FiiO FD3 and FiiO FD3PRO – The new additions to the FiiO FD Line

The fact that headphones from FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. often present themselves as particularly outstanding solutions is no longer a secret. The company is already considered a proven specialist in this field. A status that the new models FiiO FD3 and FiiO FD3PRO probably underline.

FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. presents two models of in-ear headphones, the FiiO FD3 and the FiiO FD3PRO, which, contrary to the trend, are not Bluetooth models, but rather wired solutions.

However, the FiiO FD3 and FiiO FD3PRO are in-ear headphones that can perform at a reference level and thus satisfy even the most demanding hi-fi enthusiasts.

FiiO FD3 and FiiO FD3PRO as Diamond Diaphgragm Coil Earphones

The new in-ear headphones FiiO FD3 and FiiO FD3PRO are supposed to follow in the footsteps of their predecessors of the FiiO FD Line, but these feature a completely newly developed driver. Because of this driver, the manufacturer calls them Diamond Diaphgragm Coil Earphones.

One of the special features of this driver is that it has a diameter of no less than 12 mm, which is almost gigantic when you consider that it is used in in-ear headphones.

Another special feature is its enormous power, no less than 1.5 Tesla, the manufacturer states in this regard, whereby one also relies on an ultra-finecopper-clad aluminum Japanese Daikoku Voice Coil to guarantee a detailed, dynamic sound. FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. even speaks of an impressively powerful sound experience, which you would never expect from in-ear headphones.

The driver’s diaphragm is made of DLC, an abbreviation for Diamond-like Carbon. On the one hand, this is supposed to achieve a very high stiffness with the lowest weight, and on the other hand, a reproduction that is almost free of discoloration and distortion.

In addition, there is a so-called acoustic prism, which was first used in the flagship model of the FiiO FD Line, the FiiO FD5 Flagship Dynamic In-ear Monitors. This is intended to eliminate standing waves in the highest frequency range, for example, as well as any runtime problems in the cylinder leading to the user’s ear.

Semi-open design

Another exciting feature of the new in-ear headphones is their semi-open design, which is based on a technology patented by the manufacturer that optimally balances the air pressure in the housing of the in-ear headphones. The pressure compensation is not only supposed to eliminate unwanted compression effects and thus contribute to optimal imaging, but also to protect the user’s hearing, according to the manufacturer’s promise.

Interchangeable Sound Tubes

Another feature of the new FiiO FD3 and FiiO FD3PRO models is borrowed from the flagship FiiO FD5 model, namely the ability to customize the sound characteristics to suit individual preferences.

The new FiiO FD3 and FiiO FD3PRO models also feature interchangeable sound tubes, with a version with a larger inner diameter for particularly detailed highs and one with a smaller inner diameter for a more robust bass.

From a purely technical perspective, this means that the two in-ear headphones can reproduce a frequency range between 10 Hz and 40 kHz and are thus Hi-res audio certified. With an impedance of 32 ohms, they are supposed to have a sensitivity of 111 dB and are thus best suited for various source devices, even actually “weak” smartphones.

Elegant design

Once again, FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. has placed the highest value on impeccable workmanship with an elegant design. The new FiiO FD3 and FiiO FD3PRO models feature a housing made of an aluminum-magnesium alloy. On the one hand, this ensures a very low weight while at the same time being very robust, and on top of that it simply looks high-end, especially since the outside still features a special 2.5D Film Coating Glass faceplate, which in turn is framed by a ring as a charming accent.

The cable – The difference between FiiO FD3 and FiiO FD3PRO

If you’re now wondering what the difference is between the FiiO FD3 and FiiO FD3PRO models, we’re here to clarify.

The two models are indeed differentiated by the cable included in each case, a crucial component from FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd’s point of view.

For example, the FiiO FD3PRO comes with a particularly high-quality cable that was developed specifically for it. It uses high-purity monocrystalline silver-plated copper with eight conductors consisting of 19 strands each, resulting in a very complex structure with 152 wires in Litz Type 2 style. It ends in a connector, where different inserts can be screwed in, and thus a 2.5 mm jack, 3.5 mm jack, or even 4.4 mm jack is available, so both an unbalanced and balanced connection is possible.

The FiiO FD3, on the other hand, has to make do with a so-called 4-stranded 120-core high-purity monocrystalline copper cable. So that there only yes no misunderstanding arises, also this is naturally already an exceedingly fine solution, which ends in a 3.5 mm stereo mini jack.

Whichever cable is used, both models naturally rely on the tried and tested MMCX connector for a fast, secure connection to the earbuds.

FiiO FD3 and FiiO FD3PRO

Extensive scope of delivery

Apart from the respective cable, both models come with a wide range of accessories.

Both the FiiO FD3 and the FiiO FD3 Pro come with no less than twelve pairs of Ear Tips, so there really should be the right pair for every need. Of course, you’ll also find two interchangeable sound tubes, a waterproof FiiO HB1 transport case, a cleaning brush and, last but not least, the very practical MMCX Assist Tool in the package.

The manufacturer lists a suggested retail price of US$99.99 for the FiiO FD3, while the new FiiO FD3PRO is listed at US$139.99.

Getting to the point

With the models FiiO FD3 and FiiO FD3PRO, FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. introduces two new solutions from the FiiO FD Line, whereby one speaks here of in-ear headphones at the highest level. Among other things, features that come directly from the flagship of the product line, the FiiO FD5, are supposed to contribute to this.

Manufacturer:FiiO Electronics Technology Co Ltd.
Distribution:NT-Global Distribution GmbH
Price:FiiO FD3 US$ 99,99
FiiO FD3PRO US$ 139,99
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