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Nubert nuGo! One Review - The delicate-sounding, compact all-rounder

For the first time, Nubert electronic GmbH presents the new Nubert nuGo! One portable Bluetooth speaker and is thus entering a very competitive market. So it certainly takes some special features to prove oneself here with the Nubert nuGo! One to prove itself. One thing can be said: the new little one from Nubert electronic GmbH is doing extremely well.

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  • HiFi Sound mobile, that's how Nubert electronic GmbH describes the new Nubert nuGo! One. We have subjected it to a detailed test.

With the new Nubert nuGo! One, the company Nubert electronic GmbH has taken on a lot. For the first time, according to the company from Schwäbisch Gmünd, Nubert sound is to become mobile, so that it is always and everywhere available, not only wherever you want to use it in the house, but also outdoors, on the terrace, in the garden, on excursions and even when travelling. Yes, the new Nubert nuGo! One is a Bluetooth speaker, but Nubert electronic GmbH refuses to refer to it as such. Instead, they speak of a solution that makes hi-fi sound mobile, and with a wink they even call it the smallest hi-fi system from Nubert electronic GmbH.

Nubert nuGo! One – High expectations, high demands

You can tell that Nubert electronic GmbH has set very high standards for the developers of the new Nubert nuGo! One, and it must be clearly stated that this was also necessary. The Bluetooth speaker market segment is an extremely flourishing one, which is accordingly well positioned. Countless manufacturers have been dedicating themselves to this area for years and can often present very fine solutions, whereby one can even speak here between products with different focuses.

Some focus on maximum mobility in their Bluetooth speaker solutions and want to offer products that are as compact as possible and have a long battery life, so that they can be taken anywhere and at any time. Others, on the other hand, concentrate entirely on the most powerful performance possible, thus appealing more to a youthful target group. And still others see their solutions primarily designed for flexible use in the home, thus aiming for the most appealing sound quality and flexible use.

Nubert electronic GmbH’s intention with the new Nubert nuGo! One to cover as many of these areas as possible, to create a product that can appeal to as many target groups as possible. A universal solution, but one that does not demand any compromises that really matter.

And one thing is clear, and the company communicates this openly: they want to fulfil the wishes of their own customers with the new Nubert nuGo! One, because they have been demanding a portable solution from the Nubert brand for years. And for years they have been saying that if you bring such a solution to the market, it has to be something special, completely in line with the philosophy lived by Nubert electronic GmbH. The expectations that the new Nubert nuGo! One must therefore meet are quite high.

Stereo system for good sound on the move

As we have already mentioned, Nubert electronic GmbH does not like to talk about the new Nubert nuGo! One is not so much a pure Bluetooth speaker, but rather a stereo system in compact form for good sound on the go.

To underline this, they explicitly emphasise that the Nubert nuGo! One is of course equipped with Bluetooth to connect to various sources, especially smartphones and tablets. In addition, the Nubert nuGo! One also has an AUX input and an integrated radio that supports not only FM, but also FM HD and DAB+. In this context, you also have a radio alarm clock at hand and the Nubert nuGo! One can also be used as a radio tuner on an existing audio system.

Elegant in appearance, robust for everyday use

A tricky question for developers, especially in the field of portable solutions, is probably the design of the housing, because this is where one decides to a large extent for which purpose a product is designed.

In this context, it is interesting that Nubert electronic GmbH opted for a rather chic appearance for the new Nubert nuGo! One, the solution is not ultra-compact, but rather a little more spacious. They are clearly taking the happy medium here, relying on a design concept and a form factor that ensures that the Nubert nuGo! One fits elegantly into any living environment, but can also be easily taken anywhere at any time.

For example, the Nubert nuGo! One measures 25 cm in width, 14.1 cm in height, and 7.6 cm and 9 cm in depth, including the antenna on the back. This portable solution weighs 1.6 kg.

Almost the entire housing, which is made of robust plastic, has a very attractive and probably also robust textile covering, which has a grey mottled finish. The corners are generously rounded and the top of the unit is finished in high-gloss black, with a rotary encoder made of aluminium providing an attractive contrast. This is also where you’ll find the only button on the Nubert nuGo! One as well as a centrally located, generously dimensioned, graphics-capable 2.9-inch IPS colour display.

Resistant to rain and splashing water – Certified to IPX5

If you think that because of its elegant appearance you have to treat the Nubert nuGo! One must be treated with special care is mistaken. This portable solution from Nubert electronic GmbH is resistant to rain and splashing water and is IPX5 certified. This means that outdoor use is possible at any time without any problems, but the Nubert nuGo! One is not waterproof, so actually submerging it would not be a good idea.

Bluetooth, FM, FM HD, DAB+ and analogue input

When it comes to source selection, Bluetooth is of course the most flexible, no question. Here, the Nubert nuGo! One uses Bluetooth 5.0 and supports the lossy codecs SBC and AAC as well as aptX and even aptX HD. This enables signal transmission up to 24 bit and 48 kHz.

With the help of a smartphone or tablet, not only your own content is available, but also the complete spectrum of different streaming services; all that is needed is the corresponding app.

This also includes Internet radio, although the Nubert nuGo! One also allows reception of terrestrial radio via FM, FM HD and DAB+, so that you are well equipped for all eventualities, even when travelling. Of course, station memories are available for radio, so that you can call up your personal favourite radio stations immediately. There are five for FM and three for DAB+.

Optimum reception is ensured not only by a high-quality tuner from the automotive sector with dynamic noise reduction, but also by a telescopic antenna on the back, which is hardly noticeable when not in use, but can be extended to more than 60 cm during operation. Even in areas with poor coverage, you can listen to the radio without any problems.

On the back, however, there is not only the aforementioned antenna, but also a 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack, which functions on the one hand as an analogue input, and on the other hand, and this should not go unmentioned, as a digital output, namely as an optical S/PDIF interface. This means – as we briefly mentioned earlier – that the Nubert nuGo! One can be connected to an audio system as a flexible tuner.

Stereo in its most compact form

In principle, it is always tricky when manufacturers talk about stereo, especially with compact portable speaker systems, because stereo reproduction requires a certain minimum distance between the speaker drivers.

Nubert electronic GmbH also refers to the new Nubert nuGo! One, although they are well aware of this problem and do their utmost to ensure that stereo actually works as well as possible.

The new Nubert nuGo! One uses two 6.6 cm diameter full-range drivers with Nomex diaphragms and powerful neodymium magnets. In order to guarantee a deep reproduction, two additional passive radiators are available.

The two full-range drivers are driven by Class D amplifier modules that deliver a nominal output of two times 20 watts and a pulse output of two times 36 watts. Signal processing is done by DSP.

All this should ensure that the Nubert nuGo! One is able to deliver a performance that literally backs up the promise that this is the smallest stereo system from Nubert electronic GmbH. Indeed, the reproduction of the new Nubert nuGo! One ranges from 22 kHz down to 55 Hz, as the data sheet reveals.

Simplest operation

Even though the Nubert nuGo! One is first and foremost a Bluetooth speaker, Nubert electronic GmbH has dispensed with something that has been standard for years, namely a suitable app. Nevertheless, they want to guarantee a particularly simple operation.

Ultimately, the Nubert nuGo! One only has two control elements, a button and a rotary encoder, which flank the 2.9-inch IPS colour display centrally located on the top.

The rotary encoder can not only be turned, it also has a push-button function, and the push-button is not only a standby button, but also serves for simple operation.

The rotary encoder is, of course, initially responsible for volume control; if you press it briefly, the station search function is called up, for example, followed by the radio station list, through which you can then scroll again. You can always return to the menu structure by briefly pressing the button.

If you press the rotary encoder a little longer, you get to the main menu, where you can choose between FM and DAB+ radio, Bluetooth and the analogue input, but also activate the alarm function of the Nubert nuGo! One. In addition, a few basic settings can be made, such as the menu language, but also the display. A long press on the button switches the Nubert nuGo! One on or off, that should also be mentioned.

All of this sounds more complicated than it actually is, because you won’t find such a simple concept with so few controls anywhere else. Even using an app would be more complex, which is why it is good that Nubert electronic GmbH has dispensed with it completely.

It should also be mentioned that the display is always easy to read in practice; even outdoors in sunlight, it can be operated without any problems.

Very long battery life

From the point of view of Nubert electronic GmbH, an extremely important point for portable solutions such as the Nubert nuGo! One is the longest possible battery life. For this reason, a conscious decision was made during development to give the Nubert nuGo! One with a particularly powerful rechargeable battery, which, as the manufacturer admits in no uncertain terms, represents a not insignificant cost factor in the calculation. It would be obvious that some manufacturers would find potential savings here, but for Nubert electronic GmbH this was not an option, as they explicitly emphasise.

The Nubert nuGo! One uses a high-performance rechargeable battery, which is supposed to provide a playing time of 24 hours.

Of course, this depends on the level at which the Nubert nuGo! One, but in our test it was possible to reach this value without any problems, whereby we used the portable audio system via Bluetooth as well as radio via DAB+ at normal level.

Charging is done via a USB-C interface, which, like the aforementioned 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack, is located on the back of the Nubert nuGo! One behind a silicone cap. Fully charged, the Nubert nuGo! One is fully charged after around three hours with the included power supply and USB-C cable, as our test showed.

From the practice

First of all, it should be mentioned that we really like the Nubert nuGo! One really pleases us very much. This solution conveys an extremely high-quality impression, not only in terms of design, but also in terms of the workmanship and thus the feel. You have the feeling that you are holding a really fine solution in your hands and the Nubert nuGo! One looks very smart when it is placed on a bedside table, in the bathroom or on the terrace.

The fact that Nubert electronic GmbH has decided to integrate not only Bluetooth but also a radio tuner into the first portable device of this kind, coupled with its elegant appearance, also speaks in our opinion for the fact that the Nubert nuGo! One in the living room as a radio tuner on the existing hi-fi system, with the advantage that it can also be used elsewhere in and around the house if required.

Another point that struck us as extremely positive with the Nubert nuGo! One is the ease of use. At first, one inevitably asks oneself why there is no suitable app here, which is somehow almost obligatory, but then one quickly realises that it is not needed at all, quite the opposite. The operating concept that has been realised here is ultimately clearly superior to any app.

And then, of course, we have to talk about the sound, which is a very controversial topic, especially with solutions of this kind, and here specifically with regard to the fact that the manufacturer has created the typical Nubert sound for the Nubert nuGo! One, the manufacturer promises the typical Nubert sound.

To put it in a nutshell, the Nubert nuGo! One is probably one of the best in its class, also in terms of sound. It is pleasing to note that the Nubert nuGo! One does not exaggerate the bass and midrange, which is often the case with portable Bluetooth speakers. One delivers a very round, warm and detailed sound that is very, very appealing. And the question of whether everything is always accurately reproduced in the stereo panorama does not really arise – if I may say so – in practice with such a solution. What is more important is that a homogeneous performance is achieved, and the Nubert nuGo! One achieves this with flying colours.

Prices and availability

The Nubert nuGo! One is now available from Nubert electronic Gmbh at a recommended retail price of € 285,-. Measured against the qualities that the Nubert nuGo! One, this is a very attractive offer, one can even speak of an excellent price-performance ratio.

Getting to the point

Nubert electronic GmbH took a long time to enter the hotly contested Bluetooth speaker market, but now they have fulfilled the wishes of their own customers with the market launch of the Nubert nuGo! One. The fact that with the new Nubert nuGo! One is not just another Bluetooth speaker on the market, but it is probably the most important factor that will make it a great success in our opinion. Bluetooth, an analogue input for emergency use, but above all radio are available here and make the Nubert nuGo! One a true multi-talent. And not only in your own four walls, but also in the garden, on the terrace and even when travelling. The fact that Nubert electronic GmbH has developed the new Nubert nuGo! One is the smallest hi-fi system in the company’s range, but this is underlined not only by its flexibility and elegant appearance, but above all by its extremely fine sound, which is on a level that you would not expect from a “small” system. The well thought-out, simple operating concept and the amazingly long battery life are further factors that lead to a clear recommendation for the Nubert nuGo! One.

Price€ 285,-
ManufacturerNubert electronic GmbH
DistributionNubert electronic GmbH
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HiFiBLOG Award Excellent

The new Nubert nuGo! One proves to be an extremely versatile solution in the test, so that even though it is of course in principle a Bluetooth speaker, one should not immediately speak of another Bluetooth speaker. Rather, not least due to its elegant appearance, functionality and especially the fine sound, one may speak of a compact multi-talent here, which actually makes the Nubert sound mobile for the first time.


  • very elegant design
  • well processed
  • very flexible to use
  • simple operating concept
  • very appealing sound
  • long battery life


  • No headphone jack

Test Environment

  • Apple iPhone 12
  • Spotify



HiFi Sound mobile, that's how Nubert electronic GmbH describes the new Nubert nuGo! One. We have subjected it to a detailed test.

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