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Sony LSPX-S3 – Wireless glass speaker

It is the perfect combination of sound and atmospheric lighting, the new wireless glass speaker Sony LSPX-S3. This provides a solution for any living space, creating a beautiful atmosphere.

With the Sony LSPX-S3, the Japanese consumer electronics company Sony Corporation continues a tradition that they have been cultivating for several years now, and that is to develop extraordinary audio systems that do not obviously present their primary purpose, but are rather designed as home accessories.

For example, the new Sony LSPX-S3 is a so-called glass loudspeaker that presents itself somewhat in the style of an old, elegant kerosene lamp. So, not only should the new Sony LSPX-S3 be able to come up with fine sound, it also provides discreet, atmospheric lighting.

Sony LSPX-S3 for relaxed atmosphere

The Sony LSPX-S3 presents itself with a very slim, cylindrical design. As just described, it thus resembles an elegant petroleum lamp, with the base featuring a mineral-silver hue with a satin finish, as described by the manufacturer itself.

At the lowest end of the base there is a textile covering, behind which part of the drivers installed here is hidden. The top side is taken up by a glass bulb alone.

With this noble design and the composition of high-quality materials, the Sony LSPX-S3 should prove to be a modern living accessory that finds its place in really every room of the house. The compact design for minimum footprint requirements and the integrated battery also help, but more about that in the following.

Glass as tweeter speaker

The glass cylinder of the Sony LSPX-S3 is not just for looks, in fact this glass tube is the tweeter of the system. The so-called Advanced Vertical Drive Technology is used here, in which three actuators discreetly attached to the end of the glass tube ensure that the glass is set into vibration. This special concept is supposed to guarantee a particularly even distribution of the sound in the room, and in conjunction with a 46 mm low-midrange driver as well as an additional passive cone, deliver a balanced, natural sound.

Bluetooth as signal transmission

How could it be otherwise, of course, the new Sony LSPX-S3 is a Bluetooth speaker, whereby the manufacturer relies on Bluetooth 5.0 and, in addition to the lossy SBC and AAC, relies on LDAC for signal transmission free of sound-damaging compression. Thus, the Sony LSPX-S3 can primarily use smartphones as a source, and you can access various streaming services. Which ones these are is solely a question of the installed apps.

Speaking of apps, Sony Corporation naturally provides a suitable app, namely the Sony Music Center app for Apple iOS and Google Android. It can also be used to call up various sound modes, including a Bass Boos mode, for example, and it can also be used to pair two Sony LSPX-S3s to form a stereo system.

It is also possible to use it as a hands-free device, as the Sony LSPX-S3 has an integrated microphone.

Atmospheric lighting

The new Sony LSPX-S3 offers various lighting modes. In the simplest case, it provides a discreet light source, like a reading lamp. However, the candlelight mode should be particularly exciting, because there it flickers like a candle. It is also possible to synchronize the light with music. Four lighting modes are available in total and the intensity can be regulated in 32 brightness levels. By simply moving the touch sensor, the light can thus be adjusted to the respective mood.

The place at the bedside

Of course, the new Sony LSPX-S3 seems ideal as a solution in the bedroom, because here it can be used as an audio system as well as for lighting, and the system also has a sleep timer.

Integrated battery for eight hours of playtime

According to the manufacturer, the integrated battery of the new Sony LSPX-S3 should provide a playing time of up to eight hours. It is easily charged via a USB-C interface.

The new Sony LSPX-S3 measures 94 mm in diameter and features a height of 289 mm. It thus weighs in at around 1.1 kg.

The new Sony LSPX-S3 should be available in stores immediately. The recommended retail price is stated by the manufacturer at € 349.

Getting to the point

Solutions like the Sony LSPX-S3 are unfortunately not available on the market very often anymore. It is basically a portable Bluetooth speaker, but a Bluetooth speaker that presents itself in the form of a noble lamp and thus elegant living accessory.

Manufacturer:Sony Corporation
Distribution:Sony Corporation
Price:€ 349,-

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