Mission QX MKII Series – Evolution instead of Revolution

Loudspeaker systems that offer maximum sound quality through minimum compromise, despite an affordable price, are said to be available with the latest generation of the Mission QX Series, the Mission QX MKII Series.

The Mission QX MKII Series is the latest generation of a highly successful loudspeaker line. The English loudspeaker specialist Mission relies on the proven purist design language, but offers new attractive design options that are intended to provide a special elegance.

But what is really important is that the solutions of the Mission QX MKII Series have been further improved in many details.

As before, the new Mission QX MKII Series is naturally positioned between the entry-level Mission LX MKII Series and the high-end Mission ZX Series models.

Mission QX MKII Series – Evolution instead of Revolution

The Mission QX MK Series was first presented in 2017 and, according to the manufacturer, has secured a firm place in the living rooms of discerning but price-conscious music lovers.

It is therefore obvious that Mission is now presenting a new generation of this speaker series, but has not changed the basic concept. Rather, it was a matter of making sensible, effective improvements in detail, adapting the appearance to the latest trends, and thus carrying out an evolution rather than a revolution.

  • Foto © Mission | Mission QX MKII Series
  • Foto © Mission | Mission QX MKII Series
  • Foto © Mission | Mission QX MKII Series
  • Foto © Mission | Mission QX MKII Series
  • Foto © Mission | Mission QX MKII Series
  • Foto © Mission | Mission QX MKII Series
  • Foto © Mission | Mission QX MKII Series
  • Foto © Mission | Mission QX MKII Series
  • Foto © Mission | Mission QX MKII Series
  • Foto © Mission | Mission QX MKII Series

Mission QX MKII Series – powerful sound and beautiful design

The models of the new Mission QX MKII Series also present themselves with an elegant design language that is already familiar from the first generation. What is new, however, is that the loudspeaker systems of the product line are now also available in matt black or matt white, in addition to the classic walnut pearl option.

As before, rounded cabinet edges and serrated speaker surrounds not only provide visual accents, but above all ensure even sound distribution in the room. The redesigned top and bottom panels of the Mission QX MkII Series are finished in extra solid aluminium, ensuring even better stability and vibration-free operation for balanced playback at any volume, in addition to another appealing design feature.

  • Foto © Mission | Mission QX MKII Series
  • Foto © Mission | Mission QX MKII Series
  • Foto © Mission | Mission QX MKII Series
  • Foto © Mission | Mission QX MKII Series

Improved tweeter

With the so-called Ring Dome Tweeter of the new Mission QX MKII Series, Mission claims to have mastered a fundamental challenge of traditional dome tweeters, which are usually only driven at the edge.

According to the manufacturer, this leads to partial vibrations, because the upper part of the dome moves in phase opposition to the actual signal. Mission therefore uses a ring-shaped diaphragm, which is also fixed in its centre to a phase plug. The voice coil sits in the centre of the woven polyester foil and ensures that the entire surface is driven evenly.

At its rear, the tweeter radiates into its own damped chamber, which prevents interaction with the speaker’s other drivers. The result is dramatically reduced distortion with finely chiselled transients and linear reproduction of all frequencies from the midrange to well above 20 kHz, Mission promises.

New generation Mission DiaDrive bass driver

Mission’s innovative Mission DiaDrive Bass Chassis is the solution that has always characterised the bass chassis and, according to the company, has already contributed decisively to the success of the Mission QX Series speakers.

Instead of the usual construction of a cone with dust protection dome, the driver works with a uniformly curved diaphragm that minimises partial vibrations and accurately reproduces even powerful bass impulses as well as the finest details of the mid-range up to 3 kHz.

For the new Mission QX MKII Series, Mission’s developers carried out extensive listening tests and countless measurements in order to optimise these properties even further. The result is reflected in a long-fibre acrylic fibre material with high stiffness and outstanding self-damping, which is intended to raise the performance of the Mission DiaDrive chassis to a new level of plastic music reproduction.

Optimised crossover for perfect driver interaction

Of course, outstanding drivers are the basis for the most accurate music reproduction possible, but they alone do not make a good loudspeaker – a carefully tuned crossover and the arrangement of the individual drivers are no less decisive, as Mission states on record.

In this respect, too, the new Mission QX MkII Series has been further optimised, based on extensive measurements in Mission’s anechoic labs and accompanied by extensive listening tests with music of all styles.

For example, the crossover and the driver arrangement have been optimised so that sound reaches the user’s ears simultaneously across the entire frequency spectrum.

This is also ensured by the so-called Inverted Driver Geometry, or IDG for short, which was introduced back in the 1980s.

In the two-way floorstanding models of the new product generation, the Misison QX-3 MKII and Mission QX-4 MKII, the IDG principle is extended to a full D’Appolito system with an additional bass driver mounted below the tweeter.

With its side-mounted 30 centimetre bass drivers, the Mission QX-5 MKII, the largest loudspeaker in the new series, provides ultra-deep bass reproduction down to 27 Hz while still retaining the living-room-friendly, slimline appearance that has made Mission loudspeakers so popular, according to the manufacturer.

Versatile set-up

Once again, one of the most important goals was to offer the right loudspeaker for every application. In addition to the Mission QX-3 MKII, Mission QX-4 MKII and Mission QX-5 MKII floorstanding loudspeaker systems already mentioned, there are now two so-called bookshelf loudspeaker systems available, namely the Mission QX-1 MKII and Mission QX-2 MKII models.

As if that were not enough, the product line must of course also be equipped for home cinema and not just for stereo, so a centre speaker is indispensable. This is available in the form of the Mission QX-C MKII.

Not only for home cinema, but above all, there is also a subwoofer, the Mission QX-12SUB MKII.

Mission QX-12SUB MKII – Powerful, precise subwoofer

The subwoofer of the Mission QX MKII Series is supposed to be proof that thrilling bass thunderstorms can be combined with highest precision, as Mission states. The new Mission QX-12SUB MKII uses a 30 cm bass driver based on a newly developed cellulose fibre with outstanding damping properties. The multi-braced cabinet will not be disturbed even when the lavish Class D power amplifier with an output of up to 400 watts is fully loaded.

As already mentioned, the Mission QX-12SUB MKII is primarily intended for home cinema, but not only. It can be used as an actual LFE channel in surround environments as well as in a stereo environment and is equipped with all the relevant parameters for optimum adjustment.

The loudspeaker models of the new Mission QX MKII Series should be available in specialist shops from now on.

Getting to the point

Successful loudspeaker systems do not require a revolution, but rather a carefully designed evolution is the ideal way. This is what the English loudspeaker specialist Mission has now achieved with the latest generation of the successful Mission QX Series, the Mission QX MKII Series.

PriceMission QX-1 MkII € 449,-
Mission QX-2 MkII € 549,-
Mission QX-C MkII € 449,-
Mission QX-3 MkII € 999,-
Mission QX-4 MkII € 1.199,-
Mission QX-5 MkII € 1.499,-
Mission QX-12 SUB MkII € 599,-
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