FLUX-HiFi GmbH & Co. KG new distributor for Perpetuum Ebner

The record players of the Perpetuum Ebner brand will in future be handled by FLUX-HiFi GmbH & Co. KG as the new distributor, the company from Haßloch announced in a press release.

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  • The solutions of the traditional brand Perpetuum Ebner are now supported by FLUX-HiFi GmbH & Co. KG as the new distributor

The Perpetuum Ebner brand has an extremely eventful history, which began as early as 1911, when Josef Steidinger founded the Perpetuum company. The current name of the brand came about in 1936, when Albert Ebner joined the company with his Albert Ebner & Co, so that from then on Perpetuum Ebner was used. Just at the time of Albert Ebner’s death, in 1956 – Josef Steidinger had already died in 1925 – Perpetuum Ebner celebrated its greatest successes. In 1957, the company boasted that it was the largest manufacturer of record players and record changers in Europe, with more than 1,500 employees.

The successes continued into the 1960s, interestingly merging with Dual in St. Georgen in 1971, with the result that the Perpetuum Ebner brand disappeared from the market in 1973. It was not until 2015 that Wolfgang Epting picked up this brand again, through the company WE Audio Systems KG, which today develops and manufactures Perpetuum Ebner brand turntables in St. Georgen in the Black Forest.

FLUX-HiFi GmbH & Co. KG new distributor for DACH

As has now been announced, the brand in the DACH region – Germany, Austria and Switzerland – will be looked after with immediate effect by FLUX-HiFi GmbH & Co. KG as the new distributor.

The company FLUX-HiFi GmbH & Co. KG, based in Haßloch, Germany, is expanding its distribution range to include the complete line-up of the Perpetuum Ebner brand, which the company describes as a traditional brand from the heart of the Black Forest that brings unique technology into the living rooms of all vinyl enthusiasts.

The turntables stand for timeless, simple elegance and offer recognised and proven technology at the very highest level, according to the new distributor FLUX-HiFi GmbH & Co. KG.

Product portfolio with five models

Currently, We Audio Systems KG offers five models of the Perpetuum Ebner brand, all of which are based on sub-chassis drives, but with two different drive concepts, namely belt drive and direct drive.

In addition, the company is proud to be able to offer the user a great variety, namely three different tonearms and turntables, as well as different colours and veneers.

They are also proud of the fact that all components are made in Germany and that all production steps are done by hand in the factory.

Prices and availability

The current range starts with the Perpetuum Ebner PE 1010 MK II at a price of € 2.445,- and continues with the models Perpetuum Ebner PE 2525 MK II at € 3.185,-, Perpetuum Ebner PE 4040 MK II at € 4.225,-, Perpetuum Ebner PE 606 at € 4.925,- up to the Perpetuum Ebner PE 7070 for € 7.875,- All turntables are delivered with a matching dust cover and are also available directly equipped with a pick-up system for an additional charge. In this case, cartridge systems from the specialist Ortofon A/S are used.

Getting to the point

The solutions of the brand Perpetuum Ebner by We Audio Systems KG are now distributed in Germany, Switzerland and Austria by the German company FLUX-HiFi GmbH & Co. KG as a new distributor. The company from Haßloch can thus offer a very exciting product portfolio of turntables of a brand rich in tradition.

PricePerpetuum Ebner PE 1010 MK II € 2.445,- 
Perpetuum Ebner PE 2525 MK II € 3.185,-
Perpetuum Ebner PE 4040 MK II € 4.225,-
Perpetuum Ebner PE 6060 € 4.925,-
Perpetuum Ebner PE 7070 € 7.875,-
ManufacturerWE Audio Systems KG
DistributionFLUX-HiFi GmbH & Co. KG
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