JBL Live PRO+ – The new everyday hero…

Harman International describes the JBL brand’s latest headphones, the JBL Live PRO+, as a powerful companion. They are said to feature epic JBL sound, noise cancelling and voice assistant support.

JBL Live PRO+ is Harman International Industries latest in-ear headphone from the JBL brand. Once again, they offer a versatile solution that functions as a daily companion for music lovers. In this context, the manufacturer even speaks of a new everyday hero and cites a few convincing arguments in its favour.

JBL Live PRO+ as a very compact solution

Of course, the most important feature of these new in-ear headphones is their compact design, and since they are true wireless in-ear headphones, there are no cables to get in the way.

Despite said tiny form, the manufacturer promises that the new JBL Live PRO+ is full of advanced technologies that make it a modern, flexible solution.

Conference calls, running errands or just chilling out is how the manufacturer describes the tasks of the new JBL Live PRO+, while never letting the user down.

Dynamic JBL Signature Sound

For years, Harman Industries International has been promoting the so-called JBL Signature Sound, meaning that users should know exactly what sound characteristics to expect when they choose a product from this brand. The new JBL Live PRO+ is supposed to be a particularly dynamic expression of this sound philosophy.

The focus is on a dynamic driver with a diameter of 11 mm.

As usual in this class, the manufacturer specifies a frequency response that is primarily not limited by the driver itself, but by the signal transmission via Bluetooth used here. According to the data sheet, the frequency response is 20 Hz to 20 kHz with an impedance of 16 ohms, a sensitivity of 96 dB and a maximum sound pressure of 94 dB.

True Wireless In-ear – signal transmission via Bluetooth

Bluetooth 5.0 is used for signal transmission, whereby the new JBL Live PRO+ supports the Bluetooth profiles A2DP V1.3, AVRCP V1.6 and HFP V1.7.

For particularly easy handling, Fast Pair is available, as well as Dual Connect+ Sync.

Active noise cancellation

As already mentioned, the new JBL Live PRO+ is equipped with active, adaptive noise cancellation, also known as Active Noise Cancelling. According to the manufacturer, this is not only particularly effective, but also features the JBL Smart Ambient function.

This means that the user can chat with friends or react briefly to people around them in everyday life without having to take the earphones out.

Hands-free function and voice assistants

Each earbud is equipped with three microphones with echo cancellation. This is supposed to provide particularly high voice quality when using the new JBL Live PRO+ for phone calls. Of course, these microphones are also used to rely on voice assistants, be it Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

JBL Headphones App

How could it be otherwise, of course, a suitable app is also available for the new JBL Live PRO+, both for Apple iOS and Google Android. This is called My JBL Headphones App and allows, among other things, individual equaliser settings to adjust the playback to your own preferences as best as possible.

Robust design

According to the manufacturer, the new JBL Live PRO+ has a particularly comfortable stick shape and is, it must be explicitly emphasised, resistant to splash water according to IPX4. In addition, various silicone earplugs are included in the scope of delivery, guaranteeing a high level of wearing comfort even for hours on end.

Long battery life

And enjoying music for hours on end with the new JBL Live PRO+ is no problem, given its very powerful batteries. After all, the so-called combined playing time is said to be up to 28 hours.

In practice, this means that the JBL Live PRO+ can last up to seven hours at a time, at least without activated noise cancellation. After that, you can put it in the transport box included in the scope of delivery, which also has an integrated rechargeable battery and guarantees another 21 hours of playing time.

The transport and charging box is charged via USB-C, but wireless charging via Qi is also possible. A quick-charge function again allows a playing time of up to one hour after only ten minutes at the socket.

The new JBL Live PRO+ will be available immediately at a recommended retail price of €179 or CHF 239. The customer can choose between four colours here, namely black, white, pink and beige.

Getting to the point

Harman Industries is once again expanding its range of JBL brand headphones, namely around the JBL Live Series in the form of the new JBL Live PRO+. These are intended to be a particularly flexible true-wireless in-ear headphone, which once again should convince with JBL Signature Sound, adaptive, active noise cancellation, and last but not least a long battery life as well as a compact form.

Manufacturer:Harman International Industries
Distribution:Harman Deutschland GmbH
Price:€ 179,-
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