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Monitor Audio Anthra Series - Subwoofer Line with Power and Control

The Monitor Audio Anthra W10, Monitor Audio Anthra W12 and Monitor Audio Anthra W15 represent the new Monitor Audio Anthra Series. For this new line of subwoofers, Monitor Audio Ltd. promises above all the combination of two virtues: power and control.

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  • A new line of subwoofers with power and control is ready with the Monitor Audio Anthra Series, says Monitor Audio Ltd.

Monitor Audio Anthra W10, Monitor Audio Anthra W12 and Monitor Audio Anthra W15, this is how the new subwoofer product line from Monitor Audio Ltd. presents itself, the Monitor Audio Anthra Series. This is not only another series of subwoofers – there are already many of them on the market, as the manufacturer himself points out – but also products that are different from similar solutions and thus once again represent a speciality from England.

The new Monitor Audio Anthra Series subwoofers have been designed with one thing in mind: the perfect combination of power and control, making them products that deliver both power and precision for hi-fi and home cinema.

Precision and power – Monitor Audio Anthra Series

All too often you find subwoofers on the market whose manufacturers promise sheer power alone, talk of the ultimate bass. Monitor Audio Ltd., in developing the new Monitor Audio Anthra W10, Monitor Audio Anthra W12 and Monitor Audio Anthra W15 models, set out to develop solutions that would of course have the necessary power, but always with the aim of guaranteeing absolute control, so the focus was on creating subwoofers with the utmost precision.

We talk about systems that focus on the classic virtue of accuracy, with a few essential features in the centre of attention.

Closed construction

Compared to many other solutions on the market, the new Monitor Audio Anthra Series deliberately relies on closed systems, thus clearly foregoing a very effective means of achieving powerful punch, namely a bass reflex system.

The problem with bass reflex systems, according to Monitor Audio Ltd, is that they are often accompanied by flow noise that is very difficult to control.

Instead, the company relies on a closed construction in which the engineers have everything under control. The cabinets are elaborately braced on the inside to guarantee maximum stability and ultimately a reproduction free of sound-damaging resonances and vibrations. According to the manufacturer, the outer MDF walls alone are up to 36 mm thick, while the bracing is also made of MDF with a wall thickness of 19 mm.

Chassis with Monitor Audio RST II membrane technology

A maximum of stiffness is also the measure of all things for the drivers used, so that the developers of the new Monitor Audio Anthra Series rely on bass drivers with Monitor Audio C-CAM membranes and Monitor Audio RST II. A high stiffness is the essential criterion for drivers, as it guarantees a controlled action of the diaphragm and a reproduction free of distortion, even at the highest volume levels.

This is the first time that subwoofers have relied on Monitor Audio’s RST II technology, which stands for Rigid Surface Technology II.

Powerful Class D amplifiers

As already described, Monitor Audio Ltd. promises the combination of power and precision with the new Monitor Audio Anthra Series. Accordingly, particularly powerful, efficiently working power amplifiers in Class D are used here, which, according to the manufacturer, can manage exactly this combination of control and power and thus guarantee an extremely precise performance with depth and dynamics.

Extremely flexible to use, quickly installed and easy to handle

In order to be able to use the solutions of the new Monitor Audio Anthra in a particularly flexible way, the subwoofers are equipped with all relevant connections. You will find RCA as LFE as well as the possibility to control the subwoofers via XLR. Up to four subwoofers can be connected, so that even larger installations can be realised without problems.

Of course, all relevant control options for optimal adjustment of all important parameters are available directly at the subwoofers, with a colour display facilitating the setting.

As if that were not enough, Monitor Audio Ltd. also provides an app for the new Monitor Audio Anthra, namely the MaestroUnite app. By means of this app, the user should be able to make the optimal configuration without any problems. Of course, this app is also ideal if you combine several subwoofers, as already mentioned.

Monitor Audio Anthra W10, Monitor Audio Anthra W12 and Monitor Audio Anthra W15

As we have already mentioned, the new Monitor Audio Anthra Series comprises three models: the Monitor Audio Anthra W10, Monitor Audio Anthra W12 and Monitor Audio Anthra W15.

As you might have guessed, the product names already reveal the diameter of the bass drivers, so there are models with 10, 12 and 15 inch drivers.

The Monitor Audio Anthra W15 is the largest subwoofer in the new series and features a 15-inch RST II C-CAM woofer driven by a powerful Class D power amplifier with 1,400 watts. The Monitor Anthra W12 features a 12-inch driver driven by a 900-watt Class D power amplifier, while the smallest subwoofer in the series, the Monitor Audio Anthra W10, fires a 10-inch driver with 425 watts from its Class D power amplifier.

Prices and availability

The new Monitor Audio Anthra Series models are offered in a choice of black or white, with black being a high-gloss finish and white being a semi-gloss finish.

The Monitor Audio Anthra W10 costs € 2.149,-, the Monitor Audio Anthra W12 € 2.449,- and the Monitor Audio Anthra W15 € 3.199,-.

Getting to the point

Deep, controlled bass is what the English loudspeaker specialist Monitor Audio Ltd. promises for the models of the new Monitor Audio Anthra Series. The models Monitor Audio Anthra W10, Monitor Audio Anthra W12 and Monitor Audio Anthra W15 focus on simplicity in installation and configuration, offer everything to be used flexibly for hi-fi as well as home cinema, and are supposed to distinguish themselves above all by being solutions that are powerful and precise in equal measure. Monitor Audio Ltd. refers to these as subwoofers that are designed to deliver deep, controlled bass at all times.

PriceMonitor Audio Anthra W10 € 2.149,-
Monitor Audio Anthra W12 € 2.449,-
Monitor Audio Anthra W15 € 3.199,-
ManufacturerMonitor Audio Ltd.
Distribution AustriaR.M.S. State of the Art Audiovisual Products
Distribution GermanyPannes Vertriebs KG
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