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Pro-Ject Align it Pro – Precise pickup adjustment

Whether beginner or professional, with the new Pro-Ject Align it Pro Pro Pro-Ject Audio Systems wants to provide a high-precision system for cartridge adjustment, which is not only suitable for all drives from the house Pro-Ject Audio Systems as well as a variety of turntables and tonearms from other manufacturers.

With the Pro-Ject Align it Pro, Pro-Ject Audio Systems wants to offer the latest solution for a fast and at the same time optimal adjustment and thus for the correct mounting of a pickup system on the tonearm of a record player. The company refers to this as a high-precision tool that guarantees an almost super-fast workflow. Pro-Ject Align it Pro represents a solution that allows all adjustments with one tool, overhang, azimuth and tangency.

Pro-Ject Align it Pro – Efficient workflow

According to Pro-Ject Audio Systems, the latter point in particular clearly speaks in favor of the new Pro-Ject Align it Pro, because it thus represents the only tool needed by vinyl lovers who want to make optimal adjustments to their pickup system.

In addition, the adjustment of the pickup system with the Pro-Ject Align it Pro is extremely simple and fast to accomplish, it is therefore a very efficient solution.

The Pro-Ject Align it Pro can be adjusted to the exact length of the tonearm, markings for 8.6 inches, 9 inches, 10 inches and 12 inches also make this easier.

Foto © Pro-Ject Audio Systems | Pro-Ject Align it Pro
Foto © Pro-Ject Audio Systems | Pro-Ject Align it Pro

Pro-Ject Audio Systems explicitly points out that the Pro-Ject Align it Pro is suitable for a wide range of turntables and tonearms from a variety of manufacturers, but is of course also optimized specifically for the solutions of Pro-Ject Audio Systems itself.

For example, the mounting screw has two ends, it says, one pointed end that is ideal for any type of tonearm or bearing, and a second, flat end that fits snugly into the center screw of Pro-Ject Audio Systems’ high-quality tonearms and their bearings. The company cites Pro-Ject X1, Pro-Ject X2, Pro-Ject 9cc, Pro-Ject 10cc, Pro-Ject 12cc, and Pro-Ject 9cc Evolution, Pro-Ject 10cc Evolution, and Pro-Ject 12cc Evolution solutions as examples here.

Foto © Pro-Ject Audio Systems | Pro-Ject Align it Pro
Foto © Pro-Ject Audio Systems | Pro-Ject Align it Pro

The special feature of the Pro-Ject Align it Pro is that you can set the exact distance for the overhang in the blink of an eye, and with the highest accuracy, as the manufacturer notes. In addition, it is not necessary to switch back and forth between the inner and outer zero points to obtain an optimal setting for correct alignment of the pickup, it says.

Pro-Ject Align it Pro relies on Baerwald geometry

Pro-Ject Audio Systems relies on the so-called Baerwald geometry for the Pro-Ject Align it Pro, which according to the manufacturer is the most universal approach and thus the most optimal solution for beginners but also ambitious users.

This achieves an ideal balance between scanning the inner and outer groove, while maintaining excellent linearity in the middle area of the record, as Pro-Ject Audio Systems explains in detail. This is all the more true as the trend in record production is towards shorter playing times per side than in previous years.

Comes with detailed instructions

The reason why Pro-Ject Audio Systems recommends the Pro-Ject Align it Pro above all to beginners is that, in addition to the already very simple handling, the product comes with a very detailed manual including background information, so that you are ultimately guided step by step through the work process.

Prices and availability

According to the manufacturer, the new Pro-Ject Align it Pro should be available immediately from specialist retailers. The non-binding recommended retail price is stated at € 149,-.

Getting to the point

With the Pro-Ject Align it Pro, Pro-Ject Audio Systems presents a high-precision tool for the particularly simple and at the same time exact adjustment of pickup systems, which is aimed precisely for these reasons mentioned not only for demanding users, but in addition also for beginners in the matter.

Price€ 149,-
ManufacturerPro-Ject Audio Systems
Distribution AustriaAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution GermanyAudio Trade Hi-Fi Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH
Distribution SwitzerlandMarlex GmbH – Audiophile Produkte
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