Matrix Audio integrates HRA Streaming from HIGHRESAUDIO

With Matrix Electronic Technology Co. Ltd., HIGHRESAUDIO UG has now gained another partner who implements HRA streaming directly into its streaming solutions. The streaming offer from Berlin, which focuses solely on hi-res audio, is now directly available in the MA Remote 3.0 app.

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  • From now on, HRA Streaming by HIGHRESAUDIO UG is available in the streaming solutions of Matrix Audio from Matrix Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.

The Berlin-based company HIGHRESAUDIO UG can now present another partner, Matrix Electronic Technology Co. Ltd., which integrates the streaming offer HRA Streaming, which is solely focused on hi-res audio, directly into its products, in this case those of the Matrix Audio brand. It is a partnership for the ultimate sound experience, says HIGHRESAUDIO UG in the corresponding release.

In addition, the company is particularly proud to have won Matrix Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. as a new partner, one of the most innovative manufacturers in the field of D/A converters, streaming solutions and headphone amplifiers.

Matrix Audio – The Insider Tip

The solutions of the Matrix Audio brand have been, it has to be said, a real insider’s tip so far, although the advantages of these solutions are gradually getting around and the company is on the verge of gradually establishing itself on a broader front in this country as well.

However, it has to be said that the target group is and will remain manageable, if only due to the fact that this is a provider in the premium segment, if not the high-end segment.

Matrix Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. can boast of developing unique products, concentrating first and foremost on systems that can be regarded as the most modern manifestation of hi-fi, i.e. as described, headphone amplifiers, streaming systems and D/A converters.

In the field of streaming systems, 2nd generation solutions are already available, and this is precisely where the new partnership between Matrix Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. and HIGHRESAUDIO UG comes in.

HRA Streaming in all models of the 2nd generation of the Matrix Audio Element Series

The company promises that HRA Streaming from HIGHRESAUDIO is now available in all models of the 2nd generation, i.e. in the Matrix Audio Element X2, Matrix Audio Element M2, Matrix Audio Element i2 and Matrix Audio X-Sabre 3 solutions.

By partnering with HIGHRESAUDIO UG, Matrix Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. is focusing on premium sound quality, the two companies said, integrating the offerings of Berlin-based music and sound pioneer HIGHRESAUDIO UG into the MA Remote 3.0 app.

The native implementation of HIGHRESAUDIO offers Matrix Audio technical independence compared to the use of 3rd party APIs such as Airable, AUDIVO, StreamUnlimited or VOLUMIO, where HIGHRESAUDIO is already integrated, they said.

As mentioned earlier, HRA streaming is available on the second generation Matrix Audio Element Series and thus the Matrix Audio Element X2, Matrix Audio Element M2, Matrix Audio Element i2 and Matrix Audio X-SABRE 3 systems, via the MA Remote app. Further and older models from Matrix Audio are planned. A new firmware version will be offered by Matrix Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. via the Internet as a so-called over-the-air firmware update (OTA) from 20 March 2023.

HRA Streaming from HIGHRESAUDIO for sound connoisseurs

HIGHRESAUDIO’s streaming service, HRA Streaming, like the Berlin-based company’s download service, is aimed at music lovers, audiophiles and hi-fi connoisseurs.

The aim of the provider under the leadership of Managing Director Lothar Kerestedjian is to offer a world-class music service outside the mainstream. Quality control ensures that customers only hear or receive genuine, pure and 100 per cent verified data in hi-res audio with at least 24 bits.

Prices and availability

The update for the systems of Matrix Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. is of course available to all users free of charge, starting on 22 March 2023, and this is the basis for the use of HRA Streaming from HIGHRESAUDIO UG.

HIGHRESAUDIO currently offers three streaming models, firstly the HIGHRESAUDIO Streaming Subscriber for 6 months at a one-off price of € 79,- or a HIGHRESAUDIO Streaming Subscriber for 12 months at a price of € 149,-. In the first case, this means that € 13,16 is payable per month, and in the second only € 12,41. The second option is the HIGHRESAUDIO Streaming Subscriber. The third option is the HIGHRESAUDIO streaming subscription + download, which includes a 30 per cent flat rate discount on every album purchased for € 199,- for a 12-month term.

It should be mentioned that a 7-day trial version is available without any obligations.

In light of the new partnership with Matrix Electronics Technology Co. Ltd, HIGHRESAUDIO UG is also offering a limited time offer. Customers who purchase any 2nd generation Matrix Audio product will receive a free 6-month streaming subscription to HIGHRESAUDIO. This offer is only valid for purchases made in March, April and May 2023. In addition, it is worth noting that this offer is exclusive to customers who purchase from the online store, which is part of HIGHRESAUDIO UG.

Getting to the point

HIGHRESAUDIO UG is particularly proud to announce a new partnership with Matrix Electronics Technology Co. Ltd., a company whose innovative solutions clearly belong to the premium segment, or even the high-end hi-fi segment, and thus address a target group that they themselves address with their own download and streaming offerings, which are known to focus solely on music in hi-res audio.

Price7-day trial subscription without obligation and free of charge
HRA Streaming: € 79,- (6 months)
HRA Streaming: € 149,- (12 months)
HRA Streaming + Downloads: € 199,- (12 months)
ManufacturerMatrix Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.
Distribution AustriaRobert Ross Audiophile Produkte GmbH
Distribution GermanyRobert Ross Audiophile Produkte GmbH
Distribution SwitzerlandPortacomp AG
More about this manufacturer at HIFI BLOG
More about this manufacturer at HIFI BLOG
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