M&K Sound X+ Series – THX Certified Reference Subwoofer

The Danish company M&K Sound can now present a particularly exciting new product line, namely the new M&K Sound X+ Series. The main feature of this series is that it offers THX Certified Reference subwoofers, from the THX Certified Select M&K Sound X10+ to the THX Dominus Certified M&K Sound X15+.

The new M&K Sound X+ Series presents itself with the solutions M&K Sound X10+, M&K Sound X12+ as well as M&K Sound X15+, and all of them are characterised by the fact that they are THX Certified Reference Subwoofers.

The Danish company Miller&Kreisel is convinced that this THX certification guarantees a reproduction of the subwoofers of the M&K Sound brand on an absolute reference level.

“We invented the subwoofer, now we’ve reinvented it”.

M&K Sound claims to have founded the subwoofer category, specifically the satellite and subwoofer speaker configuration that is widely used in both stereo and home cinema, and which, Miller&Kreisel say, enables full-bandwidth, full-intensity reproduction.

Now, the company promises to take the potential of subwoofers to a whole new level with the new M&K Sound X+ Series.

M&K Sound X10+, M&K Sound X12+ and M&K Sound X15+

As already described, there are three new models that are now presented, which are equipped with M&K Sound Signature Push-pull configuration and thus build on the performance of the previous M&K Sound X-Series. According to the manufacturer, the new models have deeper, faster and louder bass than ever before.

Foto © M&K Sound | M&K Sound X+ Series
Foto © M&K Sound | M&K Sound X+ Series

“We carefully considered how to develop the successors to our market-leading X Series push-pull subwoofers. However, with the increasing demand for large home theatres, it was clear that we needed to once again redefine what outstanding bass performance means for both home and professional applications.”

Per Becher, Chief Executive Officer of M&K Sound

THX Certified Reference Subwoofer

Each model has been awarded the coveted THX status, he said, with the M&K Sound X15+ being the first push-pull 15-inch subwoofer to achieve THX Dominus Class certification, whether used as a single subwoofer or as a pair.

The double 10-inch driver-equipped M&K Sound X10+ with THX Select certification, the dual 12-inch driver-equipped M&K Sound X12+ with THX Ultra certification and the dual 15-inch driver-equipped M&K Sound X15+ with THX Dominus certification are designed to ensure that movie and music lovers can achieve professional cinema audio reference levels in their home listening rooms or living rooms. The THX Gold seal confirms that users can enjoy movie soundtracks as the director intended, he said.

“We are pleased to announce THX certification in three THX performance categories for audio innovator M&K Sound. M&K’s sound engineers are among the best in the world, and to meet the rigorous THX standards for audio certification, they must pass hundreds of tests. M&K can be proud of this achievement, and audio enthusiasts around the world will be delighted by the exceptionally pure and powerful performance of these outstanding subwoofers.”

Steven Martz, Vice President of Global Technology at THX Ltd.

Newly developed drivers

Compared to the models of the M&K Sound X-Series, the models of the new M&K Sound X+ Series feature a multitude of improvements, the manufacturer speaks of improvements in all relevant features.

New carbon fibre woofer cones have been developed for all models, with extremely high strength and rigidity to realise the additional power and excursion of the new M&K Sound X+ Series. M&K Sound’s proprietary CNC-machined, extruded aluminium Distortion Killer Shorting Rings also ensure absolute control and exemplary distortion-free performance in all configurations.

The M&K Sound X10+ and M&K Sound X12+ feature 30 per cent larger voice coils and magnets than their predecessors, and optimised linear excursion ensures that the available additional power can be handled without sacrificing sensitivity or distortion.

The aforementioned increase in power primarily affects the two models with 10 and 12 inch drivers, the 15 inch model is completely new in the range and a Danish powerhouse in the most positive sense of the word right from the start.

Foto © M&K Sound | M&K Sound X+ Series
Foto © M&K Sound | M&K Sound X+ Series

Impressive power

All models use brand new ICE Class D power amplifiers designed and built in Denmark, delivering 500 watts RMS and 1,000 watts peak power for the M&K Sound X10+, 600 watts RMS and 1,200 watts peak for the M&K Sound X12+, and 700 watts RMS and an impressive 1,400 watts peak for the M&K Sound X15+.

Enormous bass

Among the massive performance improvements over the original M&K Sound X-Series is the ability to achieve new lows with “palpable but not audible” bass frequencies up to 16 Hz on the M&K Sound X15+, 18 Hz on the M&K Sound X12+, and 20 Hz on the M&K Sound X10+.

A few words on the M&K Sound Signature Push-pull configuration, which ensures that the X+ Series models, like the M&K Sound X-Series before them, form two subwoofers in one enclosure, enabling a reduction in distortion, according to the manufacturer. This is made possible by the fact that one driver is inverted in relation to the other, cancelling out non-linearities and creating fully symmetrical waveforms.

The M&K Sound X15+, M&K Sound X12+ and M&K Sound X10+ all feature 25mm MDF construction and appropriate internal bracing to eliminate vibration or cabinet resonance. Ventilation at the base of the woofers reduces distortion due to air turbulence. These machined recesses also serve as convenient carrying handles for efficient installation.

Subtle design adaptations

The new models are also designed to stand out visually from previous solutions, for example with drivers mounted flush into the baffle and practical, invisible magnetic grille mounting mechanisms. The manufacturer itself speaks of a distinctive but cool Scandi look, similar to that of the M&K Sound S150 and M&K Sound S300 speakers, with clearer lines and subtly curved edges.

The new subwoofer models are expected to be available at the beginning of next year, Miller&Kreisel even assumes January 2022.

The M&K Sound X10+ is priced at US$ 4,499, the M&K Sound X12+ at US$ 4,999 and the M&K Sound X15+ at US$ 5,999.

Getting to the point

In addition to introducing the company’s first 15-inch subwoofer, Danish company Miller&Kreisel has made numerous improvements to the original M&K Sound X-Series with its new line of M&K Sound-branded products, the M&K Sound X+ Series, including a huge increase in power and redesigned drivers. In addition, this product line now offers THX Certified subwoofers, with the M&K Sound X10+ presenting itself as THX Certified Select, the M&K Sound X12+ as THX Certified Ultra, and the M&K Sound X15+ as THX Certified Dominus.

PriceM&K Sound X10+ US$ 4.499,-
M&K Sound X12+ US$ 4.999,-
M&K Sound X15+ US$ 5.999,-
DistributionAudio Reference GmbH
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