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Sonos Sub Mini – Subwoofer in compact form

It's a subwoofer designed in a cylindrical shape for smaller rooms that can still provide rich bass, is how Sonos Inc. describes the new Sonos Sub Mini, which it is now introducing as an addition to its home theater portfolio.

Sonos Inc. describes the new Sonos Sub Mini, with which the company is now expanding its home cinema portfolio, as compact and powerful. The approach here is to offer a solution that is comparatively easy to integrate into the living room and is thus supposed to provide support in the lowest frequency range for the playback of music, but in this case first and foremost for TV shows and movies. The new Sonos Sub Mini is thus especially designed as an extension for the soundbar systems from Sonos Inc.

Sonos Sub Mini – cylinder-shaped subwoofer

For the new Sonos Sub Mini, the designers chose a cylinder as the shape for the housing, which should guarantee that this solution can be placed flexibly in the living room due to its small footprint. The fact that they borrowed from the design of the Sonos Sub is a matter of course, after all, it is important to maintain the design language across the entire product line.

Compared to the Sonos Sub, the new Sonos Sub Mini is much more compact, but still delivers rich and clear sound, as the manufacturer promises.

Rich bass and balanced sound

At the heart of the new Sonos Sub Mini are two special woofer drivers that, according to the manufacturer, ensure dynamic reproduction of low frequencies and thus guarantee an even more intense experience with music, TV, movies and games.

These are so-called force-cancelling woofers, which are arranged facing inwards and are thus supposed to enable playback free of distortions and sound-damaging vibrations in the acoustically sealed casing.

Of course, digital signal processing is used here, so the heart of this signal processing is a DSP, which guarantees optimal control of the bass drivers.

Sonos Sub Mini 15Sonos Sub Mini 14
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Integrated into the Sonos system

The new Sonos Sub Mini, like every other component from Sonos Inc., is supposed to be able to be integrated into the Sonos system via its integrated WiFi module, with just a few clicks in the Sonos app, which is available for Apple iOS and Google Android.

Via Sonos Trueplay, an automatic adjustment to the individual room conditions as well as the placement of the subwoofer in the room takes place, because this Sonos Trueplay Tuning detects reflections of the walls and furniture around the subwoofer and automatically adjusts the playback via the already mentioned DSP.

The new Sonos Sub Mini can in principle be combined with a wide range of solutions from Sonos Inc., even if it is, as already indicated, especially designed for the combination with the manufacturer’s soundbar systems.

When the Sonos Sub Mini is paired with other speakers like the Sonos Beam (Gen. 2), Sonos Ray, Sonos One or Sonos One SL, it takes over the reproduction of the low frequencies so that, according to the manufacturer’s promise, the mids and highs of the audio system set up with it can also be reproduced in more detail and more clearly and thus the sound appears fuller and more powerful overall.

“We are in an era of streaming where quality is more important than quantity, with content creators and platforms investing in engaging experiences while prioritizing high-quality sound. The Sub Mini is the newest member of the Sonos family and a perfect addition to our home theater portfolio. Users:inside can look forward to high-quality sound that will make them feel like they’re in the middle of the action with all their favorite content.”

Maxime Bouvat-Merlin, Senior Vice President, Hardware & Operations at Sonos Inc.

Prices and availability

The new Sonos Sub Mini is scheduled to be available directly from Sonos Inc. on October 6, 2022, in matte black as well as white finishes. The price for the Sonos Mini Sub is listed by the manufacturer at € 499,-.

Getting to the point

Shortly after the introduction of the new soundbar systems Sonos Beam (Gen. 2) as well as Sonos Ray, Sonos Inc. dedicates itself again first and foremost to the field of home cinema in the broadest sense, because with the new Sonos Sub mini, the ideal extension especially of the company’s soundbar systems in smaller rooms should be available. Sonos Inc. promises rich bass for this subwoofer so that music, TV shows, movies and games can be presented in a particularly appealing way.

Price€ 499,-
ManufacturerSonos Inc.
DistributionSonos Inc.
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