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KEF LS Wireless Collection reduced in price

The systems in the KEF LS Wireless Collection are all state-of-the-art compact hi-fi solutions, from the KEF LSX II desktop audio system to the KEF LS50 Wireless II bookshelf speaker system and the KEF LS60 Wireless floor-standing speaker system. All of them are now available at new, particularly attractive prices.

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  • The solutions in the KEF LS Wireless Collection are now available from specialist retailers at new, particularly attractive prices.

The English loudspeaker manufacturer KEF is a clear pioneer in the field of active loudspeaker systems, and with the so-called KEF LS Wireless Collection has been able to offer extremely exciting solutions for years, which serve as a prime example of how so-called wireless speakers can nowadays prove to be hi-fi systems focussed on the essentials.

The current model range comprises three models, namely the KEF LSX II, the KEF LS50 Wireless II and the KEF LS60 Wireless. All three are now available at new, particularly attractive retail prices.

KEF LSX II – The elegant desktop audio system

The KEF LSX II is an extremely elegant wireless speaker system that is probably best categorised as desktop audio. It can be placed on a lowboard in the living room, the sideboard in the dining room or in the bedroom, is perfect for the children’s room and last but not least a good choice for the desk in the study.

KEF LS50 Wireless II – The compact hi-fi system

The KEF LS50 Wireless II is just as flexible, but plays at a significantly higher level in terms of performance and can therefore justifiably take on the task of a complete hi-fi chain without having to accept any compromises in terms of functionality and sound.

KEF LS60 Wireless – The elegant floorstanding speaker system

This applies all the more to the KEF LS60 Wireless, as it is an extremely slim and elegant floor-standing speaker system that nevertheless proves to be immensely powerful. Even in larger rooms, it can be used without hesitation and shines with enormous flexibility in the choice of sources and at the same time, like the other solutions in the KEF Wireless Collection, with very convenient, almost intuitive control.

Passing on the price advantage to customers by optimising production

The models in the KEF LS Wireless Collection have already proved to be a great success, according to the British loudspeaker manufacturer. As a result, the company has been able to increase production capacities and optimise them at the same time, both of which ultimately lead to lower costs. This price advantage will now be passed on directly to the customer.

Prices and availability

The solutions in the KEF LS Wireless Collection are now available from specialist retailers at the following prices: the KEF LSX II is now priced at € 1.399,-, the KEF LS50 Wireless II will be offered at a recommended retail price of € 2.299,-, and the most significant price reduction is for the KEF LS60 Wireless, for which the recommended retail price is now listed at € 4.999,-.

Getting to the point

Due to the continued success of the range and the company’s relentless efforts to optimise the efficiency of vertically integrated manufacturing, KEF is proud to announce a new price positioning for the KEF LS Wireless Collection, according to UK speaker manufacturer KEF. The KEF LSX II, KEF LS50 Wireless II and KEF LS60 Wireless models are now available from specialist retailers at new, particularly attractive prices.

PriceKEF LSX II € 1.399,-
KEF LS50 Wireless II € 2.299,-
KEF LS60 Wireless € 4.999,-
DistributionGP Acoustics GmbH
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