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System Audio Stereo Hub – New remote control

System Audio Stereo Hub, this is the solution that represents the central interface of the System Audio Silverback Series at System Audio SA. From now on, it will be delivered with a new remote control, which is now made of aluminium.

System Audio A/S can point to a very exciting product line with the System Audio Silverback Series. These are active loudspeaker systems that, as is usual for System Audio A/S, have a particularly slim design as their most obvious feature. In this way, the company lives up to its claim of offering solutions that can be integrated particularly flexibly and easily into any living environment.

This also includes the fact that System Audio A/S consistently relies on wireless control of its active loudspeaker systems of the System Audio Silverback Series and relies on the so-called WiSA technology.

At the heart of this is the System Audio Stereo Hub, a small black box that contains all inputs for various sources and also forms the central interface for controlling the speakers.

Naturally, System Audio A/S delivers this System Audio Stereo Hub with a matching remote control, which is now presented in a higher-quality form.

While the System Audio Stereo Hub was previously made of plastic, it is now delivered with an aluminium remote control. Of course, this immediately conveys a higher-quality feeling when you hold it in your hands, so the better haptics do better justice to System Audio A/S’s premium claim.

With the new remote control, the user also has a few innovations at his disposal. For example, the level of each input can be set to “fixed” by pressing the mute button for at least three seconds while the input is activated. This can be cancelled in the same way, although this function is of course not available for USB audio input. In addition, you can deactivate Bluetooth, if you wish, by pressing the Prev and Next buttons simultaneously.

As mentioned, the new remote control will be delivered immediately with the System Audio Stereo Hub. The price will remain unchanged at € 699.

Getting to the point

In the end, it doesn’t make much difference whether a remote control is made of plastic or aluminium, as long as the overall feel is right. In this respect, System Audio A/S has already delivered a high-quality remote control with the System Audio Stereo Hub. Now it is made of aluminium, whereby the price remains unchanged.

Manufacturer:System Audio A/S
Distribution:Robert Ross Audiophile Produkte GmbH
Price:System Audio Stereo Hub plus Remote € 699,-
System Audio Stereo Hub plus Remote im Verbund mit Speaker € 399,-
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