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Meridian DSW600 In-wall Digital Active Subwoofer

Meridian Audio Ltd., the English Hi-fi manufacturer, offers a range of so-called in-wall or in-ceiling speakers designed for custom installation solutions in both Hi-fi and home cinema. This Meridian Architectural Loudspeakers Series is now to be extended by an active subwoofer, namely the new Meridian DSW600 In-wall Digital Active Subwoofer.

As with so many companies in the hi-fi industry, Meridian Audio Ltd. has long since made custom installation solutions a very important part of its business. These companies are serving an area that has been gaining momentum in recent years, with a handful of highly specialised dealers in their respective markets. These proven specialists have long since realized projects not only in the commercial seactor such as the hotel industry, gastronomy or in the field of sound reinforcement for office and business premises and event venues, but increasingly in the private sector. The aim is to enable the most discreet integration of audio systems into the living space, whereby in many cases these are really very high quality systems, whether for classical music throughout the house, or even designated listening rooms or home cinemas.

The English company Meridian Audio Ltd. is traditionally very well positioned in this segment, whereby this is primarily due to the fact that they have been working for a very long time with multiroom audio streaming systems and active loudspeaker systems, even in the classic hi-fi segment, and have designed them in such a way that they are ideally equipped for custom installation systems. It is obvious that these advantages are also used in the proven Custom Installation segment. Meridian Audio Ltd. has a large number of loudspeaker systems which are classified in the Meridian Architectural Loudspeakers Series product group and are known as Meridian In-wall Digital Active Loudspeakers. As the name suggests, these are active solutions designed for installation in ceilings and walls, and are particularly easy to integrate even into complex systems via the so-called Meridian SpeakerLink.

Meridian Audio Ltd. promises that these speakers are suitable for a wide range of applications, whether wall or ceiling mounted, and they incorporate many of the same technologies used in conventional speakers. Each model in the range can be used in two-, multi- or single-channel speaker systems to deliver sound quality at a level of performance far beyond that normally achievable with in-wall speakers, the English promise.

The Meridian Architectural Loudspeakers Series, consisting of the Meridian DSP750, Meridian DSP640.2, Meridian DSP520.2 and Meridian DSP320.2 solutions, is now being expanded to include a subwoofer, the Meridian DSW600 In-wall Digital Active Subwoofer.

The new Meridian DSW600 is a digital, active in-wall subwoofer with a very shallow depth, yet with superior bass response for music and movie soundtracks. This is possible thanks to Meridian Audio Ltd.’s unique DSP engine and Meridian Enhanced Bass Alignment Technology, which provides deep, powerful reproduction with perfect timing down to 24 Hz.

The Meridian DSW600 can be integrated into a variety of installation applications, delivering powerful bass in any size room and as part of any speaker configuration, the manufacturer says. It is explicitly stated that it can be used to amplify the bass of other speakers in both two-channel and surround sound systems, as well as a dedicated LFE channel.

The developers have opted for a 10-inch long-throw low-profile woofer that is fired by a Class D amplifier module with 600 watts and can reproduce a frequency range between 24 and 120 Hz. The closed cabinet measures 142.9 cm in height, 34.3 cm in width, and 8.7 cm in depth, thus providing sufficient volume to ensure the promised superior reproduction. By the way, the height with the included cover is stated as 145.2 cm. The subwoofer weighs a proud 23 kg.

A switch can be used to determine which task the Meridian DSW600 has to perform, a status LED indicates the operating status.

The connection is, as we have already mentioned, via the Meridian SpeakerLink, which is designed in the form of an RJ45 interface. A further RJ45 interface is used for forwarding to additional active loudspeaker systems from Meridian Audio Ltd. This connection not only transmits audio signals on a digital level, but also control signals, so that central control of all components is guaranteed.

“The new DSW600 is a revolutionary product designed to handle bass-heavy music and movie soundtracks and deliver incredible, immersive sound with ease. Thanks to Meridian’s unique digital signal processing (DSP) and Enhanced Bass Alignment technology, it delivers deep, impressive bass with perfect timing down to 24 Hz. Its built-in Class D amplifier with low output impedance is capable of delivering more than 600W of power, and its low-profile drive unit is designed to move large volumes of air and effortlessly reproduce even low frequencies. It’s the ideal solution for our dealers to provide their customers with a complete home cinema setup that really stands out from the rest.”

Barry Sheldrick, Director of Sales Meridian Audio Ltd.

The new Meridian DSW600 In-wall Digital Active Subwoofer is expected to be available in stores in the near future.

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The new Meridian DSW600 is a digital, active, in-wall subwoofer that has a particularly shallow depth, but still delivers superior bass response for music and movie soundtracks. This is possible thanks to Meridian Audio Ltd.’s unique DSP engine and Meridian Enhanced Bass Alignment Technology, which provides deep, powerful reproduction with perfect timing down to 24 Hz.

Manufacturer:Meridian Audio Ltd.
Distribution:Audio Reference GmbH
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