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Sonus Faber OMNIA All-in-One High-end Wireless Speaker – In tribute to the music

Sonus Faber S.p.a. already presented an outstanding all-in-one system once, the Sonus Faber SF16, so the product line is by no means new for the tradition-rich Italian company. Now they announce the Sonus Faber OMNIA and want to present nothing less than a homage to music.

Sonus Faber S.p.a. describes the new Sonus Faber OMNIA as a high-end wireless speaker, which the tradition-rich Italian loudspeaker manufacturer now presents as an all-in-one system. Once again, it is said to be a solution that completely follows the philosophy of Sonus Faber S.p.a. to offer natural sound based on state-of-the-art technologies and to combine outstanding Italian design with traditional craftsmanship.

In addition, in this case the use of the latest technologies is not limited to pure acoustics, but also includes the functions that can be expected from an innovative, flexible hi-fi solution in a networked world of consumer electronics. In this specific case, this also includes Sonus Faber Crescendo, a completely newly developed DSP-based signal processing, and even a completely newly developed user interface, which the manufacturer calls Sonus Faber Senso.

The new SONUS FABER OMNIA All-in-One is of course not the first of its kind from Sonus Faber S.p.a., as the Italians already presented such a solution in 2016 with the Sonus Faber SF16 All-in-One.

Sonus Faber OMNIA – An All-in-One High-end Wireless Speaker

According to the manufacturer, Sonus Faber OMNIA is more than just a new device, but rather an ecosystem that combines all the values that Sonus Faber S.p.a. stands for, as well as the most modern features. Italian flair meets high-end technology. This solution was developed to be easily integrated into any living ambience and to guarantee versatile use at the highest quality level.

To this end, the new Sonus Faber OMNIA all-in-one high-end wireless speaker is not only equipped with streaming and a wide range of analog and digital interfaces, but also offers an amazing performance that is not normally found in this class.

Unique design

But, it wouldn’t be Sonus Faber S.p.a. if they didn’t pay the utmost attention to the design of a product, with Livio Cucuzza, Chief Design Officer of the McIntosh Group, and his team once again responsible for this.

The new Sonus Faber OMNIA presents itself as an extremely elegant solution, with dimensions of 650 mm in width, 280 mm in depth, but only 130 mm in height.

The actual device also seems to virtually float above its stand, thus appearing extremely compact despite its quite considerable width.

The case is exceedingly solidly made, weighing in at a whopping 7.6 kg. On the one hand, the manufacturer relies on a multi-layered wooden panel, which they claim is reminiscent of Sonus faber s.p.a.’s iconic Italian style and distinctive design. While the majority of the cabinet is covered in an anthracite textile fabric, the top presents itself in two different finishes, namely Walnut or Graphite. The Walnut finish is said to provide a cozy and traditional ambience, while the Graphite finish is said to offer a new industrial look.

Not many interfaces, but all the relevant ones – From HDMI to phono preamp.

As already described in the introduction, the new Sonus Faber OMNIA focuses on the most flexible use possible and is equipped with all relevant interfaces for this purpose. So you will not only find an analog input, this can also be used as a phono preamplifier to directly integrate a record player equipped with MM cartridge system. However, it seems a bit unusual that a Mini-DIN is used here, although the manufacturer includes a corresponding Mini-DIN to RCA adapter.

For the direct integration of a TV, the new Sonus Faber OMNIA has an HDMI port that supports stereo audio signals via ARC (Audio Return Channel) and of course allows central control via HDMI CEC.

Streaming – Equipped for all platforms

The most important feature for flexible playback is of course the integrated streaming client, whereby the Sonus Faber OMNIA actually supports all relevant standards.

Thus, the Sonus Faber OMNIA allows Apple AirPlay 2 as well as Google Chromecast, and you can rely on Spotify including Spotify Connect as well as TIDAL including TIDAL Connect.

In addition, the new Sonus Faber OMNIA is already designated as Roon Ready by the manufacturer, which means that it can be directly integrated into the Roon media management and multi-room hi-res audio streaming solution from the software company Roon Labs LLC.

The integration into the network of the new Sonus Faber OMNIA is of course first and foremost via an integrated WiFi module that complies with the IEEE 802.11ac standard. In addition, an Ethernet interface is also available.

Bluetooth is also available

As a wireless speaker, the new Sonus Faber OMNIA cannot do without Bluetooth, because users want a simple, direct connection from smartphones and tablets away from the network infrastructure, especially with solutions like this. The Bluetooth module of the Sonus Faber OMNIA from Qualcomm not only supports lossy codecs like SBC or AAC, but also aptX for a signal transmission in “CD quality” and even aptX HD for a transmission of up to 24 bits and 48 kHz.

Foto © Sonus Faber S.p.a. | Sonus Faber OMNIA All-in-One High-end Wireless Speaker
Foto © Sonus Faber S.p.a. | Sonus Faber OMNIA All-in-One High-end Wireless Speaker

Sophisticated stereo system with separate subwoofer.

Inside the new Sonus Faber OMNIA are initially two 0.75-inch silk dome tweeters with neodymium magnets in the drive as well as likewise two 1.75-inch inverted dome cellulose pulp membrane broadband drivers plus two 3-inch midrange drivers with paper cone. These are installed partly at the front, partly at the side of the cabinet, and partly radiating upwards and partly downwards to achieve a room-filling, rich sound. A subwoofer with a 6.5-inch long-throw aluminum chassis that works downwards also contributes significantly to this. With the help of the aforementioned base, a defined distance for even radiation is achieved here.

The listed drivers are driven by an amplifier module with an astonishing 490 watts of power, relying on a specially developed new acoustic technology called Sonus Faber Crescendo.

Sonus Faber Crescendo

According to the manufacturer, this is an advanced signal processing system that is supposed to guarantee a particularly room-filling performance. Especially the two lateral full-range speakers play an essential role here. It creates a sharp wavefront that imitates a live performance through room reflections and is thus supposed to enable a natural sound experience.

Via various modes and an EQ, the Sonus Faber OMNIA can be optimally adapted to the respective room, relying on a web interface to make these settings in detail.

New operating concept – Sonus Faber Senso

Another outstanding feature of the new Sonus Faber OMNIA is, as we already mentioned in the introduction, a completely new operating concept, which Sonus Faber calls Sonus Faber Senso.

Sonus Faber Senso is a touch-sensitive surface, and in this specific case, this is ultimately an illuminated wooden panel on the top of the all-in-one. This touch-sensitive surface allows direct control of the system by simply of the system by simply wiping over it. The illuminated lines indicate the mode of the Sonus Faber Omnia, which streaming service is used, and which input is selected. The user can also adjust the volume.

Of course, an additional remote control is also included, and for the most part, users will rely on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets anyway.

Prices and availability

The new Sonus Faber OMNIA All-in-One high-end wireless speaker should be available in stores as early as these days. As described, you can choose between two variants, with a noble wood finish or Graphite. The recommended retail price is stated at € 1.799,-.

Getting to the point

A tribute to music is how Sonus Faber S.p.a. describes its new all-in-one Sonus Faber OMNIA system, which is said to combine all the characteristics one associates with the renowned Vicenza-based company: outstanding design, first-class sound and traditional craftsmanship. But in this case, it is also joined by state-of-the-art technological equipment for flexible use and intuitive operation. And one thing can be clearly stated in conclusion: Sonus Faber S.p.a. presents with the Sonus Faber OMNIA All-in-One High-end Wireless Speaker one of the most elegant all-in-one systems on the market. Livio Cucuzza and his team have once again done an excellent job.

Price€ 1.799,-
ManufacturerSonus Faber S.p.a.
Distribution AustriaAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution GermanyAudio Components Vertriebs GmbH
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