolutely essential for the safety of the drivers.

The new design variant of the Triangle Borea Series is available immediately. Fortunately, the new model variants are offered at exactly the same price as the previous models.

The Triangle Borea BR02 starts at € 319,- per pair, the Triangle Borea BR03 is available for € 398,- per pair. The smallest floorstanding speaker system Triangle Borea BR07 is available at a recommended retail price of € 850 per pair, the Triangle Borea BR08 at € 998. Even for the top model, the Triangle Borea BR09, you only have to budget € 1.198,- per pair. The centre speaker Triangle Borea BRC1 should cost € 249,- per piece. All models can be found in specialist shops from now on.

Getting to the point

Until now, the models of the Triangle Borea Series have been available in three versions. The customer could therefore choose between matt black, matt white and a walnut finish. Now a further design variant is being added, which the manufacturer itself describes as Light Oak. Once again, the French have demonstrated their special ability to realise solutions with esprit.

Manufacturer:Triangle Electroacoustique
Distribution:Audio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Price:Triangle Borea BR02 € 319 per pair
Triangle Borea BR03 € 398 per pair
Triangle Borea BR07 € 850 per pair
Triangle Borea BR08 € 998 per pair
Triangle Borea BR09 € 1,198 per pair
Triangle Borea BRC1 € 249 per piece
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  1. In your above review you state “The new version in light oak does the same, but combines real wood veneer”
    I contacted Triangle the manufacturer in France and asked if it is “real wood veneer ” or a vinyl wrap.

    Below is the communication .

    Can you tell me is the new Natural Oak finish on the Borea Speakers a vinyl wrap or real wood .
    Thank you for your assistance

    From Hugo at Triangle
    Hello it is a vinyl wrap to keep the speaker price competitive and integrate high quality speaker drivers , real wood have almost double price. Regards

    Can you please clarify if this is correct and post update to your article ?
    Thank you

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