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Pro-Ject MaiA S2 Chrome – A noble stereo integrated amplifier as limited edition

The Pro-Ject MaiA S2 is a stereo integrated amplifier in the most compact form, yet extremely flexible in use thanks to its versatile features and blessed with impeccable quality. From now on Pro-Ject Audio Systems offers this amplifier in a particularly elegant design, namely as Pro-Ject MaiA S2 Chrome in a limited edition.

Originally, the basic idea behind the so-called Pro-Ject Box Design Series was to provide proven specialists for a wide range of tasks at a particularly attractive price and with impeccable performance. Gradually, a product range developed that encompassed a wide variety of solutions, so that customers were able to choose the right “tools” for individual tasks or to put together a hi-fi chain tailored to their needs in the most compact form. Due to the great success of this concept, over the years Pro-Ject Audio Systems expanded the Pro-Ject Box Design series to various series, and also decided to adapt the basic strategy for at least some solutions and develop highly integrated systems, such as the so-called Pro-Ject MaiA of the Pro-Ject Box Design S series.

Pro-Ject MaiA, which stood for My audiophile Integrated Amplifier, expressed the concept behind this solution, namely to offer a highly integrated, perfectly performing stereo integrated amplifier, and thus to be able to address a completely new target group.

Now, of course, this concept has long since arrived in the latest generation within the Pro-Ject Box Design S2 Series, in the form of the Pro-Ject MaiA S2.

With the Pro-Ject MaiA S2, a small but extremely fine stereo integrated amplifier is to be made available, which definitely claims to be an audiophile solution. Uncompromising sound quality is to be combined with the ultimate connection variety. An outstanding amplifier concept, the so-called Flying Mole Module, guarantees a sound characteristic similar to that of a tube amplifier, with impressive detail and dynamics. In addition to analog inputs including an integrated phono preamplifier, digital connections are also available, including an asynchronous USB interface based on XMOS technology and Bluetooth with support for aptX. A headphone connection is also available, as is the option of adding an additional subwoofer. Pro-Ject Audio Systems now offers all this in a limited version with a further refined design and a particularly elegant chrome housing, the Pro-Ject MaiA S2 Chrome.

The Pro-Ject MaiA S2 Chrome is one of the solutions that Pro-Ject Audio Systems offers in such an elegant form and clearly underlines the high standards that can be achieved with these solutions. So far, Pro-Ject Audio Systems has presented the Pro-Ject Phono Box Ultra 500 and the remarkable Pro-Ject DAC & Streaming Set S2 Limited Chrome Special Pack consisting of Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra Chrome and Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital Chrome. There is also no need to do without a CD player, as the Pro-Ject CD BOX S2 Chrome is also available.

It is only logical that the Pro-Ject MaiA S2 is now also included in this elite squad, because an amplifier is essential for a HiFi system, even in its most compact form, and the Pro-Ject MaiA S2 Chrome represents a particularly flexible stereo integrated amplifier.

Designed in a double mono configuration and equipped with selected components, this amplifier delivers an output of no less than twice 25 watts to speaker systems with an impedance of 8 ohms, and twice 38 watts to speakers with an impedance of only 4 ohms.

For analog sources there are three inputs available, for vinyl lovers the Pro-Ject MaiA S2 Chrome offers an integrated phono preamplifier, which is equally suitable for MM and high output MC pickup systems. Digital sources can be connected primarily via two optical and one coaxial S/PDIF interface. Direct connection to a PC or Mac is via a USB port, which uses the latest XMOS technology and of course offers asynchronous data transfer for best results. There are also plans for “wireless” connection via Bluetooth, where the aptX codec for “CD quality” is available. Signal processing is done by a Cirrus Logic CS4344 24-bit 192 kHz multi-bit Delta Sigma DAC.

A variable line out in the form of a 3.5 mm stereo mini jack connector can be used to integrate a subwoofer or to set up a second power amplifier for a second zone.

An integrated headphone amplifier is also included, whereby a 6.3 mm jack connector is available directly on the front.

It should also be emphasized that the volume is controlled by a motorized potentiometer, so that even when using the included infrared remote control, you can see which level is currently set. The selection of the active input can of course also be done via the remote control, or via buttons directly on the device. LEDs indicate the active input.

The housing is of course made of aluminium, but the surface is chrome-plated here. The interior has also changed a bit compared to the previous version, because the manufacturer not only uses strictly selected components, as already mentioned, but also a once again improved, optimized layout of the board, so that electromagnetic interference is suppressed as much as possible and a perfect sound is guaranteed.

Power is supplied by an external 20 V 2 A DC power supply unit, which is included in the scope of delivery. The Pro-Ject MaiA S2 Chrome measures 206 x 38 x 165 mm, including connection sockets the depth is 176 mm. The Pro-Ject MaiA S2 Chrome weighs 925 g.

And last but not least, not only the electronics are elegantly packaged here, but also the entire device is delivered in a special form of presentation, namely in an elegant wooden box.

The new Pro-Ject MaiA S2 Chrome is available immediately. However, this solution alone is to be offered in an edition of 1,000 pieces, with each individual device being produced to order. Accordingly, the delivery time is about two months. The recommended retail price is stated by the manufacturer as € 899,-.

Getting to the point

High-end in the smallest form, this is what the new Pro-Ject MaiA S2 Chrome is supposed to offer, which is produced in a limited edition only on order. Strictly selected components, an optimized design and impeccable technical features characterize this solution as well as the flexibility through analog and digital interfaces and integrated Bluetooth. There is no more compact way to realize such a flexible system with impeccable performance, here packaged in a noble, chrome-plated housing.

Manufacturer:Pro-Ject Audio Systems
Distribution:Audio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Price:€ 899,-
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