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Gold Note PSU-5 Power Supply - Perfect Upgrade for the Gold Note PH-5 Phono Stage

Based on the same technology developed for the Gold Note PSU-1000 and Gold Note PSU-10 solutions, the latest optional power supply, Gold Note PSU-5, is said to be the one the Italian hi-fi company recommends for the Gold Note PH-5 Phono Stage.

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  • The Gold Note PSU-5 Power Supply, now available, should prove to be the perfect upgrade for the Gold Note PH-5 Phono Stage.

The company Akamai s.r.l. once again presents a power supply of the Gold Note brand, which is designed for use in combination with the phono preamplifiers of the Italians. In this specific case, it is the phono preamplifier Gold Note PH-5 Phono Stage, whose quality can be raised to a new level with the new Gold Note PSU-5, which is tailor-made for it.

According to the developers, this is based on the philosophy that has already proven itself with the Gold Note PH-1000 Phono Stage and the optional Gold Note PSU-1000, or the Gold Note PH-10 Phono Stage and its optional Gold Note PSU-10 power supply.

Gold Note PSU-5 – Linear power supply for best possible power supply

At the heart of the new Gold Note PSU-5, he says, is a circuit design that uses a linear power supply with special transformers, said transformers being manufactured in Italy to HiFi Forge’s specifications to ensure a high-quality and consistent power supply. It also has an inductive filter that prevents noise and interference from the AC mains.

In addition, and this should not go unmentioned either, the mere fact that here the power supply is not housed in the same enclosure as the sensitive signal processing of a phono preamplifier ensures a significant increase in quality.

Available in black only

Everything is packaged in a solid stainless steel case that picks up the design language of the Gold Note PH-5 Phono Stage. However, the Gold Note PSU-5 is only offered in a matt black finish. In contrast to the phono preamplifiers of higher price ranges, this also applies to the Gold Note PH-5 phono preamplifier itself, so the phono preamplifier and its power supply are a perfect match in this respect as well.

The Gold Note PSU-5 measures 200 mm in width, 260 mm in depth and 80 mm in height and thus weighs about 2 kg.

Prices and availability

The new Gold Note PSU-5 should be available in specialist shops soon. The recommended retail price is € 590,-.

Getting to the point

With the new Gold Note PSU-5 Power Supply, users of the so far most affordable phono preamplifier of the Italian HiFi manufacturer Gold Note, the Gold Note PH-5 Phono Stage, are offered the possibility to raise it to a new level of quality. The new linear power supply Gold Note PSU-5 Power Supply and the Gold Note PH5 Phono Stage are to form a perfect team for appealing record playback.

Price€ 590,-
ManufacturerAkamai s.r.l.
Distribution AustriaAudio Vertrieb by HZ Electronics
Distribution GermanyTAD Audiovertrieb GmbH
More about this manufacturer at HIFI BLOG
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