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Harman MusicLife App mit TIDAL Connect, Spotify Connect und Amazon Music

The latest version of the Harman MusicLife app significantly expands the functionality of the streaming solutions from Harman International Industries. These are now able to access TIDAL directly via TIDAL Connect, Spotify via Spotify Connect, and likewise Amazon Music, and multi-room audio streaming is also supported.

The Harman Music Life App is the central interface for the flexible control of streaming systems from A & R Cambridge Ltd. and thus the Arcam brand, as well as streaming solutions from JBL Synthesis and Mark Levinson. A new version of this app is now available for both Apple iOS and Google Android. In combination with a firmware update for the streaming systems, the range of functions has been significantly expanded by some very exciting options.

Not only are new services now directly accessible, but multi-room audio streaming and thus control of multiple devices with the Harman Music Life app is now possible.

New firmware for all streaming systems

The basic prerequisite for all new functions around the Harman Music Life app is a new firmware, because this creates the basis for being able to access selected streaming services directly in the future, even without having to use the Harman Music Life app.

The changes on the device side therefore primarily concern points such as the latest security certificates, which streaming services require in order to be able to connect to them.

The corresponding firmware updates can, of course, primarily be made directly via the devices themselves.

Foto © Harman International Industries Ltd. | Harman MusicLife App
Foto © Harman International Industries Ltd. | Harman MusicLife App

TIDAL Connect and Spotify Connect

What has just been written is particularly important with regard to two innovations, namely the support of TIDAL including TIDAL Connect and Spotify via Spotify Connect. In both cases, it is the possibility to use the corresponding services directly via the respective app, i.e. via the TIDAL app or Spotify app. The streaming systems can now be selected here directly as a zone for playback, whereby the data stream is then no longer handled via the app, but directly from the device via the cloud.

Amazon Music as another service

Another new feature is that all streaming systems that use the Harman Music Life app as a control solution can now access the Amazon Music service. This expands the offering to include a widely used provider in addition to TIDAL, Spotify, Qobuz, Deezer, Napster and HIGHRESAUDIO, as well as internet radio and podcasts.

Multiroom audio streaming

Another new feature is that the Harman MusicLife app now supports multi-room audio streaming, allowing multiple devices to be controlled together.

Incidentally, the Harman MusicLife App uses the UPnP Network-based Music System in addition to the streaming systems from Harman International Industries and also supports Google Cast Devices and Bluetooth.

Broad support for various streaming solutions from Harman Luxury Audio

The Harman MusicLife App was originally developed solely for solutions from the English hi-fi manufacturer A&R Cambridge Ltd. and thus the Arcam brand. However, after the parent company Harman International Industries successively expanded its range of streaming solutions for other brands, the Arcam Music Life App became the current Harman Music Life App.

Most of the systems supported by the Harman MusicLife App are still at A&R Cambridge Ltd., where it can be used for the complete network AV receiver family, i.e. the Arcam AVR5, Arcam AVR10, Arcam AVR11, Arcam AVR20, Arcam AVR21, Arcam AVR30, Arcam AVR31, Arcam AV40 and Arcam AV41, as well as for the Arcam SA30, Arcam ST60 and Arcam Solo UNO.

The range of streaming systems is more manageable for the JBL Synthesis and Mark Levinson brands, where the Harman MusicLife app is available for the JBL Synthesis SDR-35 and JBL Synthesis SDP-55, as well as Mark Levinson N°5101 and Mark Levinson N°519.

Pricing and availability

The new Harman MusicLife app is available to download now from the Apple iTunes App Store and the Google PLAY Store. For Apple iOS the Harman MusicLife App v4.1.8 is current, for Google Android it is Harman MusicLife App v4.0.8. Finally, it should be mentioned that the app is now not only available in English, but also in French, Spanish and German.

Getting to the point

The latest version of the Harman MusicLife app for Apple iOS and Google Android is an update that will please many users. This app, designed for all streaming systems of the Harman Luxury Audio Group and thus solutions of the Arcam, JBL Synthesis and Mark Levinson brands, brings with it support for TIDAL including TIDAL Connect, Spotify including Spotify Connect, and also Amazon Music, and the app is now also designed for multi-room audio streaming. As a side note, the Harman MusicLife app is now also available in German.

Pricefree firmware update
ManufacturerA & R Cambridge Ltd.
Distribution AustriaR.M.S. State of the Art Audiovisual Products
Distribution GermanyGP Acoustics GmbH
Distribution SwitzerlandGP Acoustics GmbH
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