JVC HA-ET45T and JVC HA-AE5T – Two new True Wireless Bluetooth headphones

Music enjoyment free from any cable, this is now also allowed by more and more manufacturers in the field of in-ear headphones. This includes, of course, the Japanese company JVCKENWOOD, which is now launching two new models. The solutions JVC HA-ET45T and JVC HA-AE5T are now available.

More and more users don’t want to be “bothered” by any cables even with in-ear headphones, so they are opting for solutions that are completely free of them and are sufficiently referred to as True Wireless In-ear Headphones. The demand is so great that more and more manufacturers are entering the market with these solutions, so that there is already a very wide selection in the most diverse classes.

One of the manufacturers who have been using True Wireless In-ear Headphones for some time is Japanese company JVCKENWOOD Corporation, which is now launching two new JVC brand models, the JVC HA-ET45T and JVC HA-AE5T. These are designed for open-air sessions, as the company points out, and are therefore water-resistant and very robust solutions that make them ideal for sports.

But it wasn’t just robustness that was high on the developers’ list of requirements, but also a particularly low weight. The company states that the JVC HA-ET45T weighs 7.4 g and the JVC HA-AE5T only 6.2 g, which is the same for each earphone.

Interestingly, the company does not go into too much detail about the essential features from a sound engineering point of view, only introducing a 6 mm driver, fired by neodymium magnets and promising a sonorous reproduction for both solutions. For the JVC HA-AE5T model, an optional bass boost is also included.

The company talks in much more detail about the high level of wearing comfort, which should be guaranteed by different earplugs. So-called semi-open earplugs are expressly emphasised here, which are intended to prevent excessive shielding from ambient noise when playing sports outdoors, for example. For a secure fit, the JVC HA-ET45T and JVC HA-AE5T models are equipped with three ear fins, although these are also supplied in different sizes. The JVC HA-ET45T also has additional removable earhooks.

The JVC HA-ET45T is IPX5 certified, making it waterproof and even washable. The JVC HA-AE5T model is IP55 certified, making it water resistant, washable and dustproof.

For signal transmission, Bluetooth 5.0 is used, and thus the profiles AVRCP, A2DP, HSP and HFP. With the JVC HA-ET45T only the lossy codec SBC is available, with the JVC HA-AE5T SBC, AAC and aptX.

Both models are equipped with lithium-polymer batteries, whereby the JVC HA-ET45T has a playing time of up to four hours, the JVC HA-AE5T even up to nine hours.

The scope of delivery of course includes a matching transport box, which functions as a charging station and is equipped with an integrated battery. In the JVC HA-ET45T, this is intended to provide an additional ten hours of operating time, and in the JVC HA-AE5T an additional 18 hours. Charging the battery takes around two hours for the JVC HA-ET45T and two hours and ten minutes for the JVC HA-AE5T. A quick charge is possible with only one hour for both models.

The JVC HA-AE5T model is said to have a particularly convenient control system, using touch-sensitive sensors, with five functions that can be controlled on each side. Switching on and off is possible, as well as direct playback control, volume control and the optional bass boost mentioned above.

Also exclusive to the JVC HA-AE5T is the so-called Aero Slim Design, for which the manufacturer promises to reduce air turbulence and wind noise for unadulterated music enjoyment. However, this should only really come into play in sports such as cycling and the corresponding speed…

According to the manufacturer, the two True Wireless In-ear headphones from JVCKENWOOD are to be available in specialist stores with immediate effect. The recommended retail price is € 99.95 for the JVC HA-ET45T and € 179.95 for the JVC HA-AE5T. The JVC HA-ET45T is available in black, blue, grey and pink. The JVC HA-AE5T is available in blue, black and grey-yellow.

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Among the manufacturers that rely on True Wireless In-ear Headphones is the Japanese company JVCKENWOOD, which has for some time now been launching two new models of the JVC brand, the JVC HA-ET45T and JVC HA-AE5T solutions. These are designed for open-air sessions, as the company points out, and are therefore water-resistant and very robust solutions that make them ideal for sports.

Manufacturer:JVCKENWOOD Corporation
Distribution:JVCKENWOOD Corporation Deutschland GmbH
Price:JVC HA-ET45T € 99,95
JVC HA-AE5T € 179,95
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