Ortofon AS-212R Reference tonearm and Ortofon AS-309R Reference tonearm - Two new reference tonearms from Ortofon A/S

Exquisite design, ultimate precision and attention to detail are said to be combined in the latest Ortofon Reference tonearms, the new solutions from Danish specialist Ortofon AS, the Ortofon AS-212R Reference tonearm and the Ortofon AS-309R Reference tonearm, are thus said to offer outstanding performance.

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  • The Ortofon AS-212R Reference Tonearm and Ortofon AS-309R Reference Tonearm are said to be two exceptional solutions with 9 inch and 12 inch respectively.

With the two new tonearm systems Ortofon AS-212R and Ortofon AS-309R, Ortofon A/S once again follows exactly the philosophy that has been considered essential for the development of new solutions for decades, says the Danish specialist. Since 1953, the company has been designing tonearms that combine craftsmanship and technology, thus developing into a world-leading expert who can now present the culmination of decades of experience and expertise with the latest systems of the Ortofon Reference Tonearm Series.

The new Ortofon AS-212R and Ortofon AS-309R solutions also combine elegant design with the highest precision through attention to detail, making them products that offer outstanding performance.

Based on the Ortofon AS-212 as well as the Ortofon AS-309

The two new systems are based on what Ortofon A/S considers to be the great design of the Ortofon AS-212 as well as the Ortofon AS-309. Ortofon AS-212R and Ortofon AS-309R are state-of-the-art tonearms, solutions that are on the one hand very elegant and on the other hand designed to meet the highest demands.

9 inch or 12 inch tonearm with highest precision

While the Ortofon AS-212R is a 9 inch tonearm, the new Ortofon AS-309R is 12 inch. Both are said to be distinguished by the fact that the highest precision has been emphasised in order to guarantee the most exact scanning of records.

According to Ortofon A/S, this is based on improved, particularly high-quality bearings, which are carefully processed to ensure a smooth and precise movement of the tonearm as it follows the grooves of the record. This precise movement ensures that the stylus always remains aligned with the grooves, minimising distortion and providing excellent audio quality.

By the way, it should also be mentioned that the high-quality workmanship can of course already be seen and also felt when you operate the tone arm. The matt alloy surface provides a pleasant feel and enhances the premium experience, Ortofon A/S promises.

Easy installation, flexible use

Ortofon A/S explicitly emphasises that the new tonearm systems are solutions that are particularly easy to handle, from installation and set-up to everyday use.

Both the Ortofon AS-212R and Ortofon AS-309R tonearms are adjustable in height to facilitate the use of different cartridge systems and are statically balanced, which simplifies the adjustment of the tracking force as well as the anti-skating function. It should also be mentioned that the tonearms are designed according to Baerwald geometry, which results in minimal tracking error, according to Ortofon A/S.

At the end of the S-shaped tonearm tube, there is a universal connection for headshells, which is made of brass. This guarantees maximum flexibility and allows the use of a wide variety of pick-up systems. The manufacturer states that thanks to two counterweights, the use of tonearms from the Ortofon Concorde Series to the Ortofon SPU Series is possible. Generally speaking, cartridge systems weighing 18 to 26 g can be used with the Standard Weight, and those weighing 26 to 38 g with the Heavy Weight.

A 5-pin DIN tonearm socket allows the use of a wide variety of cables and also contributes to the user’s individual choice of preferred components.

Internally, the tonearms are equipped with Ortofon 6NX-TSW-1010 tonearm cables, and this should also be mentioned in conclusion.

“I am delighted to add another tonearm to our range, especially as it is inspired by our classic tonearms, namely the Reference. Our exceptional cartridges demand an equally outstanding tonearm, and the Reference delivers just that. And I have to admit that I’m experiencing a whole new level with the new tonearms compared to our previous range.”

Leif Johannsen, Chief Officer of Acoustics and Research at Ortofon A/S

Prices and availability

The Ortofon Reference Tonearm Series models, the Ortofon AS-212R Reference Tonearm and the Ortofon AS-309R Reference Tonearm, are expected to be available from retailers in the near future. The manufacturer states a recommended retail price of € 2.999,- for the Ortofon AS-212R Reference Tonearm and € 3.099,- for the Ortofon AS-309R Reference Tonearm.

Getting to the point

With the two new tonearm systems Ortofon AS-212R Reference Tonearm and Ortofon AS-309R Reference Tonearm, the Danish specialist Ortofon A/S wants to offer a 9 inch and a 12 inch tonearm of the highest quality, respectively, so that they address particularly demanding vinyl enthusiasts who attach importance to a particularly flexible use.

PriceOrtofon AS-212R Reference Tonearm € 2.999,-
Ortofon AS-309R Reference Tonearm € 3.099,-
ManufacturerOrtofon A/S
Distribution AustriaAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution GermanyOrtofon A/S
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