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Nordost QBASE Reference – Power distribution of the highest quality

The cable and accessories specialist Spezialsten Nordost is convinced that the new Nordost QBASE Reference is the right solution for anyone looking for the ultimate solution in the field of power distribution.

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  • Nordost describes the new Nordost QBASE Reference power distribution unit as a top-of-the-line AC distribution unit.

The new Nordost QBASE Reference was presented for the first time at the High End 2023 in Munich, and now this power distributor is available in the trade, according to the cable and accessories specialist Nordost. The company wants to offer nothing less than the ultimate, and even calls itself a top-of-the-line AC distribution solution, addressing all those users who want to rely on nothing less than the best when it comes to power supply.

With the new Nordost QBASE Reference, it is possible to listen to music as it was originally conceived, absolutely free of disturbing influences, Nordost promises.

A real alternative to existing solutions

From Nordost’s point of view, many solutions on the market are ultimately not convincing, because while current systems in the field of power supply, such as so-called power conditioners, can effectively suppress any noise, they cause other problems. For example, the company cites a limited bandwidth, compressed dynamics and ultimately a serious deterioration in sound quality. The company does not want to make such compromises, so it opted for alternatives.

Nordost QRT Audio Enhancer as a basis

Therefore, the Nordost QRT Audio Enhancer, an existing product line in the Nordost range, was used as a basis. These solutions are said to be characterised by the fact that they effectively eliminate noise, while at the same time ensuring that this is not accompanied by any disadvantages, as the current path remains unobstructed for the connected components.

Nordost QBASE Reference with Star Earth Topology

The new power distributor from Nordost incorporates a number of concepts and technologies that the company has developed over the years in order to meet its self-imposed goal of a perfect power supply.

The new Nordost QBASE Reference is a passive distributor that is based on the so-called Star Earth Topology in order to prevent any negative influences between the connected components.

A solid construction based on an extruded aluminium housing is used, so that the best conditions for optimum results have been created, especially as the Nordost QBASE Reference rests on feet that are intended to prevent resonances at the outset.

By means of a special PCB construction and design, the so-called QPOINT Technology, a Dual Primary Earth Design and Pre-QKORE Ground Design as well as several Nordost QSINE and Nordost QWAVE Devices, which are directly integrated here, the new Nordost QBASE Reference forms the ideal solution for the optimal power supply in high-end HiFi systems or also exclusive Home Cinema solutions.

Ten Schuko plugs

Just so as not to forget, it should be mentioned that the Nordost QBASE Reference has an input in the form of an IEC C-20 (20/16 Amp) and ten Schuko plugs for the connection of various components, whereby these are obviously arranged so far apart that even more powerful cables with corresponding plugs can be connected without any problems.

Prices and availability

The new Nordost QBASE Reference should be available in specialist shops within the next few days, as Nordost states. The recommended retail price is USD 17.999,99.

Getting to the point

You should be able to spare some small change if you are enthusiastic about the latest solution of the US specialist Nordost in the field of power supply, but with it you will get a solution that the company sees as an uncompromising alternative to common power conditioners on the market. These are supposed to effectively eliminate noise, but limit the bandwidth and compress the dynamics. Such disadvantages do not have to be accepted with the new Nordost QBASE Reference, as Nordost promises, because the power distributor is based on various concepts and technologies developed by the specialist.

PriceUSD 19.999,99
Distribution AustriaAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution GermanyAudio Reference GmbH
Distribution SwitzerlandProfessional Product Line P.P.L.
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