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mo° sound Ball Speaker Bluetooth

For years, the Viennese company mo-sound KG has stood for special loudspeaker systems, especially those in the shape of a sphere, made of porcelain, the mo° sound spherical loudspeakers. These are now available in the new version mo° sound spherical speaker Bluetooth as a Bluetooth speaker.

mo° sound spherical loudspeakers are a product line that stands out because of two features. On the one hand, as the name suggests, they are small spherical speakers, and on the other hand, they are made of a very special material, namely porcelain.

Now this product line is being expanded to include a Bluetooth speaker, namely the mo° sound Bluetooth ball speaker.

Roland Jaklitsch’s small, dedicated developer mo-sound KG has gone one step further than before, because now, in the simplest case, you don’t need more than the aforementioned mo° sound Bluetooth ball speakers to create a small, fine audio system.

mo° sound Bluetooth Ball Speakers – Unique Bluetooth Speakers
And one thing is certain, a Bluetooth speaker system of this kind has not yet been found on the market, even if one might think that this segment in particular, with its immense selection, already offers everything imaginable.

Outstanding concept

mo° sound spherical speakers are handmade in Vienna, with the base, as described, being a sphere made of porcelain. This has quite compact dimensions of only 17.5 cm in diameter, whereby each sphere naturally also has a matching stand, which is also made of porcelain. With this stand, in which the sphere can be freely rotated, the system also measures only 19 cm in height. Nevertheless, each sphere weighs around 2 kg.

Roland Jaklitsch chose porcelain because of its very special properties. It is a material that, according to the developer, ensures a very natural, clear sound, and which makes the special spherical shape possible in high quality in the first place.

  • mo° sound Kugellautsprecher Bluetooth 01
  • mo° sound Kugellautsprecher Bluetooth 02

The manufacturing process is quite complex, however, because it involves triple-fired hard porcelain, which is then hand-glazed to achieve its particularly noble appearance.

Due to the very compact dimensions and the spherical shape, the mo° sound spherical loudspeakers can be easily integrated into any living environment, including of course the new mo° sound spherical loudspeaker Bluetooth, without even requiring external electronics.

Full-range drivers and Class D amplifier

The multitude of mo° sound spherical loudspeakers and thus also the new mo° sound spherical loudspeaker Bluetooth rely on a 3-inch full-range driver with a membrane made of aluminium-magnesium alloy. The mo° sound Bluetooth spherical loudspeaker is said to deliver a rich, round sound with a powerful bass foundation, superior mid-range and clear highs. The frequency response is specified as 50 Hz to 20 kHz.

These drivers are powered by a Class D amplifier module, which has a comparatively low output of 8 watts, but is still supposed to provide a maximum sound pressure of 90.5 dB.

Bluetooth 4.2 for signal transmission

The new mo° sound spherical loudspeaker uses Bluetooth 4.2 to connect source devices, primarily smartphones and tablets, of course. However, as Roland Jaklitsch himself likes to do, this can also be used to directly connect corresponding record players.

The new mo° sound Bluetooth ball speaker is powered by an external 12 V 1 A DC power supply unit, which is of course included in the scope of delivery.

The mo° sound Bluetooth ball speaker is to be available immediately at a price of € 435.00. For the time being, however, in contrast to the conventional mo° sound ball speaker systems, you will not have the choice of different colours, as it is currently only available in white.

Getting to the point

We have always been fascinated by the spherical loudspeakers of the Viennese developer mo-sound KG. A creative design concept meets an exclusive material and a solid technical equipment in the mo° sound spherical speaker systems. With the new mo° sound Bluetooth spherical speaker, a compact Bluetooth speaker system is now offered for the first time.

Manufacturer:mo-sound KG
Distribution:mo-sound KG
Price:€ 435,-
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