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FiiO Music App V3.0 for Google Android – Completely new design…

The so-called FiiO Music App is an extremely flexible tool that can be used in conjunction with various solutions from FiiO Electronics Technology Co Ltd, but also functions as an excellent stand-alone hi-fi audio-capable music player. It is available for Apple iOS and Google Android, for the latter platform there is now the new FiiO Music App V3.0 for Google Android, which features a completely new design.

FiiO Electronics Technology Co Ltd. is a renowned specialist for so-called personal audio devices. This includes headphones, but also portable hi-fi audio players, portable D/A converters with integrated headphone amplifiers and Bluetooth receivers. How could it be otherwise, of course the Chinese company also offers corresponding apps for its portable electronic devices. In addition to FiiO Control for FiiO Bluetooth Devices, this is above all the FiiO Music App, which is now available in a new version for the Google Android platform, namely as FiiO Music App V3.0 for Google Android.

Probably the most significant innovation concerns the design of this app, as the FiiO Music App V3.0 for Google Android presents itself in a completely new look. The manufacturer says that the brand new version 3.0 design is being used here, which brings with it an optimisation in all aspects of simple and quick handling with new visual effects. The user should be able to find the music he wants to listen to more quickly, create playlists more easily and control any hardware more easily. With the FiiO Music App V3.0 for Google Android, the new White and Deep Black themes are introduced.

The indexing of a media library has also been drastically accelerated and USB audio has been optimised, as well as support for the new FiiO Q3 THX Balanced DAC Amplifier.

Furthermore, the manufacturer promises numerous detailed improvements as well as an overall even better performance.

Basically, the FiiO Music App V3.0 for Google Android is designed to play back audio data in all relevant formats on any smartphone with Google Android, including Hi-res audio. This means not only audio data in Linear PCM format at up to 32 bits and 384 kHz, but also content in DSD. Of course you can search and create playlists according to various criteria, not only all relevant ID-tags including cover artwork are displayed in a visually appealing way, but also lyrics and an uninterrupted playback, the so-called gapless playback is of course supported. The software supports various essential connections to the “outside world”, especially those Bluetooth codecs that are relevant for hi-fi audio playback – in short, it is a flawless audio player that has been developed entirely for the special needs of audiophile music lovers.

The new FiiO Music App V3.0 for Google Android is now available for download from the Google PLAY Store or directly from the manufacturer’s website. The app requires Google Android 5.0 or higher.

FiiO Electronics Technology Co Ltd. is also pleased to announce that the new FiiO Music App V3.0 for the FiiO M Series and FiiO X Series will follow in a few days.

Getting to the point

Once again, FiiO Electronics Technology Co Ltd proves that support is taken seriously and products are continuously improved. The new FiiO Music App V3.0 for Google Android is now available, with the most significant new feature being a completely redesigned interface. This should enable the user to navigate through his media library even faster and more comfortable.

Manufacturer:FiiO Electronics Technology Co Ltd.
Distribution:NT-Global Distribution GmbH
Price:free update
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