Rega Kyte Loudspeaker System – World Class Sound Quality at an Attractive Price

Compact loudspeaker systems that are supposed to offer the typical sound of Rega Research Limited at a very attractive price are now available with the Rega Kyte Loudspeaker System, according to the promise of the English hi-fi specialist.

Rega Kyte Loudspeaker System is the name given by the English hi-fi company Rega Research Limited to its latest loudspeaker system, which presents itself as a compact bookshelf loudspeaker system at an attractive price. A number of technically unique features are said to distinguish this solution.

Rega Research Limited has been known for years as a supplier of loudspeaker systems, after all, they are needed to complete a hi-fi chain with components from the English company. Whether record player or CD player as source, the company also offers a variety of amplifiers. So that the philosophy pursued by Rega Research Limited can be conveyed coherently, the loudspeaker systems serve.

Rega Kyte Loudspeaker System – once again compact

One thing that has been common throughout the entire range so far is that the loudspeaker systems are always very compact, and this also applies to the latest system. But one thing is new: the Rega Kyte Loudspeaker System is now made of a completely new material.

The developers have opted for a plastic cabinet, specifically a thermoset phenolic resin, which is produced by injection moulding and has ideal acoustic properties in terms of damping and robustness. In addition, this material makes it possible to realise a particularly elegant design. Not only are the sides rounded, but the side panels taper towards the back and the back is curved overall. Sound-damaging reflections are thus suppressed at the outset.

In addition, the construction is additionally reinforced by a unique design. Ceramic plates are used on the left and right sides, as well as on the top and bottom, and a cross-shaped bracing between them ensures an absolutely robust cabinet.

Two-way bass reflex system

The new Rega Kyte Loudspeaker System is a two-way bass reflex system. The drivers are flush-mounted in the baffle without any visible screws, and a silver frame adds a very attractive accent to the otherwise dark anthracite cabinet. The tweeter even has a waveguide, which is inserted via a graceful silver frame with three struts running to the centre.

The Rega Kyte Loudspeaker System’s low-mid driver is a Rega MX-125 combined with a Rega ZRR tweeter. While the Rega MX-125 is said to be “Handmade”, the Rega ZRR Tweeter is “Designed by Rega”.

As already mentioned, the bass foundation is provided by a bass reflex system, the opening of which is led out to the rear.

The manufacturer specifies a nominal impedance of 6 ohms and a sensitivity of 89 dB for the Rega Kyte Loudspeaker System. Regarding the amplifier power, the company recommends 80 watts per channel.

It has to be emphasised that the Rega Kyte Loudspeaker System rests on a stand, which is naturally included in the scope of delivery, due to the cabinet tapering towards the rear. However, it is also possible to leave this out, so that the speakers stand at a slight angle and thus achieve optimal radiation into the room, for example on a lowboard.

Wall mounting is probably also made easier by this, although Rega Research Limited does not yet offer any corresponding optional accessories.

The Rega Kyte Loudspeaker System measures 325 x 188 x 232 mm and thus weighs 3.73 kg per speaker.

The new Rega Kyte Loudspeaker System should be available in specialist shops within the next few days. The recommended retail price is € 599,-.

Apropos… The Rega System One

Many will remember that Rega Research Limited announced the Rega System One last year. This is an all-in-one system built around a Rega Planar 1, including the stereo integrated amplifier Rega iO Integrated Amplifier, and crowned by the Rega Kyte Loudspeaker System, which was announced for the first time in this context.

Due to various production problems caused by the tense situation last year, this project was postponed. Only in the course of this year will it be possible to purchase all the components of the all-in-one system not only individually, but also as a complete package.

Getting to the point

With the new Rega Kyte Loudspeaker System, the English hi-fi manufacturer Rega Resaerch Limited presents an extremely compact, very elegant loudspeaker system designed as a two-way bass reflex system. For the first time, the English use a plastic cabinet, which is supposed to be extremely stable due to a clever construction. A rich reproduction with the typical sound signature of Rega Research Limited is thus guaranteed.

Manufacturer:Rega Research Limited
Distribution Austria:Audiovertrieb by HZ Electronics
Distribution Germany:TAD Audiovertrieb GmbH
Price:€ 599,-
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