quadral SIGNUM series – The new entry-level line from Hannover

quadral SIGNUM Series is the name of the new product series that quadral GmbH & Co. KG presents as an entry-level line. The loudspeaker specialist from Hanover relies on classic features, but deliberately addresses a very price-sensitive customer group.

It goes without saying that the new product line is designed for stereo as well as home cinema. KG is almost a matter of course.

quadral SIGNUM series – Four models

There are four models with which the quadral SIGNUM series will be launched. In addition to a bookshelf loudspeaker system and two floorstanding loudspeaker systems, the new product line naturally also features a centre speaker, because as described, the series is intended to be as flexible as possible for stereo and home cinema applications.

To put it in a nutshell, the quadral SIGNUM 20 presents itself as a so-called shelf speaker system, the smaller model of the two floorstanding speaker systems is the quadral SIGNUM 70, and the top model of the product series is the quadral SIGNUM 90 floorstanding speaker system. The new speaker series from Hanover is rounded off by the quadral SIGNUM 10 BASE as a centre speaker.

Newly developed quadral RiCom SIGMA tweeter

An outstanding feature of the new product line is the tweeter used here, the quadral RiCom SIGMA, which, according to the Hanover-based company, was developed especially for the quadral SIGNUM series.

Even though this is a designated entry-level line, technologies are to be used here that, according to the manufacturer, are generally only found in high-end loudspeaker systems.

quadral RiCom SIGMA as bending wave transducer

The quadral RiCom SIGMA is a so-called ring radiator without a fixed diaphragm or bending wave transducer. This is said to be characterised by very good transient reproduction, which ensures particularly accurate fine detail, detail resolution and good timing. According to the manufacturer, there are almost no partial oscillations and it delivers almost perfect transient response. An extremely low third-order distortion factor is another feature for particularly clean sound.

  • quadral SIGNUM Serie 05
  • quadral SIGNUM Serie 01
  • quadral SIGNUM Serie 04
  • quadral SIGNUM Serie 03
  • quadral SIGNUM Serie 02

Newly developed drivers for the mid- and low-frequency ranges

Even in the lower frequency ranges, the models of the new quadral SIGNUM series are to feature innovations that have been developed specifically for this product line, namely around the drivers for the mid- and low-frequency ranges.

quadral GmbH & Co. KG states that these are drivers with titanium-damped polypropylene cones that have a particularly strong drive for powerful, dynamic imaging. They even speak of enormous dynamics with neutral sound reproduction, which one would not expect in this class.

High-quality workmanship, elegant design

The manufacturer explicitly emphasises the high weight of the new quadral SIGNUM series, which is a clear indication of the immense effort that has gone into this, although this is by no means a matter of course in this class.

In terms of design, too, efforts were made to achieve a design that was as elegant as possible and thus appealing to many users, relying on a renowned but unspecified design office.

The declared aim of the quadral SIGNUM series was to create a solution that would blend elegantly into the living room, regardless of whether it was just a pair of speakers for stereo or an entire ensemble for multi-channel and thus home cinema.

Two versions to choose from

One cost factor that many hi-fi and music enthusiasts probably do not recognise as such is the number of design variants available for a loudspeaker system. The more choice a manufacturer offers here, the higher the costs.

After quadral GmbH & Co. KG deliberately wanted to achieve a very attractive price point with the new quadral SIGNUM series, it is therefore not surprising that the user has only the choice between black and white.

The new quadral SIGNUM series is already available from specialist dealers. The recommended retail price for the quadral SIGNUM 20 is stated at € 195, for the quadral SIGNUM 70 you have to budget € 395 and for the quadral SIGNUM 90 € 495. The quadral SIGNUM 10 BASE costs € 296. All figures are unit prices.

Getting to the point

A loudspeaker series that is clearly designed as an entry-level line and yet comes with features that are normally found in much higher price ranges, that’s how quadral GmbH & Co. KG essentially describes the new quadral SIGNUM series. In the proven manner, this series, even if it comprises “only” four models, is equally designed for stereo and home cinema.

Manufacturer:quadral GmbH & Co. KG
Distribution Austria:smart audio GmbH
Distribution Germany:quadral GmbH & Co. KG
Price:quadral SIGNUM 20 € 195,-
quadral SIGNUM 70 € 395,-
quadral SIGNUM 90 € 495,-
quadral SIGNUM 10 BASE € 295,-
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